MW2 (Xbox 360 DLC): Resurgence Map Pack Release Time Updates

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Despite the fact that the Stimulus Pack for Modern Warfare 2 was only released fairly recently, Modern Warfare 2 owners have another treat now, as today is the day when the Resurgence Map Pack lands on Xbox 360.

As with the last DLC, the new Map Pack is exclusive on Xbox 360 for around a month, then it will be available on PS3 afterwards. The Map will cost 1200 MS points and once again add five brand new maps into the equation – these are Carnival, Fuel and Trailer Park. You’ll also get two old school COD4 maps in Strike and Vacant. Full details on all of these maps can be seen in our detailed thread here.

Robert Bowling has updated his Twitter account to inform everyone that the map pack is now being prepared for release. He adds that it will take a few hours from now to reach everyone – we are presuming he means the Marketplace for U.S and UK gamers. With that said, everyone should have the download available by no later than 12pm (ET) or 3PM UK time.

Let us know as soon as you see the download available. We’ll update you if anything changes regarding release time.

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  • Mazza1992

    I got an update and it says new content but nothing new as of yet :(

    • Myles

      Yeah me to, so hopefully it will go smoother this time becuase the update came first.

    • reneeswifts

      Just like the previous map pack, expect some delays. Reactions.

    • JulianKV

      Yeah me too it says there are sixty people playing the resurgence maps right now

    • TxReV

      I don't know if you downloaded the Stimulus Pack as soon as you could, but for everyone that got it early got an error that made it so they couldn't play the maps until it got patched with an update about 2 hours later. Thats what the update you got is for, to prevent that from happening again

    • GoodCracker

      Yeah, me too. But I can’t wait until it comes out.

    • Kayleigh Brown

      yeh i got the same nothing new yet

    • maddope420

      yea its 12 15 eastern time now and still nothing

    • mota vation son

      12:30 mountain time. Still no DLC for the resurgence pack. wtf

    • bob

      go to game market place go to mw 2 and its there to download.but it doesnt come up in the game,

  • bob

    should be sorted by about 5 evan after uu download it u probly wont b able to have a geme for a while afterwards unless its privite with buddies thats what happned with the stimulis pack anyways it mite be better this time fingers crossed

  • TL63

    11:40 There is now an update to MW2 which provides a new menu for downloadable content from the main menu!

    Shouldn't be too long now.

    • rhys

      yer but there nothing new to download

  • Georgee

    done a update and playlists have changed abit , no map pack on maketplace:(

    • bobby

      i go that aswell georgee its annoyin init

  • andrew

    sweet, well im looking to get this and it looks like a really good map pack other than the crappy stimulus one – i didn't buy into that! carnival looks great, would be even better if there wre things that you can interact with :D

    • Danny

      Yer like a funhouse with escalators that slow you down or speed u up etc :D. Also a rotating floor which is really hard to navigate

  • nick

    I just downloaded the the maps sorry if you can't het them yet

    • andrew

      shut up

    • Mazza1992

      nobody has yet, the people on the playlists at the minute are only infinity ward

    • John

      where do u live

    • Parker

      are you east coast

  • kody

    i gotta leave in 5 minutes… hurry up i want this done when i come home!

    • andrew


  • Mazza1992

    Playlist updated, stimulus been replaced with resurgence, still not on market for me though :/

  • Mazza1992

    i can see people on the playlist info that shows how many people are on that playlist so its live in some areas

    • conner

      nah dude their just random figures that are entered in to keep it from crashing its not up anywhere yet…im a programmer btw lol i promise im not just talking outta my ass

  • Kris

    Still no DLC !!!

  • Aaron

    Hurry up :(

  • danny

    hurry up man : P

  • bcfc

    just got the update but no map pack yet? in the uk btw

  • Will, Lincoln, UK

    "He adds that it will take a few hours from now to reach everyone"

    He actually states it may take several hours, and from no given time slot.

    "everyone should have the download available by no later than 12pm (ET) or 3PM UK time"

    There has been no official time released from Activision.

