New Lexus Sports Car vs. Other Carbon Fiber Brands

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The new Lexus Sports Car, the LFA is not the only car to take advantage of the latest carbon fiber technology – BMW and McLaren are just two of a number of car brands doing the same. Toyota owned Lexus is not worried about taking on the latter in the supercar market.

AutoGuide has learned from Inside Line that McLaren has announced that they are to launch another two carbon-monocoque, which will form a mighty team with the MP4-12C. The company who has its base in Woking, England will be joining Carbo Tech, based in Salzburg, Austria. Carbo Tech and will be supplying 4,000 carbon-monocoque per year.

Both Toyota and BMW are also investing into this program, as carbon fiber is much stronger than normal materials and gives the vehicle greater performance and handling. The LFA and Megacity urban car will both benefit from this lightweight yet strong material.

It is no secret that having a car made from carbon fiber is more expensive, but the price does not come into it for those who are prepared to pay the money. The Lexus LFA costs $375,000, they will not be available till December, but all 500 pre-orders have now been sold. View our recent post where you can see a video of the Lexus LFA exhaust shatter a champagne glass.

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