Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG let loose

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Mercedes-Benz synonymous with elegance, style and sophistication, but wait there is a dark side to the prestigious German manufacturer. AMG is Mercedes in-house tuning company and they are directly responsible for this the E63.

At $85,750 customers do not buy the supersonic saloon for its ample boot space and comfortable seating. No they buy the E63 AMG because it’s 6.3-liter V8 can hit almost 190 mph and kicks out over 500 horsepower.

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For those that either do not have the funds or the skill to get the most out of such a powerful four door sedan, AutoBlog has sourced a video that shows the Mercedes-Benz drifting it’s way around a wet Brooklands track in a beautiful display of car control. Mix that with the roar from the huge AMG power plant and you have a video that any real petrol head cannot afford to miss. Hit the link to see for yourself.

Source: YouTube