Hurry Free Halo: Reach Beta Codes Available from JoyStiq

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Yesterday we revealed that a few different sites were handing out free Halo: Reach beta codes, now we are hearing that JoyStiq have 25 beta codes to give away completely free-of-charge.

To have a chance of winning a code you must simply check out their Facebook thread, and leave a comment which features your Xbox Live Gamertag, you must be a from the US or Canada and be at least 18 years old.

Other rules state that you require an Xbox Live Gold account and have an active Internet connection, also it is limited to one entry per person and the entry period ends at 6:00PM ET on Friday, April 30. The beta period lasts until May 19th, for more details check out this link.

If you are a lucky winner your code will be given to you via Facebook, then simply redeem your code and download the beta, this beta requires 1.15GB of free hard drive space.

Found any other ways to get Halo: Reach beta codes? If so, share your information in the comments section below.

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  • filipe

    yo email me of the code :) its

  • sleepey

    Some sites for free Halo: Reach beta codes are (scattered) or Game Informers twitter page (First come First serve)

  • Christopher Gildea

    could i receive code plzz

  • Ben

    Would love to get one of these codes, haven't had any luck as of yet. Unfortunately I have missed many opportunities and I have been beaten out for many codes. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Tyler420360

    I want a REACH beta code please

  • tyler

    Can u send me a beta code send to Email: or xbl: Killing U Now

  • miha

    i want a code pleaseeeee

  • belly a code weould be nice

  • julian

    can u please give me a halo reach beta code please !!!
    sebd it to please!

  • julian

    please i hav been waiting for a long time to play the beta so please give me the code

  • Alex

    I want one too. gamertag: midgetalex28. email:

  • ethan deland

    Ex D e L a n d pleese send o ne

  • max has an scavenger hunt and the winners get beta codes .

    ive entered liek 10 contests and stuff trying to find a beta code but no luck.i had a odst disc too but someone stole it from me think bungie will give me one for free lol?

    please someone give me a code ill give you WoW gold haha and maplestory accounts if you play lol.

  • jake

    If anyone has an extra code could you please email me it :)

  • Ben

    Reach Beta code : . Gt : zZ WALTON ZZ

  • cody mccloy

    i want one too plz gamertag: mccloycody email:

  • McKay

    Halo Reach beta code please:

  • Justified911

    you should all stop being beggars and go buy ODST

    • whisper

      ODST sucked it is not worth buying to get the beta

  • Alexander

    Plz send code, thanks!

  • Scott Downie

    my ODST broke man can i get a code :O ?

  • tyler i really want a code please

  • ryan

    Please email a code

  • iceman2264

    hey please please i can i have a code to play thanks

  • Daniel

    Beta code please

  • Timmy


  • Jester

    Email me a code at Please

  • Jester

    Please send code to

  • James

    Please email me a code,

  • jack

    hey plz just post the codes on websites soon cuz everyone wants one

  • jack

    hey plz just post the codes on websites soon cuz everyone wants one

  • jack

    or just email me one plz LOL!!!!!!!

  • ace

    Send code please

  • Jesse

    Hello, I would like it if you could please send a halo reach beta code to my T7 xX4 SHOTzXx gamertag. Thanks and good luck to everyone else.

  • Brian

    I want a code gt: TheIMightyBrian

  • Bukust13

    if i could get one of those codes it would mean the world to me. If you could pleas send one to…. thanks

  • milo

    email the code to

  • Admix18

    Hello! Send me too :D email –

  • pgi2

    can you send me a message? gamertag: paul greg indy 2

  • Isac

    i would like one. send me the code to InvincibleDuck2