  • God

    where u 2 from

  • Baksteen

    Still nothing :P

  • Rabel

    i've been logging on and off for the past few hours, nothing amazing unless you consider i've been waiting for these new maps since midnight EST, it's now 8 a.m EST and i'm still very excited.

  • Ryan

    I miss cod 4

  • Omg

    Well I ben waiting since 1am

    • Aiden

      Robert Bowling has updated his Twitter account to inform everyone that the map pack is now being prepared for release. He adds that it will take a few hours from now to reach everyone – we are presuming he means the Marketplace for U.S and UK gamers. With that said, everyone should have the download available by no later than 12pm (ET) or 3PM UK time. resurgence map pack

  • Jiinkst

    @nick lies!!

  • Jack

    I turned my xbox multiple times and i have had no updates or anything. only that MW2 has on the game modes, Resugence and hardcore resurgence. but it still says i cant download it because its not on the download list. Help?

  • o teamxecuter x

    Fuckinn 12pm? WTF? It's supposed to be fucking 12am! Fuck iw they fail we wanted new guns as well n they charge too much. Can't even get it out on time go infinity ward….. Fuckin fags are gonna lose customers

    • sabre1106

      Blame it on activisioin mot IW

  • mattiboii

    downloaded update at 7am cst but no maps yet

  • jobe


  • MitChh

    Update Done But No Mapss :( ( Time is 13:37) and there are 32 players in resurgence

    • stod

      the people playing are IW producers and people with codes to download the pack if you look there are only 60 people in both lobbies

  • Yash

    There are people playing… Check your playlist info.

  • murdip


  • nightwolf

    So glad I didn't wait up last night.

  • Arbo

    Why do they try and suck so bad?

  • simon

    i have got the maps everybody about time

  • Kieran n

    ive just got the maps there amazing

    • cod mad

      where u from

  • Stalker36821

    As of now 8:50am EST There is the download content button but nothing yet!!

  • romen

    omg i am waiting so i can snipe on tht map z lolz

  • greg

    i have the maps

    • maisy

      r u in uk ?

  • george

    Dang, there still not out

  • Baksteen

    There´s nothing yet in the netherlands… Sigh..

  • Mr Shorty 1

    Im MST in U.S., anybody able to get them yet from that time zone? I was hoping to play before work in 2 hours, lol

  • Wonder

    They are not going to lose any customers you fuckinn douchebag! If you bought the game youre gunna buy the map packs WHENEVER they come out… Choke on a dyck ya putz!

    • bob


  • Bobby


  • StikyDrizzle

    still no maps 8:15 cst

  • Trippo Tret

    Been Waiting its now 3 am HST and still nothing damn 12 pm EST will be 6 am here in hawaii i don't know if i can stay up that late and if i do by the time i download it i'll be toooooo tired to play it. HURRY UP PLEASE!! Mahalo

  • Vito

    Ohio, no maps yet :( 9:16 am

  • yani

    uh this wait is killing me lol but i know it'll be worth it

  • cod mad

    me and my mate are still waiting for it to appear nothing new on market place

  • K13121N

    just downloaded it! played 2 maps so far its friggin awesome

  • lee

    any1 got the new maps in uk yet

  • Ryan

    Are they available in the uk yet?

    • nat

      no gggrrrr…..

    • Vito

      I'm in Ohio and still no maps :(

    • cod mad

      no soz mate

    • stod

      no should be by 3 oclock mate only 25 mins left to wait :D

    • ryan c

      nope not yet m8

    • stod

      just checked for download and nothing and its is now 15:04 GMT they were supposed to be out 5 mins ago

    • Timmy

      horray i have just got them tarra punks im playing them now

    • Bob

      Nope. Gay twats US have to have everything first don't they :@

    • ashley

      no :(

  • LLCoolB

    I'm in the UK and still not available.

