Pokemon Black and White (DS): New Starters and Trainers

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We have some great news for those of you planning to pick up Pokemon Black and White on the Nintendo DS, as it looks like we have a confirmation of starter Pokemon as well as scans of the two Pokemon trainers.

As reported from Siliconera, the new information and pictures have come to us courtesy of Japanese magazine CoroCoro – who also provided previous information on Black and White for us.

According to the scans, the starter pokemon in the game will be Sutaja (grass snake), Pokabu (fire pig) and Mijumaru (sea otter). There are also scans of the two Pokemon trainers – one male and one female, but we don’t know their names yet – although they do appear to look older than previous trainers in games on the DS.

The scans look pretty legit to us, so what are your thoughts on the starter pokemon? Are you happy or not? Hopefully, we’ll be able to bring you a lot more info on them soon.

Which one will you choose? Grass, Fire or the Sea pokemon?

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  • Hadro

    they suck. badly.

  • Aaron

    Dude those are better than last years new starters and plus these actually look cool their evolutions i bet are even better

    • Thunderwolf27

      no those suck, i rather have sinnoh starters, like chimchar and turtwig then those. Seriously.

    • ME XP

      do u have a dildo shoved up ur DICK?!?!


    They Really SUCK !!! I Mean … LOOK AT THEM !!!!!!!!!…!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony

    They look awsome

  • lolpjb

    i like the water one alot because it looks like a seaotter and the grass on is cool i only HATE THAT FIRE ONE I MEAN ITS SO DUMB the other 2 are cool though

    • Dustin

      Ture that man

      • brittanay

        yeah I don't like the fire one either. i think they should have made the fire one a dog type or something different than a pig. the other two are okay and the grass one seems like one of the best grass types. i mean, atleast better than treeko, who sucked.

  • S7ha8do7w

    idk i think the starters are pretty decent and i agree their ev's should look even better and think about it we have been playing with the same pokemon for the last idk 6 + or – years and with the 3d screening there will be an uprising for the ds!!!

  • POke hater

    That pokemon are weak copy from the other starter pokemons

  • Chardonnay

    They could have done better than that. A pig shouldn't be a fire type period.

    • Wyndfyre

      And a chicken (Torchic) and a monkey (Chimchar) are fine as fire types? :P

  • Koneako

    Oh stop complaining. There are always going to be certain Pokemon in which you might not agree on their design. Only about 15 Iisshu region Pokemon have been officially confirmed and some are good, while others are bad. Be patient and understand Pokemon arent the easiest thing to design.

  • Kami

    these look weird O.o
    they look all chibified adn whatnot. their evoloutions better look better

  • dude

    the water type looks loike it went into a club fell asleep and woke up with a penis drown on its chest and left with a sad face

  • drew

    there okay but i think that their probably gonna make it look better by the time it gets to the US

  • Joey

    I have to say the look like crap, but they might be edited. I was better with the 4 main regions; Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. 1 for each point of the compass. now it's just MESSED UP

  • Jack

    They look so shit.. i prefer old pokemon starters, even DPP ones. But i suppose i thought that about DPP starters when i first saw them, and i've grown to love them and I probably will these ones..

    • karina

      same here, but i think everyone will grow to like these too!

  • BloodRose

    Hey guys maybe you should look at Serebii.net for more information on the game before you make snap decisions. The evolutions have already been released. The grass snake and sea otter have really cool evolutions. I can’t say that the fire pig’s evolution is anything special though. I actually like these (minus the fire) better than the Sinnoh starters. I can’t wait until the games are released in North America. I don’t see why everyone bases their opinion on looks and minimal information though…..

  • ANT

    It looks like someone vomited on last generation's starters and just rolled with it.

  • Suiji

    the evolutions are freakin' awsome so its worth it to put up with the not so favorable 1st forms. x] the fire one looks like somthin from windwaker.

  • Uh, me

    If i had to choose one, it would ge the grass one, but that fire pig one sounds like they used bacon as an idea, i bet this game is going to be awesome

  • lugia

    ive pre-ordered the game in english and im propably gonna get the grass starter. sea otter sounds ok but fire pig? i would rather have all my pokemon taken away than get that piece of bacon

    • sesiana

      i know i hate that they made it a pig, thats so weird :/

  • dme

    there ok i jus cait wait 2 play iht

  • this guy

    i saw every pokemon in the game….they all look f!@#ing gay. this game is gonna suck balls. even the laegendary pokemon look gay. the startes are gay. they have gay names. f!@# the 5th generation pokemon. Magikarp is the best pokemon ever!!!

    • kaylynn

      thats usually what people say everytime pokemon came up with a new generation though. when the pokemon from diamond and pearl came out people were complaining but now alot of people love that generation pokemon.

  • amerie

    the grass and water types dont seem too bad, but i really hate the fire pig. like i just think a pig is such a weird choice for a starter pokemon? i think if they wanted to mix it up they should have made the fire type a dog something. or like, a lion. but pigs…. nahh.