Call of Duty Black Ops (Wii): Graphics and Gameplay concerns

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Nintendo Wii owners have something to be pretty happy about at the moment. After fearing that upcoming Call of Duty game Black Ops wouldn’t be appearing on the Wii, Activision has just confirmed that the game will in fact be landing on the Wii – the same time as the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions release.

As Eurogamer reports, the big date will be November 9th. The game will also be handled by developers Treyarch, who also developed the popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex title on the Wii.

As most of the focus remains on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, are Nintendo Wii owners worried about lack of attention for the Wii version? It comes without saying that the game won’t be the best looking game, compared to other platforms.

Are you worried about graphics for Black Ops on the Wii, or is it all about gameplay? Let’s hope Treyarch put some real effort into the Wii version too.

Let us know your thoughts on this folks.

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  • joey johnson

    this looks great i cant wait to buy the wii version of call of duty black ops

    • martin

      well i don't care wot the graphics r like as long as they r like cod mwr graphics i just want all the features that xbox and ps3 get

    • caleb

      do you play waw wii

      • negoy


  • Adrian

    I'll be picking up Black Ops for the Wii on day one.

    And fyi, I also own a 360. But motion controls >>>> thumbsticks.

    • mokee

      tht is what i am talking about man

    • Zeek

      I tell my friend all the time if i was playin on the wii and faced him on his ps3 i would kill him 9 times out of 10.

    • Skar200

      Yeah I got A Ps3 and once you play an Fps on the Wii there is no going back. Although with Ps3 move it makes things interesting but I still think the Wii is the best it is about fun not Graphics which I barely notice after a while.

    • steve

      I couldn't agree more!!!!! I fell in love with the CODMW series playing on my my roomate's 360. But after playing the reflex edition on Wii Its impossible to go back to thumsticks, they are so clumsy in comparison

    • jorge

      me too cant wait to shoot sum ppl XD! i wuz wondering if it wuz gonna hav wifi online play?

  • edgar

    damn im happy black ops is for wii i was freakin out
    i think personally gameplay comes first then graphics
    but still hope that they put good effort into it Cross our fingers

  • Quis4sho

    I mos def will be picking it up for the Wii & I also own Modern Warfare on PS3 also… Everytime I asked someone how wuz Call Of Duty on the Wii they told me not to waste my money to jus stick to the PS3 or 360 versions… Well low & behold I decided to waste $49.99 & found it to be the best I've ever wasted… The game play is far more superior with the Wii Zapper than using them 2 analog sticks… The graphics look amazin' on the Wii also… Gameplay is worth more than graphics anyday…!!

    • I wont tell

      YEHA!! you are a true gamer! and since the games graphics look awful on Xbox and PS3 how much worse could they be on Wii? I'll be getting it on PC, but man I bet Wii version will rock

  • Danielle

    Gameplay all the way, nice graphics are …well…nice, but if the controls are complicated or clunky I wont touch it. Any one know if there's going to be an option to use a regular controller instead of the motion one?

    • yaheardz

      for the wii? the ps3 and 360 are nice consoles but the wii has the BEST CONTROLES AROUND!

      • mokee

        agreed 206%

    • brhett

      i hope there is an option to use the classic controller for wii i probably wouldnt use since im used to the normal controls for wii but i would definately try them out

    • XxXSpiritXxX

      read an interview talking about the producer saying he found himself switching back and forth between controller and motion. tho i love the motion and pwn with it, ill give classic a try granted it will include gamecube controller support. or i might want to buy the classic, and if i dont like it, return it

    • tito

      yah u can also use the classic control

    • David

      there is going to be classic controller for this game

    • David B.

      Yes, in fact the game is great for Wii. I bought the game last week and never got really around to playing it. But since I have played it on PS3 I knew a lot about the game already. The graphics..well they should have been messed with a bit more. But the game is very accurate when you compare it to XBox360 or PS3. In the liking of the game since I did start playing it I have already bumped up to level 20 in 3 days of barely playing it. I know a lot of gamers don't like the whole idea of move with it..but buy the gun support for the Wii game. It is great and works well. Yes you can use a controler as well as the motion piece. If you need any help at all you are more than welcome to email me at I have plenty of ways of showing you how well the game actually works for Wii. For the reviewers out there such as my friends they all say they hate Wii and that it would frustrate them to much. The idea of any gaming system is getting use to knowing how to use the system at hand. No gaming console will be a like so take heed to the fact that any game you play can always bring something new to the table. The idea of Black ops on Wii was genius and without a doubt a game that came become a great one if you let it. Again, yes you can use a control for the Wii…but I advice getting use to the gun for Wii, you'll have a more accurate play as if you're using a real gun. Much fun.

  • Jmcone

    I dont care about the graphics on cod mw for wii its all about killing everyone online. They think it will do bad yet ALOT of people still play it for the wii. It does not take me long to get in a game

    • REFLEX

      dude i play it all the time add me as a friend man dude whuts ur friend code for mwr? tell me at my email

  • Ryu

    The Wii isn't even a gaming platform anymore, its just an attempt at a virtual fitness device. The Wii's laggy motion controls just make a game with stupid graphics even worse. And if anyone wants to argue saying the motion controls are better then a controller, suck Playstation Move and Project Natal. And if anyone wants to argue about the price, you can walk yourself over to the closest Best Buy or Future Crap and compare a 360 arcade to the Wii.
    Overall, because its Treyach, don't expect much, they haven't make a single good game besides Call of Duty World at War. And even then, that has some huge flaws.
    All anyone can do is HOPE for this game to turn out more fun then Modern Warfare 2, that in itself is an entirely other negative review. Game of the year my ass.

    • KRH

      only a bastard like you would dog on these games. have you even played them?

