Microsoft’s Third Quarter Fiscal Results: Pretty Promising


By Posted 23 Apr 2010, 13:42

Microsoft have recently released details regarding their third quarter fiscal earnings, on the whole it seems as if they are still headed in the right direction, probably thanks to a successful launch of their Windows 7 Operating System.

Apparently in the third quarter (ending March 31st) their revenue reached an impressive $14.5 billion, this gives the company a net income of $4.01 billion, which is more than analysts expected.

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Microsoft did suffer some losses in some branches of their company, their Online Service Division suffered a $713 million loss, which is worrying given the fact the same division also lost $411 million last year.

It isn’t just Windows 7 pulling in the cash for Microsoft, also their Windows Live software is pulling in a lot of money, next year the figures should be even more impressive thanks to the release of Windows Phone 7, Project Natal and the Kin One and Kin Two.

Source: SlashGear