  • jimmeh

    still nothinjg in the UK! ****ing hell IW suck

  • john

    not in uk yet

  • GT: HilariousT Mac

    they dont seem to be on it yet, would appreciate anyone let us know when there up as im revisin for a levels right now :(, so it would save me keeping check on the xbox. thanks peeps

  • HurrDurr

    I see people playing on the Resurgence playlist. Bastards!!! hahaha

  • Will, Lincoln, UK

    3pm is the unofficial release time for the UK.


    i stayed up all fucking night and still nothing FML…………..

  • Edward

    the maps look so much better than stimulus. i just looked at market place again and still no maps. im from UK. time is bang on 3pm :(

  • Birdhouse10

    this is shit they should just have a set time for the maps to come out and why do the cost so fucking much … shambelss ……….. add me on xbox birdhouse10

  • tommeh

    there still not out!!!!!!!!

  • me!

    ryan they aint available for me yet
    so much for 15:00 BST

  • Vjasssssjasje

    Lol what's taking so long -___-

  • webby

    anything yet uk

  • john

    and its past 3 in the uk and still, NO MAPS

  • Tyson

    geez, I love how illiterate people always talk smack about someone/thing, then don't even put their real name. Just stop with it, please? Besides, I know alot of people who have the game since day one and dont have nor will they buy the map packs because of the prices. To each their own. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so if you don't agree, atleast say so in a mature manner.

    getting to the topic, seeing as how there are just like 30 something people playing resurgence pack, its most likely just xbox/IW personnel testing it out on the platform for whatever bugs/glitches they can find. I stayed up all night waiting for this and I dont want to go to bed yet without playing. HURRY HURRRRRRRRRY damnit

    my xbl gamertag: num13 1nsid3

  • Sean

    It's 10:13AM here, update available but no maps still.

  • Jeff

    10:20 EST and still no maps.


    They are not out in UK yet least i didn't as of 3:15pm which kinda sucks seeing as it was supposedly no later than 3pm..

  • maisy

    plzz i want new maps its 3.20 in uk and still waitin

  • Dan

    I have had the update on MW2 but no map pack so far gone 3pm now getting bored of CoD 4 :(

    • Tristan Cluff

      y dont u play mw2??

  • maisy

    plzz i want new maps its 3.20 in uk and still waitin

  • george

    still not available in UK :@ sucks IW gunna lose customers i bet

  • sandeman11

    still not available in The Netherlands

  • maniac

    32 people in there…… beta testers I guess. Or a party over at hq….

    • maisyduck

      hq plzz let us join in the party…lmao

  • maisy

    no not yet..

  • maisy

    3 42pm in uk and still waitin…hurry up plzzzzzz

  • chris thomson

    u said no later than 3pm uk time – its 3:47 now??

  • maisyduck

    what release time in uk..its now 15:47 and im still waitin…lol

  • davo

    ****3PM UK time**** its 3:50 now?!

  • winnard2010

    Currently 3.52pm Uk time and no map pack yet. Where is it?

  • BaD KArMA

    Its stupid all started okay updates n atuff all good now wer waiting for what seems like a lifetome i bet it will be crap like the stimulas because now when a stimulas map comes up its voted off almost inatantly

  • mark turcotte

    they said 12 ET that means not 3 UK its a 6 hours Difference do the math give till 6UK time and it will be up….

  • ashley

    still not in uk :(

  • RingDing

    Testers are spending too much time fucking around on it……gang of twats!!!….lol

  • marcus

    not really fair tbh this is why we gotta wait for they shud have been tested yesterday not leaving it till last minute?? us the uk probley wont get em till late 2nite which does ya head in!!!! next time test the maps early b4 u get every1 on a hype with the maps

  • MrSing

    Too busy testing the new levels, those testers are little scoundrels…..those charming little testers. or should I have called them a gang of BEEEEEEEEEEEP and BEEEEEPS

  • steve

    still waiting in the uk

  • MrSing

    Testers are spending too much time fucking around on it……gang of twats!!!….lol

  • MrSing


  • mark turcotte

    12 ET means 6UK 6 hour difference not 3 hours guys should be up here shortly!

  • webby

    whats the point in giving a release date for people to get there hopes up , ive been told 6pm uk .

