Final Fantasy XIII is ‘Adventure Game’, not RPG?

By Posted 14 May 2010, 05:59

We have an interesting article for you to read now, in which Daniel Erickson, BioWare’s lead writer on Star Wars: The Old Republic has labelled Final Fantasy XIII an ‘adventure game’, rather than a ‘RPG’.

As reported from VG247, Erickson was speaking in a recent interview with Strategy Informer, talking about what actually constitutes the ‘RPG’, using Square Enix’ recent release as a prime example.

Part of his interview reads: ”You can put a ‘J’ in front of it, but it’s not an RPG. You don’t make any choices, you don’t create a character, you don’t live your character… I don’t know what those are – adventure games maybe? But they’re not RPG’s.”

Some interesting points there don’t you agree? Final Fantasy came under a fair amount of criticism for moving away from the traditional ‘open world’ approach, in favor of introducing a more linear storyline. However, reviews were still pretty good, even though they might of upset a few purists.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree that Final Fantasy is more an an adventure game than an RPG, or has Mr Erickson got it wrong?