    • KRH

      its the best game i have EVER PLAYED. EVEN BETTER THAN COD MW2 for x-box 360. you probably havent even played it have you? and why isnt a wii a gaming platform? it plays games that all wii owners love? i personally like it for its wii-mote use not some dual analog controller that is complicated. you dont get into it like a wii game where you get to do it real. so Ryu, Y R U being so anal about these games? btw Treyarch is a legit game company so F.O.!!!!

      • KRH

        IF you want to start something well its all on you i dont start anything but i will defend Wii and all other players so i have only one thing to say…. dont start it unless you are in a winning position. YOURE ON A WII GAME REVIEW PAGE we are all wi gamers and we dont need a person like you giving us crap

      • broly

        lol motion control u now what i will rent this and use the wii classic control pro and show u dildo wiglers how its done motion control my ars this will be fun u dildo wiglers against a real controller we will all see whats best no excuses. but iam buying day one xbox360

      • Elysian

        Whoa. Rage, much? Try them both before making an opinion. (BTW, cool story, bro).

    • person

      you're almost right about the wii not beeing a gaming console anymore. While the 360 and ps3 are getting good shooters rated M, Wii isn't accepting anything rated over E and without cell-shaded graphics… but the only things that make it a bit fun are a bit of fighter games and hardworking devellopers like Treyarch that port great games like CoD4 over onto the system and actualy make games with a rating over T and release them on the same day as the other incarnations of the game.

      • Chris

        Ever heard of MadWorld? Goriest, most vulgar, and crude game I’ve ever played, and it’s only for the Wii. Next time, do some research before you start something. As a friend of mine once said, “Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.”.

    • fuck ryu

      u got -26 on this comment fuck u 360 fanboy

    • Sniper

      O my word, u guys are sad. It’s just a game. By the way the only reason 360s cost less is they have millions paying 100 bucks a year on live.

      My advice: get ur lazy buts off the consules and go do the battles for real in airsoft, or paintball. And if ur old enough actually join the army and do something USEFUL with ur lives.

      • random person

        Maybe some people don’t have the physical ability to do these things and their only choice is this.

        • jon

          If the Wii isn't even a console why does it have more sales than xbox 360 and ps3 combined I'm not saying ps3 or 360 suck I have a Wii a 360 and a ps2. and I have Modern warfare 1 on both wii and 360 and I probably log more hours a week on the wii version I think MW reflex is better than MW2 even. I'm definity getting the wii version of CoD Bops. and I heard from gamestop store associet that it we will be able to choose to use the classic controller or the motion controls an there are some pretty cool looking CoD Bop themed classic controllers and wii motes for sale on gamestops website.

        • Dartos

          They do… They just don’t want to quit smoking weed. The service frowns on potheads.

      • arkAnum

        i wouldnt say that, cuz not everyone has that patriotic pull. somethings are better done on a couch and tv.

    • UND34D!

      Yeah you wanna look up Playstation Move and Project Natal? their pathetic attempts at a Wii motion controller. they are going nowhere. And its a completely different gameplay. you almost can't compare CoD on the wii versus on the 360 or ps3. its just different, so i don't bash either one. and once you actually play it on the wii, you prob wont either

    • David

      yo, goldeneye 007 is a awesome game ONLY FOR WII! plus black ops for wii is gonna have the option to use the classic controller if u want to talk about controls. the is also a headphone for the game excusivley fothe wii, so suck it !

    • 007

      Lag? You wanna talk about lag? Look at Kinect. The wii has zero lag at all times, which can't be said for the kinect, which always has some sort of lag, not to mention it needs an extra power supply if you didn't get the slim 360, along with a lot more lag. Hmmm. I need a slim 360 in order to enjoy motion gameplay? Pass. A controller that looks like a pink lightbulb similar to the wii, but is a blatant, overpriced ripoff, costing more than a wii if you don't already own a ps3, and no games for the core gamer like Mario, or Metroid, or the other cool games? $50 for the wiimote lookalike and 30 for the nunchuck lookalike? Games are the same price as wii games, but only for the casual gamer, compared to games that suit both audiences? I'll pass. As for the graphics, look outside. No better graphics than that!

      • buda

        gotta say i played move at my friends house and it was better than wii becsuse with wii you can spam and its super touchy but the wii dosnt need a camera and it has been out wwaayyyy longer than move, move is newer tech personally i don't think its worth 2-300 bucks just to get cod on 360 when i can use a wii that i already have and use the ccp

  • Ryu

    The Wii isn't even a gaming platform anymore, its just an attempt at a virtual fitness device. The Wii's laggy motion controls just make a game with stupid graphics even worse. And if anyone wants to argue saying the motion controls are better then a controller, suck Playstation Move and Project Natal. And if anyone wants to argue about the price, you can walk yourself over to the closest Best Buy or Future Crap and compare a 360 arcade to the Wii.

    • codman

      hey asshole theres nothing wrong with the wii i prefer to use it it's alot more interactive then for ps3 or 360 both of which I Have. the wii also is faster online. and like those other guys said gameplay comes before graphics. so before ya go running ur mouth actually try black ops for the wii. and f.y.i ur a dumbass if you the modern warfare and world at war had flaws.

    • Skar200

      How are you gonna shoot on Project Natal Idiot

  • Ren

    The problem with when Treyarch ported COD4, they ripped to much out, hopefully they use the wii to its full potential.

    • Jimpy

      they didnt rip anything out.. apart from graphics

    • person


  • Mike Wheeler

    MW:Reflex was a good port to the Wii, i enjoyed it more than the 360 version of the game. Yes, it's cut down but it didnt hamper the gameplay one bit.

    • KRH

      Yah it is a little bit cut down but the gaming makes up for it and it has exactly the same levels, guns and everything is the same playing it

  • JBH

    I have COD:MW reflex on Wii and I love to pick it up and play online, the story mode was pretty good too. I can't wait to see what Black Ops has to offer, hopefully they keep the game play at it's current level or even improve on it for the Wii. Better graphics would be nice but what I'm hoping for is some kind of communication between the online players, whether it be wii speak or a built in dedicated headset that comes with the game. This would add a whole new dimension to the experience.