  • david

    rumor looks to be true, that 6pm uk time is when its getting released

  • Mike

    Got mine 9:30 Texas time

  • mark turcotte

    so i take it PR you dont want to post my comment since im calling you guys out, for not knowing your time zones?

  • psycho Vinny

    Nope, they are releasing in UK at 5PM, check then people.

  • TOBY


  • BaD KArMA

    Nuthin in uk it cant b that hard to do i mean guitar hero does it all the time with new songs n stuff and bad company too so y nodern warfare WaW was never like this

  • bob

    IW are Retards. Havn't they learned from the stimulus package?????????????????????
    Really they are just sitting there laughing at us. RETARDS

  • pumpkin

    very boreeeeeeeeeeeeed waiting from 8 this morning uk time till 16:40 uk time this os so boring me and my mate been waiting forever

  • the one

    fuckin wank this why havnt u pulled your fingers out and done all this testing over the last fucking week takes the piss this u say one time then another are u all retarded and cant tell the time ?

  • Simone

    Italy, Rome , got it :-)

  • Scott Montgomery

    It’s 4pm and still no map pack

  • swag

    Still nothing in the Netherlands

    crappy service

    six hours and its 4th of june

    fuckin microsoft fags

  • bob

    Really they are all just sitting there playing on it themselves. They don't care people. we're all going to buy it whenever it comes out. admit it

  • John

    Anyone know what time they will release in Japan?

  • Ssampson

    I cant believe these maps havnt been released yet wtf microsoft!! They should have prepared yesterday ready to release today. Why do you enjoy keeping keen gamers waiting!! Release the maps already!!!!!! Very dissapointed! We pay a subscription for what? Other new content has been released on ps3 much earlier than this in the day and thats a non subscription service!!!!!

    • caleb

      i bet it is going to release at exactly 11 central do we have to reboot our console for it to register or is it just going to pop up

  • Abe

    Its not there yet and its later then that time posted

  • maisyduck

    ok its 17:10 and still no maps…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • bob

      ive now given up. IM NOT BUYING THEM

  • Vito

    It's noon here in Ohio, still no maps :(

  • cian long

    I just bought my ms points in gamestop and they told me that its gettin released today at 6pm ..

  • meiam

    omfg still waiting!

  • Vito

    Ohio again, still no maps. F you infinity ward. F. YOU.

  • Weini

    I got the Maps!!!!! They are Awesome!!

  • OTC

    12:22 pm and no damn maps. disgraceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shake

    wow why did they not start this early like say they are coming at 8. o and nothing yet :(

  • the one

    in uk ?

  • assassins kiss

    where are you located

  • merco

    uk,got them now,10 mins ago.

  • bob

    When people say they have got it could they please say where they live.

  • tommeh

    OMFG 17.29 uk time no maps.. ive been waiting since 10 am for these waste of time IW go suck sum balls

  • blah

    i i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    i i i i
    i i i i
    i i i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    i i i i i
    i i i i i i
    i i i i

  • Ross

    Some people have them, some people don't….
    Don't wait up for it.. It's just a game..
    Check up in like 2 or 3 hours and they'll probably be on…
    It's now 5:35pm here in the UK and they were supposed to be up like 2-3 hours ago so don't wait up for it..

  • sunsta

    me and pumpkin have been waiting since 8am still fuck all and ppl who have the resurgance pack gud 4 u but stfu srsly by braggin and shit

  • sunsta

    me and ma mate pumpkin have been waiting since 8am and still it`s dead at the moment

  • Homo ^

    u say we have no lives then y r u on this post?

  • dd dave

    omg vacunt is amazing lol you should get it

  • maisyduck

    they are only letting 5000 people at a time to download the maps to stop system overload……..i wanna be in the next 5000 plzzzzzz

    • John


      • maisyduck


  • joe

    i got it i got it!!!! XD

    • Vito

      Where do you live?

