Call of Duty: Black Ops – Trailer Release Date during NBA Finals

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We have some good news for Call of Duty fans now, as Treyarch has just announced the release date for the world premiere reveal trailer for Black Ops -scheduled to release this November.

As reported from VG247, Treyarch community manager, Josh Olin has revealed that the trailer will go live on May 18th, during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals – available to watch on ESPN.

Don’t worry if you miss it, as the trailer will be available online after the finals. But this is probably one trailer that is worth tuning in live for.

The game is expected to release on November 9th. Hopefully the trailer will reveal some features for the game. Basically, we want to see zombie mode confirmed.

Will you be tuning in? Don’t miss this one folks!

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  • Smitty

    COD Blk Ops…looking forward 2 it…loved COD2 MW

    • reneeswifts

      Still the best there is. The calm before the storm.

  • Your Mom

    Treyarch has always been better IMO, i hated Mw2, but Cod4 Mw1 was amazing.

    • jaffas66

      je suis d'accord avec toi mw2 c'est de la m….alors que COD4 est super
      j'èspere que black ops serra idem que COD4

  • Adam

    I will tune in…but the problem is I wish I knew the exact time the trailer will be airing! I dont really care to watch since Cleveland got knocked out by Boston. But, for Black Ops and the hope of seeing some new stuff (including Zombie mode! YA!) I will tune in.
    ALAN NG: Any word on an exact time EST of the trailer debut? Or a time period of game? Beginning? Middle? End?

    • Guest

      i don't know the exact time but it should be airing towards the middle-ish, but since the exact time is unknown you'll just gonna have to watch Boston crush Cleveland

    • big earn

      modern warfare 2 best online game ever
      big earn

  • brandon

    on mw2 rank 67 add me on steam dead eagle

  • buffon___q8

    if you want to have figiht vs q8y or any arabic you are dead noob last noob i killed in all cod knife he was the best in his team he was not arabic dont try to figiht arabic you well be destroy

  • buffon___q8

    no commdo