    • Double T

      communication would be great, hope so

    • listen up!

      your charector can talk in black ops <:D!!!

      • jezzy

        haha i know, thats so awesome!

    • silverstreak

      yep this has the ability to use the "headbangin chat headset" that is out for the wii
      conduit 2 will also be able to use it
      its a wired noisecanceling headset
      its 25 bucks at gamestop

  • Double T

    can't wait until black ops comes out. i have modern warefare reflex so i bet black ops will be just as good mabye better!

  • wizward

    really wanna buy dis game how much is it??

    • ooo


    • cock

      2000 $

    • antonio

      at walmart it is $44

  • ILP

    Why does everyone think wii gameplay is better then xbox's or ps3's, when I come home from work I would like to relax on my couch and play a game instead of swing around remotes. Maybe for kids wii is better though. Well since wii hardcore gamers are mostly kids you guys probably won't have an nazis zombie mode but I can promise you that you will mics.

    • core G

      go pick up the zapper and play mw reflex. if u r really a ‘core’ gamer, u should realize motion controls are the new frontier for any fps

    • KRH

      BECAUSE IT IS MORE REALISTIC AND ENTERTAINING! plus it is more exciting to feal as part of the gameplay being on the battle field. by the way did you mean Miss? "mics"???? or can you not type

    • Jonny

      Go Fuck Yourself Niggah Youh Hella Stupid c(:

    • antonio

      and the wii has zombie modes and they said that the game on each platform are simular , simular graphics ,modes ,fields etc. so if u dont like the one on the wii then u may not like the ones on the xbox 360 or ps3

    • smokee

      actually it does have nazi zombies on wii and maybe you should relize if you are playing games you are still a kid yaself dumbass

  • cody

    u are all wrong i own a wii a ps3 and a 360 the games are good an all 3 systems each one brings somthing the others do not have with the ps3 it is bluray with the 360 it is good online play and the wii has motion control witch in my opinion is my lest fav it makes online play harder but all 3 are good i wil be picking up 3 copys of the new cod my personal fav is the 360 and the wii is more for kids but if u like wii more power 2 u

    • arkAnum

      how is the wii ver. more for kids?? its the same violent ass game.

    • gyro

      the reason for the wii version being the hardest to play is the challenge you get from it. of course the motion control will off a bit but isn't that why you can also manipulate how sensitive the sensors motion in within the game. any game will take some getting used to. once you figure out the settings of your choice this game will be your best choice among the other systems

  • holtonn

    I hope that the zombie mode comes with the wii version.

    • korey

      its def on there

  • Bob(notreally)

    This is legit i also hear there forgettin about friendxodes and wiispeak might be put in… Its not getting ported either completely made from scrarch just like xbox/ps3 but worse graphics… Oh and there will be an online co-op mode


    • jezzy

      cool man, hey, where are you getting your information?

    • DUDE

      crazy!!! i cant wait

    • antonio

      u cant talk online with the ppd headbanger headset and the graphics on the wii will be simular to the xbox and ps3

  • Oscar

    I play Mwr all tha time ..its way better den wack ass 360 or ps3…ppl say call of duty Mwr for wii is easy..which is not ..I bet any1 who thinks dey dope on ps3 or 360…come try us on wii u faget..youl get your shit whooped easily..

    • darkblunt

      exactly, yo whats your fc i'll add you.

  • suade94

    " are Nintendo Wii owners worried about lack of attention for the Wii version?"
    Why worry about the inevitable. Of course there won't be any attention(by the press) given to the Wii version. As long as it's good, I don't care about the attention. Hopefully competition like Conduit 2, Goldeneye, and Future Soldier will pressure Treyarch to make the best Wii FPS yet.

    • Henry hampton

      My bud got Goldeneye, its no were near as good as the original…. trust me. I played it at his house for a bit then we put the wii away and got out the N64 and palyed the original. The original EASILY beats the wii remake

  • zanerist

    I am okay with the graphics and the game play, the most i am worried is the controlls. I read and watched reviews of the game COD Modern Warfare Reflex, and many people that i watch said that they didnt like the controlls since they are using the Wii controller, aiming at the screen. On this one website i read that they wanted to make the game for the wii close to the xbox and ps3, then i came up with an idea. From my point of view, instead of using a wii controller and aiming at the screen, i was thinking using the new wii classic controller pro. This i came up with because the controlls are really close to the ps3 controller, and i have a feeling that if they use this controller, Treyarch can make the controlls for the ps3 similar to the wii classic controller pro. Treyarch can also make the game so that we can use both the classic controller pro and the wii controller for those who wants to stick with the Reflex edition controlls. Now, it is up to Treyarch to come up with the controlls IF they are going to use the classic controller pro, from my point of view a good idea.

    • KRH

      that would be a great idea personally i would like to stick to the wii-mote but i wouldnt mind the classic controller at all. that idea has been used in a few other games such as goldeney 007. Maybe they will use it

    • kieran

      Just buy a classic controller

  • zanerist

    Also i would like Treyarch to make the game so that we can use wii speak to talk to friends and/or other people. The last thing i would like to have Treyarch do is to have online gameplay with friends or i should say have wi-fi connection to connect with friends and play. I am sorry that this had to be a long comment.

    • Obliv

      they are making a new headset named the "headbanger headset" for black ops and the conduit 2 wii :D

  • the man

    thats what i want zanerist i want the graphics to be like the ps3 and the xbox360 and gameplay and to talk with ppl online if thay do what you sd the wii wood be beter than the xbox360 and the ps3 i want all the modes to be thr to i hope the game is good but mosty i want the graphics to. be good and the gameplat to!.