      • Shadownet

        Exactly, where do live?! Still nothing in NC

      • mw2 king

        he is lying he does not have it thats why it says he was active less than a minute ago. if you have them you would be playing them not sitting on this page waiting for an update. ****ing **tard

    • Mazza1992

      liar no 1 has them because they arent even live yet!!

    • beerleague76


    • Tristan Cluff

      Seriously? Haha, still waiting :/

  • jack

    every one skips the stimulous maps cos alot off people still don't have em so it will take time

  • Toby

    Right guys it'll reach you soon, Wales should have it first, then southern england, midlands, northern then Scotland not sure about Ireland about the moment sorry.

    • dd dave

      how do you now?

      • Toby

        It's how Microsoft Servers work they swarm from South to North for example, I'm in Leicestershire and my friends in Devon already have the map pack whereas I do not

  • kyle bbz

    sme here

  • kyle

    bezo v the maker of cod is poop

  • Vito

    1pm here, no map pack…… gettin pissed.

  • Vito

    1pm here, no map pack…… gettin pissed.

  • Jeremy

    eat my fucking cock idub.

  • Aaron

    6pm. No Map Packs.

  • tommeh

    18.06 in uk still no maps!

  • Will, Lincoln, UK

    I'm not why or who you guys are pissed at? Activision never officially issued a release time, only the date…which is today…and it will continue to be today up until 23:59 this evening.

    • Will, Lincoln, UK


    • mashmike

      well its the 4th were i am, has been for 4 hours

    • Tellsitlikeitis


    • Abunn

      The guy at activision said the map pack would be available for download no later than 12 on his twitter account

  • Maniac

    12:36 pm here I’m maryland…still nothing :(

    Gamertag: maniac0821 cool peeps can add me :)

    • Maniac

      Oops….my stupid phone put (I’m) instead of (in) :p

  • lewis

    still no fuckin download and i live in wales ???????????????

  • majorpain

    1pm ET no maps yet….ive got blue balz just waiting on this shit………

  • BaD KArMA

    Ppl gimmie ya gamer tags im feeling a huge new release bash…..if we eva get em so reply to this post with ya gametags ….peace BAd KARma

    • Abunn


    • Vee Kay89

      Vee Kay89 (with a space between Vee and Kay)

  • hjbhfvb

    wtf not out yet updated hours ago nothing fags what they are

  • richard h

    it nows says that there are 530 people playing…. but no DLC is available

  • Jedi

    18:20 – no maps – bham, uk

  • calvin

    im dying here but its gunna be gr8 when tere out :)

  • oMoDz ExTrEmEEo


  • Jedi

    No Maps (18:20) – Birmingham, UK !

  • Yawn

    I feel like a right loser waiting for this pack. I hate waiting.

  • jack

    they pushed it back at least 24 hours. I was one off the 530 online and my mate works for infinity ward and he informed me that theirs some major technical fault and won't be released today

  • Tom

    6:30 GMT,, no maps


    IW are shit at bringing maps out on time its 3rd of June yeh but barely.. its 630 now and nothing… americans will be getting it earlier due to different time zones so its okay for them. they need to remove the nooby ump 45 too

  • Hmantooth

    IW has really dropped the ball on this. Again.

  • devon

    its telling me that there is an update for mw2 but it cannot be found and thus will not load mw2

  • richard

    it's 6:30 now in the UK and STILL no map pack…. about 15 minutes ago it said that there were 530 people on it then it went back down to 0… what's goin on???

  • dabadguy357

    i hate this game!!!!

  • freakb22

    eny news for nw england ??

  • <lol>

    OMG I've been on dashboard all day sitting around waiting and now i come here and see this OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it now!

  • majorpain

    Great use of a day off waiting around 4this BS.

  • lizzy

    still nothing in uk and its 6.30 pm

  • Damon

    Kansas here, nothing…


    this is a joke, they say 3pm (GMT) didnt happen, no suprise…..
    next they say 6pm (GMT) didnt happen…. guess what….
    its now 6:35 and screw IW

  • jack

    by the way guys the maps are awesome

  • majorpain

    Glad i hav the day off 2wait around 4this B***S***!

