HMV offer Game Insurance for £1 per year


By Posted 22 Apr 2010, 16:35

Some interesting news to report now, as retailer HMV has confirmed that they will be offering game insurance along with retail copies of popular video games.

As reported from Pocket-Lint, HMV will be offering the option for gamers to pay £1 extra per year for added insurance on their £40-50 retail copies.

For this measly sum, HMV will replace any discs that are lost, damaged or stolen – although the retailer did not go into any specifics on this. A replacement disc everytime it gets scratched seems too good to be true surely?

Anyway, here is what a HMV spokesman had to say on the new initiative: “At the moment the idea is just a trial, by way of affording further value and consumer protection to our customers. It follows a similar initiative in our Canadian chain, and we’ll obviously be monitoring the response of our customers in order to decide if we make this a regular part of our offer or not”.

So readers, just how many of you are willing to pay £1 for ‘added’ protection? We will try and bring you the exact terns and conditions of the offer.