    • zanerist

      yes finally someone agrees with me :)

    • antonio

      they said they were trying to make the wii graphics simular to the xbox 360 and ps3 own

  • Jay Dee

    I have all 3 systems, and when I play fps titles like Bioshock on 360, or TPS like Uncharted 2 on my PS3, the analog sticks seem ok to me….. HOWEVER, then I play go and play something like The Conduit on my Wii, and then shortly after try to play Uncharted 2 or something, I get pissed off at the analog sticks. Everytime I try to do a head shot on someone far away, the analog stick control goes too far. If I lower the sensitivity I can't turn fast! On the Wii, perfect shot everytime! Move for FPSs and such won't be better, the Wii already does it perfectly. It will just be the same….. which is not a bad thing at all. It is a very very good thing!

  • Riley Williams

    my friend has a 360 and i let him play my mwr he sucked at it, and he said "IT WAS THE HARDEST THING I EVER HAD TO DO IN A VIDEOGAME (use wii controls)" 360 controls are easy, wii is more complex and has a lot better aiming system. only bad thing about wii is the hackers. but at least i heard in Black Ops there will be moderators for hacking… Hopefully! and all these people say wii graphics suck? umm no tjhey do not suck, they might not be as good as 360 or PS3 but they are good.its not all pixalated or anything! and why spen $60 for ps# and 360 games when you can get wii games for like 40 after like 3 months after it is released!

    • Zeekeal

      U can get games of that price on any system…When they don't sell, try buying SMG 2 that games still like 60 and its been out for a while.

    • Chris

      First.. if your friend is used to playing on a 360, than it's pretty obvious that he's going to have some trouble switching consoles and being instantly phenomenal. Not a big deal but still..

      Second.. the reason that people say Wii graphics suck is because, well.. they do. Even if you drop the 29.99 for upgraded A/V cables, the Wii still maxes out at 480p. The ATI card in the Wii runs at 243 MHz, while the Nvidia card in the PS3 runs at 700 MHz, and the 360 has dual 500 MHz cards.

      a 480p screen shows 345,600 pixels, whereas a 1080p shows 2,073,600. Unless you are playing on a 20 inch TV.. there IS a major difference.

  • German

    i did have concerns about mw:r but it turned out pretty damn good, however i was a bit dissapointed about the graphics knowing that the wii is capable of more. so im hoping treyarch did well allround with black ops

  • madbadkc

    I hope this has graphics that look at least like COD 4 on the 360 no Mw2 graphics or anything but if it did get some descent looking graphics it will be awesome the last 2 COD games on the Wii they only put like months in to making them they announced the wii version from the very beginning this time meaning they actually planned on it also meaning that they'll actually work on it and not just make a wii version in lst two months before launch like they did to reflex im going to have to buy it for both my 360 and my wii just because i like a change in controls every once in a while

  • ramon mccrimon

    i am really looking forward to black ops… riley williams said there are alot of hackers in games like MWR on wii but mods are to be put in the game as a result of the hacking…..wii in my opinion has waaaayyy better gameplay than 360 or ps3 and mwr was a hit lets just hope this is

  • Riley Williams

    The only thing bad about the wii's version of Call of Duty, is the lack of cummincation systems. 360, and PS3 have headsets, Nintendo should seriously get some sort of wireless headset you can use to communicate with your team. Then wii Call of Duty would be as good as 360 and PS3 (except the little difference in graffics). Why doesn't the wii have as good of graphics? It was released at the same time as the PS3 (I am pretty sure)

  • Ryoma

    The wii is probably in my personal opinion the best of of our generations 3 gaming consoles, wii brings the gaming table MOTION. yes i said motion. sure playstation move sounds good but its not even close to the wii's sensitivity. at times the move seems to lag, show pathetic reactions to when you move it. and at times not notice you shook it for say a reload? when the wii's mote does. wii was made for motion. ps3 and xbox were not when in their pre stages, thus will not work for the motion capabilities. I played mw1 first on xbox at my friends i played story full 2 times and i loved it then played online and was horrified. but when i played wii online i was amazed at its levels of gameplay

  • Ryoma

    Yes very true, xbox has only grahpics its gameplay feels like playing a HD version of Pong. and tends to get boring after a game or too. ps3 has only grahpics and some gameplay. but when it comes to online playstation network seems to lag abnormal amounts and sometimes delete online game data utility. i bought a ps3 christmas by may i was disgusted i even wasted 300$ when i should of just bought a bunch of wii games. modern warfare on wii is a msaterpiece by treyarch showing stable graphics and high quality gameplay. but mwr was a port. black ops is being made from scratch so the game has much room to grow on wii. the graphics will be better than mwr. things such as lag will lower chances to lag and the hit detection surely will be improved. a port means to squeeze a different game onto a system and start from their. no much work? but scratch will improve every single quality

  • Bob

    I hope that Black ops will get more updates like the PS3 and 360. The only updates the wii gets are Double XP Week and that doesn't happen very often. I want updates like what they have on the other 2 consoles. Ps3 and 360 get updated all the time with the some saying check out the new videos for Black ops or something like that. Or check out the preview of our new map pack. The wii version says the same crap every day; Check out our website for multiplayer updates. And we don't even get updates, no new maps. It sucks, I just hope that Black ops will get more attention with the updates

  • KRH

    thats how i think it is too they are all good systems when you think about it. atleast you give honest opinions and dont dog on te rest. bro you deserve a medal :).
    CODY is a real sport.

  • Collin

    I know the graphics won’t be as good as good as ps3 and 360 but I hope it looks better than reflex. Better hit detection too. Occasionly online you shoot someone and nothing happens. Same with knifing -_-

  • the man


    • Henry

      Please be trolling. There's something called hardware restrictions, which make it impossible for the Wii to duplicate the graphics of newer consoles.

  • [UP] GodGui

    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex Was Awesome! The Only Problems Are That We Couldn't Communicate With The Other Players And There No Map Pack. I Wish Treyarch Will Do Their Maximum to ensure that the graphics are still better than MWR.
    So… Map Pack/Update(No More Hackers), Better Graphics And Headphone Set!!!