  • Rickt0rius

    1:36 here in VA… no map pack yet… is this gonna happen soon or what?

  • StikyDrizzle

    651 people on new maps wtf!!! i want to be 652

  • Will, Lincoln, UK

    from fourzerotwo on twitter

    " Resurgence Package for #MW2 is now live – it may take a few hours to show for everyone. I'll be playing all-day in the Resurgence Playlists! "

  • soccertime14

    its 12:36 Central time in chicago and he said they should be downloadable by 11:00ET.well 12ET = 11 CT. its AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER. where r they!?!?!

  • jells

    631 olayers in resurgence on mine

  • Marcus

    ITS UP :D:D:D:D:D:D

  • the one

    651 players in resurgence playlist still no map packs :(

  • Jack

    6:40pm here still no maps

  • Bailey

    18:39 still no map pack
    has anyone got them in uk

  • ron

    651 total players in resurgence playlist! wtf i cant get it yet?

  • Jack Chittenden

    6:40 here still no maps

  • nick

    still no maps

  • Ryan

    There’s now 0 players in the resurgence playlist soo any time now

    • bob

      that just means they got bored of playing it. homos

    • Kieran



    Its now 6:37 PM in london… still nothing. how gay

  • Bailey

    18:42 still DLC
    has anyone in the uk got it

  • Solitary Shadow

    tag is Solitary Shadow hit me up with a message when the maps are out currently downloading Final Fantasy 11 to my new xbox also Microsoft could u fix the xbox's problems i am on number 9 and im sure u have enough money from just me to make them last more than 5 months or am i the only one getting the bad systems?

  • v Tommm x

    There are 651 peeps on resurgance game mode now??

  • pumpkin

    me and sunsta been waiting from 8 am to now 15 mins to 7 that 10 hours and 45 minutes anyone with information about the uk england midlands plz say stuff plz pumpkin;p

  • jake

    for fuck sake this is a load of shit

  • cade

    still no luck in Oklahoma. but their are 651 players in the play list……………….

  • majorpain

    651 people playn the new maps right now…..1/2 a million playn mw2. yea it ill b a while. WTF

  • Angry


  • mac off12

    After the 0 players, it boosted up to around 700 players in the playlist, but still not on marketplace….

  • maisyduck

    18:55 in uk still no maps

    • Katiiee646

      I knooow Soooo Anoyin. Whats your GT Maisy duck

    • joe

      everyone needs to chill out… it is like it is taking over your lives… it will be here.. when you least expect it probably

    • sammybaby666


  • Dan

    I have it,you can buy it on the xbox market place fropm your pc.

  • Angry

    Seriously soooo sick of waiting! Xbox is turning off and almost don't want to download them at all for putting us through this. They should gave been released at midnight. Whatever, I don't care anymore.

  • ben

    2k people in playlists???

  • KoWH BonKerZz x

    19:00 GMT London. Theres Colectively 2000 People Playing Resurgence Map Pack But Noooooo Download Available!

  • Logan

    well it's 6PM GMT and still no maps :(

  • Dave

    Come on ffs

  • mcduke

    Yea i cant get into anygames right now after the update

  • fsagfa

    there are 1689 players playing resurgence but still no map pack in uk

  • jake

    mw2 has messed up again :@

  • Devon James Balcom
  • owen

    1689 people in the playlist, it's on the way

  • Craig

    Seriously soooo sick of waiting! Xbox is turning off and almost don't want to download them at all for putting us through this. They should gave been released at midnight. Whatever

  • Kenada1229

    I got the map pack, Live in Georgia-USA. Just go to the xbox website and press download, mine is downloading right now.

    • Kenada

      and if you don't believe me, its storage is 359.51 MB

  • corrado

    i read an official release that the map pack wont be available until 3pm on the east coast of US…wont be in UK till between 5 and 10pm

  • Aaron

    10 past 7. Im waiting and people are on the maps.

  • Leestonovich

    Where the hell are these maps!?

