Halo: Reach, How To Get A Free Beta Code

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Yesterday we posted an article which revealed the start date of the Halo: Reach beta, the beta starts on May 3rd and most gamers managed to get a beta code by purchasing certain versions of Halo: ODST.

Many sites are currently giving out free beta codes, GameHunters apparently have 50 beta codes to give away, to have a chance of receiving a beta code you must either comment on this post or on their Twitter, hurry though as it seems as if it is on a first-come first-serve basis.

GamePro also recently held a competition, however they have already given out all 25 of their free beta codes, however if you check out examiner.com their free beta code give away is still on going, simply check out their article and leave a comment explaining why you want to join the beta.

As we hear of more free ways to get beta codes we will keep you posted, if you don’t mind spending the cash check out eBay or perhaps but Halo: ODST from the shops.

Did you manage to get a Halo: Reach beta code? If so, where?

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  • darrin

    still nothing ive tried all day :(

    • http://twitter.com/LanceyBaby101 @LanceyBaby101

      I can haz Beta code?!

    • jonnnn

      I want…

  • Eddie Garcia

    I can get one here?
    may i please have a code?

  • Gabe

    i need a early code please!!

  • DjW

    Please allow me access in the beta.

  • DeagleDued

    gimme a code :P my xbox live name is NUCLEAR SOLID 5

  • Jag

    Can I please have a code?

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/dean0null dean0null

    Halo Reach Beta Code Please!

    • Anthony

      Halo Reach beta code please!

  • david phillipe

    hey can i please have a halo reach beta code for my xbox 360 i would really apreciate one very much me and my sister been looking for a beta code for a week thank u!!!!

  • Michael.

    Halo Reach is awesome!! my gamertag is xCloakedsniperx

  • chris brown

    i would like to get on the halo reach beta

  • Dylan

    I want a free halo reach beta code. please.

    • supershaneo

      email me i got one

      • max

        Hi, can I get one as well?

  • Nick

    Wow this is realy Sick

  • patrick

    I want a beta codeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Kyle

    this game looks beast

  • boZ

    Would like a beta code bc i feel due to my extensive love given to the halo community over the past 5 years would be a blessing to have someone like myself to play amongst. That way i can include all my experiences in my vlogs, blogs, and commentaries.
    Thanks, boZ


      send a new code for a gun or somthing

  • spencer

    thats awesome, it would be awesome to get a beta code!!! its been hectic all day to find one!!

  • http://nintendogds.wordpress.com Arrow Assassin

    plz gimme a code i was first commenter! can you send it to:


  • rob

    i would love a beta code

  • Arrow Assassin

    send me the first commenter a code! plz!

    could you send it to:


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000902715269 Bob Sagget

    Can i get a beta code?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000902715269 Bob Sagget

    Can i get a beta code?

  • saadji

    i want a code! email me at jilanms@gmail.com

  • Edgar

    I think i should get a beta cause i want to see if this game is going to dominate the other halo games, because halo 3 wasn't really that fair on some cases… and if this game is as sweet as i think it will be.. imma so get this game. So i hope i get a code!

  • saadji

    i want a code! email me at jilanms@gmail.com

  • http://twitter.com/kclarkedesign @kclarkedesign

    please i want a code sooo bad

  • http://snipsly.com/2010/03/19/www-freecreditscore-com-–-see-your-credit-score-free/ freecreditscore.com

    I can't wait to play this game. It's tight!!!

  • Victor

    i cant find anywhere where they are giving the beta codes i have looked for 3 days now… Please Help :)

  • Ryan glendinning

    Give me a code!!!!

  • haha that suckz

    wow you guys r a bunch of complainers, if u would of just bought a game, "ODST perhaps" then yall wouldnt have this problem, i cant believe so many people would prolly give up their house for a f**** reach beta code…losers

  • jake

    let me get one ive tried for 7 hours

  • http://www.gamerangels.com jesse

    Me wanty PWEEZ!!!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Tankyyy Tankyyy

    This article rocks!! please send me a code!!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Tankyyy Tankyyy

    Can I pllllllease have a code? my email is Tankyyy@gmail.com
    Thank You

  • iGotUrButtholaaa

    Im a simple player who luvs to play halo :] Email igotturrbutthola@yahoo.com

  • Garrison

    Please can I have a Halo reach beta code…

  • Mitch

    please give me a code at mickle_pickle220@hotmail.com

  • Bob

    Please email me a code at cpalmer1996@yahoo.com!