  • kodie

    I do not think that people will like the game on the wii. the earlyer metal of hanor and, call of dutys of the wii the graphics were bad and the aiming was vary sensitive. i did not like any military game for the wii.

  • wii lover 7251

    i would rather have the exact same gameplay and bad graphics than good graphics and chopped up gameplay

  • James

    honestly gameplay is the big issue. i mean ill buy a ps3 to play some games that aren't on the wii like red dead redemption or mw2 but the wii version has the best gameplay sinces the wii uses motion instead of joysticks which might get stuck or the consol breaking down (microsoft im looking at you) also it may not have the best graphics but only game junkies like graphics instead of gameplay like in the force unleashed i tried it on the 360 and the wii. the controls on the 360 was to complicated but amazing graphics the controls on the wii were easy. just slash at the guy and use the force with a button. 360 you press buttons for everything.

  • wiih4rdg@M3r

    thank u so much god thanks treyarch!! i knew it! CoD W@Wii was rly awsome and CoD MWR is too! on wii that treyarch gave an opportunity to tha wii! motha fuckers!!!

    Yes Wii Can!

  • Travzill12

    I prefer Call of Duty on the Wii anyday, the graphics are excellent compared to other wii games and you actually aim at the people instead of analogs, I like the Wii controls much better

    • Henry hampton

      they are almsot as good as PC controls………………. :D

  • girlygamer

    Well i personally am very excited about the upcoming black ops for wii but i was wondering if gamers would be able to use the wii xapper with this version? if not i may not even buy it cause i hate the other control settings. and i would love a online chat option like xbox has but i have a feeling thats another year down the road at least.

  • jim

    im wondering if wii black ops will have zombies like waw doesnt

  • Zeekeal

    Gameplay is more important but that should be the same on any system not jus wii but that doesn't mean that they should slack on graphics. They should try to make it look good to the best of their ability and available resources. Even though graphics are important; enjoying what your playing is what makes u invest and return to the game, if u want to look at somthin pretty with no substance just go watch avatar on blu-ray.

  • Hahahahaha

    I REALLY hope it supports wii speak

  • re4lion on youtube

    you know whats sad xbox and ps3 fanboys are so dickish they go to wii games and dis the shit out of them they have nothing better to do play ur COD MF2 and shut up also grafics are not the greatists PS i heard the move and natal are very laggy also wii has motion plus to fix any motion lags witch i never expirenced in any of my games so shut up wait for the realease and then wii will see

    • Henry Hampton

      I agree, Im a PC user so we dont get into your little consle wars. But yeah Im tired of Xbox and PS3'ers disn' Wii.

  • jose

    i hpoe they dont make it like fifa!! all cartoon makes me go carazyyy!!!!

  • Ben

    I’m glade to c lots of other people like me supporting the wii version and the wii version is much more funner cuz it feels real and I don’t care about grafics just as long as they r the same as mwr

  • crabbyman

    wii may not have the best graphics, but definetly the bestest gameplay i've ever seen

  • wii lover

    as long as it has a zombie mode and ligit online play…i was disipointed wen cod waw 4 te wii dint hav zombie mode…and id be nice to have plit screen so me and my bro cud vs echoter…hopfully they mite try it

  • sammy assil


  • sammy assil

    anyways i hope it comes to wii. My friend brought over his xbox360 and we played modernwarfare and i think the wii version is alot more fun! Who cares about the graphics! Sure the graphics are nice on the 360 but i only really care about the gameplay! If it has wifi it will be amazing. It wil be amazing no matter what.

  • sammy assil

    also split screen would be nice and wii speek. And zombie mode.

  • Josh Eatspie

    Wii < Xbox 360
    XBOX 360 SUX!
    Cant wait till this game comes

    • streetrat

      um you might want to change the dicrection of that less than sign.

  • Jazz

    Yes they made a version for the wii im defo gonna buy it. It looks sick. I hope they put all the same game modes as the ps3 and 360. And the graphics dont suck on the wii they are pretty good. Id like to see one of you make it look beta. And anyway its about the gameplay which i bet is probably gonna be good. I wish the would make more cod game based more around modern warfare

    • slacker

      They have everything but kill cams, ground war and theater mode (which I wished they kept)

  • daniel

    i hope they do make the head bangers mic thing for black ops wii so i can finally talk to my friends, and wii is alright it has ok graphics, hard controls but after a while u get a lot better and it becomes easy, but the worst thing is the bloody lag and shit u have to aim half a screen infront of somebody so the bullet actually hits them rrr they should really fix the lag

    • hornee

      lol u r the bomb daniel i would like to suck on ur d***

    • madninja

      they have a mic coming out for the wii. The controls are cusomizable so the controler shouldn't be terrible if you can assign what does what. The lag is actually your connection. I know sometimes I have no lag and some times I have to aim 3 feet away to hit. It sucks but what can you do? Hopefully they have better servers or something.
      @hornee troll much?

  • Gamemaster

    The thing I love most about the Wiimote and nunchuck is how COMFY they are! You can sit back on the recliner and hang both arms off the arm rest and just relax and enjoy the game. Try doing that with a standard controller, yeah ain't gonna happin. I just rented MW Reflex and I'm pretty impressed with the controls, I hope they improve it more on Black opps. I hated the 360 version of MW, Wii is just as good as the PC one but in slightly diff ways

  • nolan

    ok so my parents are to cheap to let me get an xbox 360 so i have a wii.
    i am going to get this game period but they better include the zombie mode and split screen.
    (not included for world at war for wii) the conduit 2 is going to have split screen so should this one!!!!!!!

    • streetrat

      sorry bro, no splitscreen but they do have zombie mode!