  • chunky

    it now 19:10 and still no map pack wtf

  • Ssampson

    this really is taking the piss now microsoft!! Give me the fucking maps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kiko

      u have to d/l it from

  • linus

    2:12 eastern time zone …..please can i have a new map

  • ewex

    Here from the Netherlands: still no map pack!!!!.
    Infinity ward YOU SUCK!

    btw. time here is 20.13

  • matt

    130 in texas and i still cant download. BULLSHIT

  • haskin

    hmm in 1:15 central time and i cant dl it

  • skittlez

    it's out people, go check ur boxes

  • MW2 PIMP


  • Mazza1992

    hey all, if your over 18 you can get it from now, unfortunately i cant because my account is set to 17 so happy gaming


  • F u n k y K e e

    19:17 in uk styll no maps

  • keith

    this is crap, still no maps and to top it off i bought MS points in the uk and cant use them cause my account was made in the states, what horse shit that is

  • Tree


  • joe

    im in the uk, went to the MW2 website and clicked the link to download the pack..took me to xbox marketplace online and downloaded it from there, turned on my xbox.. and the pack is now downloading.

  • ViiPerr

    theres like 1500 in thep laylist now , where the hell are the maps to download.
    -uk- -northwest-

  • Boorman

    19:17 in UK Still No Maps!!! Add Me {{ x IB IB x E14 x }}

  • Jake

    It's 19:19 Uk time, and still nothing… Infinity Ward failed again:)

  • luke

    its 7:20 and i still aint got my maps available for download

  • Jack

    19.20 UK TIME… Still no map pack. Infinity ward really need to step up their game if they want us to stay loyal.

  • Joker

    1:25p.m here in Kansas no maps yet!

  • LordaCid

    downloaded in Belgium ;)

  • Dwc

    Got it

  • Heskeys mother

    comeeee onnnnn

  • Vito

    2:30 Ohio, no maps……… :(:(:(:(:(:(

  • Mike

    Give us the fucking maps its 19:23 in the uk im sick of fucking waiting

  • Buddy

    its funny you all sit her waiting and complaining that the map pack isnt out yet, but your gonna complain after about glitches…no body is ever happy

  • Black B3n

    C'mon tae fuck this is a fucking joke,, wot am I payin £40 a year for again Microsoft…….. Fucking pisstake!!!!

  • Boo

    Some of my friends who lives in the same city, already has downloaded it, but I still can't :S WTF

  • jay

    you guys are idiots! not once did they mention a time! grow some balls or cover up your hoagie meat (if your a girl) and wait! do you know where microsoft's HQ is that might give you dumb asses a clue not to go by ET or MT or what time it is in the UK you fucking retards!

  • badger

    I'm downloading now, 38% complete!!


  • austin

    2:30 still no maps

  • kayleigh

    UK Still no bloody maps. Wats going on? people buy these stupid points and then microsoft fuck up!

  • Capri

    I got them just fine. I don't know what's going on.

  • Robbie


  • http://? tiffanye

    ITS OUT!!!!! yeah baby

  • foegetabout it

    Still no maps 205 pm est wtf


    resurgence map pack downlaod link

    THANKS GUYS u bunch of Gays

  • Abunn

    GOOOODDDD NEWWWSSSS!!!!! Theres a way you can DL it

    just go to this link on xbox live and sign in… and click xbox

  • John

    Hey guys! its 2:34 in pennsylvania. I've been checking maps ALL day and waiting. Finally they were available for me. I'm downloading them as we speak! SO PUMPED!


    download link for maps

    thanking me

  • StikyDrizzle

    just now able to download its 1:35cst hope u all get it soon

  • kiko

    yo people you have to dowload it from

  • I FRO5TY I

    Everybody on dashboard, go marketplace, game-add ons, browse for MW2 should be there I have got them

  • ewex

    Here from the Netherlands: still no map pack!!!!.
    btw its 20.36 here

  • kiko

    just click the link for mw2 on

  • Ashhleyy x

    Wtf 7:37 Uk time now no maps… i have been spending all day waiting for them !

