iPhone 2G: No Future Updates – Time for 4G?

By Posted 13 Apr 2010, 23:49

We have some disappointing news for owners of the iPhone 2G now, as Steve Jobs has responded to another customer email, confirming that the iPhone 2G will not be getting any further support.

As reported from Pocket-Lint, we already know that the 2G will not be upgraded to multitasking via iPhone OS 4.0, but now we have learned that the phone will gain no future updates – which is surely a blow for owners.

The customer’s email read: ”is Apple supporting updating the iPhone 2G in the future?” Steve Jobs replied via his iPhone with a simple “Sorry, no”. Talk about straight to the point Mr Jobs.

So now iphone 2G owners are left with a choice: Do they stick it out with an outdated handset that will not gain any future updates whatsoever, or do they bite the bullet and upgrade to the iPhone 4G when it is released this Summer?

Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • Myke

    “Bite the bullet”? It’s been 3 years, upgrade already