  • nolan

    ok so my parents are to cheap to let me get an xbox 360 so i have a wii. I am going to get this game so they better have the zombie mode and split screen (not included with world at war for wii) if they do include it this will be an awesome game for wii players

  • Mike

    @ILP dude, you are very wrong. Most wii CoD players are older than xbox360 players. All that I ever hear on xbox360 are little kids singing, making stupid noises and crying and complaining, it annoys the hell out of me thats why I play Wii, plus Wii is 100x more fun. and btw you dont need to swing your remote around unless your retarted.

    • slacker

      Finally someone who gets it! you get a cookie! (>")>(::)

  • Cesar

    CoD4,WaW and MW2. gonna get Bops on ps3 :) and good luck to you wii players too

  • Peter

    Treyarch are the ones MAKING the game this time, not just handling the Wii version.

    This just might become the best looking and best playing Wii Call of Duty yet, as Treyarch by now has had a lot of time to refine the formula.

  • David

    I Can't wait to play Cod – Black Ops on Wii Also what makes this call of duty better is the Headset For CoD this is going to make the experience even better. Headset price is £25 :D

  • Carson

    I really liked reflex. But I have to agree that Call of duty is a better experience on a 360 or Ps3 due to the Wii’s lag. Am I the only person who notices that if you don’t have a 3 bar connection on the wii version, you have to lead your shots even if your enemy is 3 feet away?!?!?!?! That’s the main fix I’m hoping for in black ops

    • slacker

      I usually have 3 bar and still have to adjust my aim. It's a problem but if it were to run smoothly, it would be heaven…minus the noobtubers

  • Paul

    Graphics usually tell how much love went into a game (or port), and sometimes how good the gameplay is.

    Monster Hunter Tri’s graphics are brilliant. It us a brilliant game.

    RE: Umbrella Chronicles’ graphics are reminiscent of PS2 games, if even. Its gameplay is OK at best.

    Dead Rising CTYD was fun, its graphics were comparable to 360, but way less zombies.

    See the pattern?

  • Paul

    Graphics usually tell how much love went into a game (or port), and sometimes how good the gameplay is.

    Monster Hunter Tri’s graphics are brilliant. It us a brilliant game.

    RE: Umbrella Chronicles’ graphics are reminiscent of PS2 games, if even. Its gameplay is OK at best.

    Dead Rising CTYD was fun, its graphics were comparable to 360, but way less zombies.

    And Silent Hill: Shatered Memories has amazing graphics. It is an amazing game.

    See the pattern?

  • RTH Lee

    cant wait im geting for wii to

  • matt

    it sucks on wii all call of duty games do terrible grapics hard to control and lag!!

  • justin

    i own a wii. every once in a while i play my friends ps3, while playing i find myself trying to push the analog sticks beyond thier boundaries. my friend also plays in high sensitivity. so when i push the analog stick it goes way beyond where i wanted it to go. i find wii gameplay alot smoother mostly due to the motion controls and partly due to the small delicate build of the wii controller. to contradict this though, when i gave that same friend a go with my wii, he struggled to simply get the cursor to center screen, and sat there moving in circles. i also play in a relatively higher sensitivity. i find it ALOT easier to put the control into my wrist rather than my whole arm to those who have difficulty using wii controllers. the wii is extremely underestimated. i just hope treyarch uses the wii's full potential when designing a version for it. to me, its all about how the game runs. if certain aspects of the game clash with each other, or maps/weapons are very dull and have a lack of creativity then thats not a fun game at all. but a game is nothing with graphics straight from the crapper. yes, in comparison to the ps3 version, there is a notable difference for the worse, but they aren't too shaby for a "second rate" system. you gotta think, was the wii really built around the idea that fps's would dominate it's range of games? i think not. so you cant expect a wii to meet the expectations of a ps3 or 360. someone found it to be a good idea to bring the fps to the wii. im just grateful that its here. i also look foward to seeing a zombie apocalypse mode in the wii version of black ops to make up for the sad disapointment of what was to be in w@w wii version. thats all i have to say.

  • drummer4life54

    I'm really excited about call of duty black Ops especially since it's coming to the Wii. And i have a feeling this call of duty is going to be great for the wii. Treyarch is promising to blow wii owners away with a version of call of duty black ops that is similiar to the XBOX 360's and the PS3's. According to the company's studio head, Mark Lamia, players won't believe that Black Ops is running on the WII.

  • A concerned Gamer.

    Got news for you Xbox users, go to Hell.
    Contrary to your ideas, the Wii does'nt require "Flailing around". I can sitt on my ass and play Modern Warfare Reflex perfectly well. The control are easy as the ABC's, and graphics? Since when did anyone in the right mind determine wich game is better by graphics? PS3 users, I have a statistic for you. You know your console, every hour that console uses as much energy required to power on it's highest settings 11 refridgerators. Mhmm, eleven of em'. Good luck playing for hours on end and keeping up with your electric bill. And Project Natal? WTF is Xbox thinking? "Oooh yes! Lets make a game withour a controller!"

  • A concerned Gamer

    But what exactly can you do withotua controller? Pet a tiger, buts thats about it. And Playstation move, the fuckin' control looks exactly like the Wii remote with a glowing ball on the end….. When they realesed it, a reporter asked, "Doesn't that look alot like a Wii remiote?" their answer…. "Realy? It does? Huhhhh, ok, add the glowing ball!" So fuck all of ya'. The only reason you rant on us is becasue you retards can't play using motion controls, because it require to much shifting of your poor hand. And a last note, I don't have to pay $60 a year for online play. Suck it biotch. So go back to your asshole corporation game system and wonder why Xbox has to pay game developers to make games only for Xbox and nothing else.

  • Mellow

    As long As it had all THE wager matches and the whole customization then the graphics wont matter in my opinion

  • Harry

    I first played Modern Warfare Reflex ed. After I got an X-Box 360 I got the original Modern Warfare and expected it to be way beter then the Wii version.