  • eyreelowdid

    oh maps are downloadin now itz on bitchez :D

  • mfing rug… this is the link for the map pack

  • Shakey90

    lads because im such a nice guy. iwill share the secret……..marketplace….all games….mw2….resurgence map pack…turn on xbox….active downloads….download map pack

  • jersey

    I just got mine in New Jersey

  • austin

    Maps are in go get em ppl!!!!!!

  • kevin

    The maps are now out for download

  • Jack Chittenden

    still no maps……….

  • Jb

    Has anyone gotten them? When r they gonna be out. This is so gay.

  • Scotty

    Why is everyone getting so annoyed XD Its only a couple of maps. You can all wait lol

  • Ben

    Ive got them !!!!

  • ryan

    downloading new maps now, 19:45 north england, 62% complete :)

  • O iDYNOMiiT3

    hover over the game on 'my xbox' then presss Y it will take yo to the market place, then just scroll over twice and it says resurgence map pack. send a message to me on xbox live if it worked 4 u GT; O iDYNOMiiT3

  • Marv

    3pm New york time, and Resurgence is finally available!!!

  • luke

    still no ****ing maps wen are we going to get them ?!!!

  • Abunn

    GOOOODDDD NEWWWSSSS!!!!! Theres a way you can DL it… and click xbox

  • pumpkin


  • maisyduck

    yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeee i got me new maps….8pm uk time…have fun ppl xx

  • @bigmcq77

    its out in the US. You can also check here:

  • maisyduck

    go to top downloads then click on stimulus pack its in there…just in case you did not no…..yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Nick

    Finally just now got it in Texas, After hours of waiting. Infinity really needs to fix these things. And there’s probably many more problems to come with these.

  • Maniac

    Its ten minutes after 3pm and I’m downloading it as I type this. Hit me up if u got it too and wanna play…. my gamertag is maniac0821

  • Subnoizesoulja0

    If You Want The New Maps Got To n download it threw there it works!

  • byron

    if you want the maps go to click marketplace after signing in search for modern warfare click the call of duty modern warfare 2 picture download them straight to your xbox 360 from there

  • Dom

    downloading now. 8.10 pm uk time

  • Dave

    u can get it in uk by logging onto the xbox website. Search for modern warefare 2, on the list is map pack 2, click that and follow the links for download to my xbox, check your active downloads on your console and its there! Mine is 89%

  • Stevemcd88

    Downloading now —- finally 20% done at 3:20pm East Coast US

  • Doctorspoc

    its available go through the marketplace on your computer and look for the add on click on it and then it begins to download on your console……..

  • Araknyd man

    I hit download content in game and the pack is there I’m downloading it now

  • xi chr15 ix

    i just got ripped off when i downloaded it and now i have no microsoft points and no map pack

  • pumpkin

    got em nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  • that southern rebel

    is it gonna be for ps3?????

  • Lulu

    Try this if ur having trouble getting the download up…go to the main xbox live screen, go to game add ons, search 'm' for modern warfare, click on it, them you'll see the new map packs :) then download!!
    My boyfriend told me to put this on here so everyone can play as he's been waiting all day!

  • Matt

    Its out here in the US. Check here:

  • usuk

    infinity ward and sony are fu**ed up release for the ps3 NOW not in a month

  • Blasko

    Confirmed up.
    16:02 eastern

  • the one

    i have my map packs go to and click this
    Resurgence Pack download to xbox consol ther u go enjoy lads

  • the one

    i have my map packs go to and click this

  • michael

    got it in colorado!

  • AlexInTheHouse

    hurrey up MW2 N-words!

  • Will, Lincoln, UK

    patience is a virtue…thanks Activision.

  • Dodderycamwise1

    I just downloaded the maps. They look great!

  • pumpkin

    Anyone know when they r in normal play lists e.g team death domination s and d etc


    haha ps3 noobs cant get it yet XD Xbox rules!!!

  • Eric

    For ps3???

  • Parker

    11:53 AM central Nothing yet but hope is in 7 minutes