  • Braxton

    I would like the beta code because i just got done with an excellent track meet and i have nothing else to do on the week end, so ill play it untill my eyes fall out

  • Kenny Ervin

    CODE PLEASE :) <3

    -GT = kendog0013

  • Josue Moreno

    Hey you guys should hook me up with a beta code

  • http://rb300z@yahoo.com Ralph

    I cant afford the game right now. Please give me a code!

  • nick knox

    please i want a beta code soooooooo baddddddddd please email it to – nickknox1995@hotmail.com- if you can please please

  • flarlf

    please give me beta code

  • John

    I would love to have the beta, I love halo and bungie, I really want to try their new beta to help them but I cant. A code would solve this. I really appriciate what your doing with this competition. I hope I can win

  • Jaku

    I would like a code please

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1002011529 Joshua Dunn

    this game looks awesome, i would love a beta code plzzz
    gamertag: mr t experienc3

  • Matthew

    I have been playing halo2 since 2004 and im really dieing to play the beta ! Please if you can offer me a beta i would be delighted!

  • dman

    can i get 1 of these please?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1692928450 Mohamad Sayafi

    I want a free code! Please

  • kwonjah12

    Can I have a halo reach beta code please

  • kwonjah12

    Can I have a code please? you guys will be my heroes!

  • Abel

    hmm i'd like beta code please

  • Jonathan


  • Matthew Linque

    i am acomplished as a luitenant on halo 3 so tink i desrve a code

    Gamertag >>>Leathaul Boi

  • Magdaluna

    I would like a code please

  • Cam

    I would love a code!

  • josh b

    Free beta code? I love u. Plzzzzzz.

  • Joey

    I'd like a free beta key, my gamertag is Arsenic Veteran

  • Nick

    omg, i’d love a code. I’m a huge halo fan but dont have ODST. :(

  • Erik clark

    Iwant a code have found one all day… Man icant afford halo :odst rite now :(

  • max

    i want a beta code because i do not have money in the tough economy to buy halo odst just to get a code.

  • Marcus

    If the actually Halo Reach game comes with more perks, weapons, and armor, this will soon be a must have this up coming fall. I love CODMW2, but this Halo beta promises a great fight between the two. Its Mayweather vs Pacquiao, Mayweather representing CODMW2, and Pacquiao being the Halo fan favorite. Note: I believe their is another COD coming out and Halo Reach needs to surpass that in order to make up for the ODST disappointment, so basically, Pacquiao needs to stay on the steroids to have chance…

  • Taylor Brass

    I would really love to try this game, it seems like it will really respark my love for halo, i would be very appreciative if you did, my GamerTag is Tehylor if anyone wants to play, thank you for giving me this opertunity to receive a free beta code. Much appreciated, Sincerely Taylor.

  • Bungie

    Here is a code

    af3G 25sE c2aT s22A f44L h3jI gg3F 78fE

  • Mason

    hey can i get a beta code please? (:

  • supershaneo

    ive got 12 codes to give away, experienced players only please

    • Matthew

      supershaneo, could i please have a code? Define experienced players

    • Matthew

      supershaneo, could i please have a code? Define experienced players

  • Matthew

    Can I please have a code, but specify, do you mean experienced in Halo 3 or what?

  • Matthew

    Can I please have a code, but specify, do you mean experienced in Halo 3 or what?

  • Chuck Norris

    I’ll pop a wheelie on a unicycle if you give me key. XD

  • Dash

    Can i get a code please

  • Dave.

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  • Andrew Grant

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  • penis

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000034492279 Jye Young

    hey i realy want that code plz

  • thomas

    ya the game pritty cool i beet it 2 times and built some cool forg's..peace out…

  • Haloreach

    i want da game

  • Franklinsamuelson

    i want codes pls give me it send it to franklinsamuelson@yahoo.com if u send it i give u gold helmet code

  • DeathBringer

    i wan a code pls i really need it