    Sure the graphics where beter and there was mor on screen action at certain points but boy the dual analog stick controls are 2 steps back from the Wii mote controls.

    I will get the Wii version of Black Ops because the Wii mote control works beter for me. I 'll also be able to enjoy multiplayer online gaming without paying serious cash every few months. X-Box gold membership is way to expensive if you only play a few games online.

  • Mystery Man

    im angry infinity ward isnt making it and for all you ppl who say wii suks 360 is better you are all wrong i ownboth and i have to say wii isnt that bad for the ppl who dont like swinging controllers around u are all lazy but i am excited i own all the CODs i hope blak ops has the meuseum level again dat was so awesome

    • grammarnoob

      infinity ward is run by morons. "let's make map pack but ignore the unlimited noobtubes or commando or fix the assult rifles" yeah I'm glad infinity ward is off this game. Who in their right mind swings the controller around while playing a FPS? I don't. I use my wrist and it works fine. By the way, nice grammar =)

  • king77

    Those of you who are getting black ops for wii Stay in touch with me and maybe we can cause some damage as a clan. My email is i should have my headset a week after it comes out cause of back order

  • jordan

    i preoredered my copy im getting it on tuesday i cant wait for it

  • UND34D!

    does anyone know if the wii version has zombie mode? considering WaW didnt have nazi zombies, i'm a little scared.. and one of my friends scared me by saying that there won't be wager matches. anyone know for sure?

    • madninja

      Don't worry. It has zombies. What it doesn't have are the killcam and ground war, both of which were not in MWR.

    • Man

      the wii version will have both zombies and wager mathes. the only difference between the wii version and others is it has no kilcam and maybe some graphics differences, but not much. i hate when people put down the wii because oof the other games for it

  • kevin

    what i want to happen is for the wii, in the back there is two usb ports and why cant the ps3 controller just be plugged in with the charging cable and play cod. That would make it so much easier to play and make the game, or just use the wii classic controller pro like other poeple have been saying. COME ON treyarch, please make the wii version the same as ps3 and 360 so we all can enjoy the same game but for a diff. system, and please put zombies and map packs and all the good stuff like ps3 and 360 too.

    • madninja

      It has every thing but ground war, kill cams, and only 5 vs 5 instead of 6 vs 6.
      Obviously they won't allow a ps3 controller to be used on a wii but there is classic controller pro support, which is just as good since they have the same design

  • notcaringme

    black ops on the wii….this is a joke to me. the wii is a family friendly exercise machine. not a online war game console. it just does not fit…. nothing against the wii, but its the sissy of the consoles and always will be. its for mario, (which is amazing in its own field and i love it) but it is not for games like call of duty. it just isn't right. its…lame. but if you like it, go for it. i'll be playing on the best system out there myself. ps3 rocks the world! (i wont be back to read the flames for the 360 freaks. so..flame away) wii owners, nothing against you. enjoy it, i just think its very strange.

    • streetrat

      I just love when people say no offence but… and then offend you. The wii isn't just a family friendly exercise machine. It can be but it doesn't necessarily have to be . Modern Warfare for the wii is on the same level as xbox or ps3 gameplay wise. Same guns, same nootubing, same hardcore gamers. Oviously not graphically but it's pretty good looking for a wii game. We are all entitled to our own opinions but there it no need to put down others while doing so. Oh and before someone says the wii is for kids, if you ever listened to people online for COD, it's always the same 12 year old saying " f this, f that, oh you got pwned!" Just some food for thought

  • Buttercup Jr

    I've played call of duty on PS3 360 and Wii. The only reason why Ps3 and 360 are better is cuz of the being able to talk and better way of adding friends. then theres a little bit of graphics difference, wii is lacking it by a little. if they were to make the game features the same for each system. Wii would be the better system since its way more realistic.

  • Drixx

    i pre-ordered the wii version and got the classic controller pro. SO IM BASICALLY PLAYING THE XBOX 360 VERSION, with the exception of lesser graphics.

  • Nexuz

    New experience on wii im more ancious to play the game

  • adfa


  • zac

    I'm going to be honest, I'm a hardcore COD:MWR player and I didn't even know this game was coming out for wii until yesterday (Nov 7). So they clearly have not put any emphasis on promoting the wii title, must be why there are no screen shots available.

  • 123axel321

    i hate playing black-ops in wii , 360 is esyr than wii

  • Ace

    Some tart said all 3 bring something different to the table the PS3 version Bluray:LOL What exactly does that bring to the table except the media it's on ?? What a reject:LOL

  • fsfzsdf

    graphics are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deric

    Wii owner. 24 years of age(not a kid). Its too bad you we cant link the 3 systems together and play online. I'd love to smoke every xbox and ps3 player out there. (Note: I do not use zapper or any gun. Controls only)..

  • Mc.Lovin

    im a wii plyr lover n im gonna pown u 360 laggz with my balista nivez trough your face

  • Esperanza

    Graphics is the least important on any game console. Only reason you people who say call of duty games on Wii suck is because you can't aim right. Don't deny it, you know it's true. Sure 360 and ps3 have better graphics, so what? i can still enjoy it on the Wii, besides it takes skills to play on the Wii :D

    • :o

      it doesnt take skills to play it on the wii and aiming is freaking easy. i play cod black ops on wii and xbox but i think wii aim is better because you accually AIM and not use an stupid joystick that is ugly and weird made on the console.  and by the way, you can buy a classic controller for wii so you have the same aiming etc. as xbox.    aiming on wii is way better then on xbox etc.

      i can quickscope on wii, but not on xbox. also, wii has way less hackers. and forget about DS, thats not CoD anymore :P

    • :o

      it doesnt take skills to play it on the wii and aiming is freaking easy. i play cod black ops on wii and xbox but i think wii aim is better because you accually AIM and not use an stupid joystick that is ugly and weird made on the console.  and by the way, you can buy a classic controller for wii so you have the same aiming etc. as xbox.    aiming on wii is way better then on xbox etc.

      i can quickscope on wii, but not on xbox. also, wii has way less hackers. and forget about DS, thats not CoD anymore :P

  • dove

    is anyone else having problems getting on the internet with this new black ops game every other game i have will link on the internet except for this one

  • Yona

    they wil disappoint wii owners because treyarch disappoint us with call of duty world at war, the game doesn't have any maps en online game modes. you have only 7 maps the xbox 360 and ps3 had more maps, and the wii have only 6 online game modes. and the xbox 360 and ps3 had more game modes. so I say that call of duty world at war at the wii is 'fucked up' and that call of duty black ops for the wii wil be 'fucked up' to. because the makers don't think about the wii, only at the xbox 360 and ps3

    • Yonadab

      but doesn't somebody know if you have all game modes on wii so i mean like if you have domination and search and destroy etc. why i'm asking this is because you didn't have any online game modes on call of duty world at war wii and that was really screwed up . you just only have 7 maps!!!! if you go online with the xbox 360 and ps3 you had much more maps, at least 15 maps.

  • lee anderson

    i have tried black ops for over a week i have ranked up to level 18 ,25 30 and for the third time i get a onscreen message saying online stats been reset and i was back at rank 1 with nothing again game is crazy every round of ammo and 2 rpgs to take out one gamer its realy bad sporn killed 17 times from chopper gunner that stayed in the air for nearly full game come on its shocking to be sporn killed and not do a thing about it spawn campers and spawning in same place as other team come on this is bad news infinity ward mw2 was 1000000% better game play

  • MrDisman

    I love COD, but I have to say this is rediculuos! Waiting for game time, ERROR, ERROR, TIMEed out…..You spend way more time trying to get in a game then actually playing the game. Don't waste your $$$…..for now at least, until they get the servers fixed. They shouldnt have released this game for the Wii with this many online problems!

  • Ahmed

    you are just a sad xbox fanatic fan-boy, you wouldn't ever accept the other opinions, and fyi wii is a gaming console so you can shuffle your xbox kinect in your ***,lol the wii have got Exclusively Golden eye which was one of the most beloved games at that time, and it's not for the ps3 and xbox rofl,also you are whining about the "move" oh well tell me when you'll be having a zapper or even a gun,tennis,golf,boxing,bowling,cues or even light swords for ps3, next release will be a machine gun attached to the stupid ugly six axis dual shock controller, or with the move and it's ridiculous plastic colored ball which makes me wanna puke, it's design sux plus its a rip off from the wii-motes,
    now i bet blinded people like you will say
    "whatever, the move have better recognition bla bla" first of all wii motes are the main controllers which are unlike the move which is an optional add-on for the ps3,how about comparing the DualShock controller to the wii mote, who wins ???
    and speaking of technology there is like 4-6 years difference in the release,the wii was developed as old as the ps2 was out, but the move is a new baby-born 2010 new the motion sensor plus allows you to detect the "Z-axis" which makes it as good as move to rofl…..
    plus if it was about accessories, nothing beats the balance board which is absaloutly fantastic/it's very sensitive balance and calibrates everything exactly the way it is and all this in real time; NOW GET THAT IN KINECT LOOSER,KINECT IS NOT REAL TIME and some times it lags,unable to identify players when you cross your arms rofl….xD,
    you are just jealous that you don't have the features the wii does have :D, the "HeadBanger Head Set" i know its not new for xbox and ps3 but they cant be used in special games, but the wii does so stick that in your face haha.
    speaking of the GFX, No-wii-owner -never-ever-care about the graphics because the wii isnt a really hardcore gamers console,though it have some of the most violent/exciting and mature games for the wii and only the wii, it's all about the spirit of the gameplay and it's to get your lazzy butt of the couche and have some socializing with people in the same room,And also to get that straight the latest COD Black Ops have one of the most amazing graphics for the wii console all along with golden eye which really stunned me with the amazing graphics it held with many many tweaks were fixed,better animation, i'm really proud i have a wii not a move which is a ripp-off and kinect which is also a ripp off the old 2002 eyetoy doing the same feature.
    Plus don't forget the amount of games which are only for the wii, i wont even bother writing them because they are just more than the whole ps3 games library lol….
    sorry if bad or broken english,it's just because it not my main language cheers :D

  • ameen

    i want black ops really bad! And i wont stop till i get it for wii! i will DESRTOY i dont have any call of duty games im 10 years old,

  • billy

    fuck you ryu what the hell you talking about

  • billy

    i did not mean that sorry

  • billy

    its just that i have a wii and like it very much

  • billy

    i love call of duty

  • billy

    until next time billy

  • grre


  • James Fletcher

    I cant get it to work. It says to go to the multiplayer page to install an update to play online, but the update is not there and i cant paly online

  • Shell

    I'm having problems with cod black ops freezing on Nintendo Wii when i'm on either multi player or zombies, its getting frustrating now has iv had this game since 9/10/2010. please can someone help me???????

  • Shell Phillips

    I'm having problems with cod black ops freezing on Nintendo Wii when i'm on either multi player or zombies, its getting frustrating now has iv had this game since 9/10/2010. please can someone help me???????

  • Mr Cow

    hij is voor wii best lelijk geworden vergeleken met xbox, wii heeft geen camera spike, veel minder killstreaks, geen map packs niks. ze laten de wii bezitters weer is zakken, net als bij WaW…

  • Mr Cow

    hij is voor wii best lelijk geworden vergeleken met xbox, wii heeft geen camera spike, veel minder killstreaks, geen map packs niks. ze laten de wii bezitters weer is zakken, net als bij WaW… TRANSLATE: it is ugly on the wii compared to xbox, wii doesnt got camera spike, much less killstreaks, no mappacks and more. they let down the wii players again, just as in WaW