Modern Warfare 3 (PS3, Xbox 360): Release date delay over lawsuit

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For Modern Warfare fans across the globe – we have some good and bad news. The good news is that Modern Warfare 3 is a reality and is currently in pre-production, but the bad news is that development on the game has been delayed, due to the ongoing lawsuit between Infinity Ward and Activision.

As reported from Playstation Lifestyle, development on the game has come to a halt, until both parties can come to an agreement on the unpaid royalties, as well as the future of the ‘Modern Warfare’ brand name.

You all know how long lawsuits can potentially take, so it is probably a good idea for you to start thinking about Call of Duty 7: Black Ops, before you start getting excited about Modern Warfare 3.

Who knows, IW could be back working for EA by the time development gets underway again. Let us know your two cents on the whole situation.

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  • zzzzzzzz

    im a little bummed about MW3 not coming out yet.

    • vocublediamond

      your right i cought what but now i have to oh well until they stop fucing at each other

    • jon

      we want mw3 nowso hurry upd sort it out

    • 8765309

      damn lawsuit

      • matthew

        I think they should split cause they would both be trying to make a great games and they would. Because they made mw2 together and it was pretty good but they would try to out do each other and that would make the games better.

        • Kody

          and competition brings more games too. new stuff to the table so to speak

    • james

      hey jw dose any1 know when it will be coming out in Australia if no please answer

    • rawr

      yah me to

  • harry

    why cant they just publish it or what ever than sort out the argument they will get money and than they can pay the workers or what ever

    • SQKING

      hello im craig im the game tester for all the call of duty,s mw3 is a great game played it once the guns ar deadly and cool and the intervention is still in it all the guns are in it but a bit upgraded the maps ar big theres one map in it its like rust but smaller and your aloud in higher places u wouldnt believe the height u can go so mw3 wil be out the 9 of januray 2011 bye guys

      • Scott

        No offence but I’m 90% sure that’s bullshit I apologise if it isnt

      • tiff

        well mw3 isnt out so wen is it gona be out????

      • how do u become a game tester for modern warfare 3?

    • feefee

      althoe that would be nice, the companys want to get as much money as possible so they will keep at it for a long time

  • Xaza Xrenlord

    ya seriously come out with the game to please gamers then sort out your payment problems =

    • All

      Just play Black Ops until MW3 comes out its not that bad

      • Dan

        black ops sux!!!!

  • Dr. Evil Genius

    This is all well and good but if they don’t fix the hit physics and allow backdoors for hackers and if they have Heartbeat Sensors anywhere near the multiplayer portion of the game, they are not getting my money.

    I refuse to keep breaking my controllers on account of the B.S. I encounter on MW2.

    • kayos

      learn how to play!, and you wont

    • Phil

      man, ever thought that you maybe should stop playing, before the point where youre even thinking about breaking sh!t?

    • nubetubers you suck.

      I really dont give a dam about heartbeat sensors.. what really makes my break my controller is claymores/noobtubers I have noticed that about 9.10 people will have a claymore in there equipment nowadays.

    • Wolf Cub DMC

      I understand the messed hit physics and the lame ass people who resort to hacking… Those are valid things to be upset over. However, I think you have no right to complain over someone using a baby monitor (heartbeat sensor). It's a legitimate weapon attachment in the game that you could use yourself if it is truly so good. You just choose not to. And if you don't want to use it or like the fact that other people do use it, just sacrifice your yellow perk for ninja. The other yellow perks are damn near useless anyway… Maybe steady aim for akimbo? But yeah, nothing worth being mad at. It's just as fair as a grenade launcher.

      Oh… And all games can be hacked. Xbox is better than playstation at making it difficult to hack. But so long as it is a piece of software that runs on a piece of hardware… There will be a way to hack it. Just part of life, my friend.

      Good hunting.

      • Sam

        Well said, my friend.

      • Youloveit!

        Dude I’m sorry but correct me if I’m wrong, xbox was hacked ages ago and playstation has only just been hacked so playstation is better at not being hacked then xbox

    • scott

      dude use ninja, wtf are you thinking…also enemy heartbeat can be used to your advantage…ppl tend tot hink because they ahve heartbeat they can see EVERYONE and they think they are invisible…learn how to play them to your advantage and you wont break your controllers…although i do feel your pain, ive been there, just adjust

    • Sam

      If you think MW2 (by far the best game I’ve ever played) is BS don’t even think about buying Black Ops. Black Ops is the worst game ever. Complete disgrace to the CoD franchise.

      • Craig

        I wish I could double thumbs up your reply. Black Ops is the absolute worst game ever shooter to ever grace my Xbox.

    • joe ed

      ur right! nice ;)

  • james

    we can't weight that long in til the argument is over

    • john

      yeah and we can't WAIT either.

    • RAGINGx thunder

      ik i wish that they would just settle the argument after the game is made they just need to put the lawsuit behind them get the game done to please the games because no one is getting money till the game is made because when the game is made IW makes the profit to pay the due to Activision

  • unknown

    well just tell us when modern warfare 3 will come out damn

    • yo moma

      when does mw3 come out for xbox 360

    • Anonymous

      Tha game comes out in November, 2011.



  • joeken24 on ps3


    • anita with xbox

      i get you man im a girl and i want it!

  • joeken24 on ps3


    • Daniel Braslavskiy

      like 1 year
      its so f up i want the game

  • ARDA


  • paisaandangel

    wats up i am 5th level prestige in mw2 add me on ps3 joeken24 im betr than u

    • Mw2ElGecko

      yeah.. and im 8th prestige lvl 65… so sucker :):):)

      • paisaandangel

        now im 9th prestise levl 53

        • killa

          y dont u stfu n play me muthafuker im 9th prestige for the longest n legt bitch play 1v1 ill show u whos bttr dan u

        • guest

          both of u guys shutup, u have no lives.

    • holyshiz

      rank is just a number guys it doesnt mean much being in high prestige ranks just means that you play a little too much

      • Wolf Cub DMC

        I agree with you. Prestiging ten times, or nine times, or even more than like twice is completely moronic. Play the game to have fun, and if you get good at it, then cool. If somone actually is ninth prestige and managed to get there with absolutely no boosting involved? They have got FAR too much time on their hands.

        "Look at me! I pissed away 2 – 6 months of my life getting this title, rank, and emblem!" . . . . . Morons…

        • robert

          it doesnt take that long to get to those prestige levels if your good, and a little time does help

    • trick82

      im level 10 xbox kill 2 death 4.10 u are not better than me lol

    • mw3cantwait

      lol fail im 9th prestige and i played it for only like 3 months and i barely play it but i have xbox:)

    • juice

      im level 75 on 10th level and im not a hacker so sucker :):):):):)

  • jp1980

    do any of you speak english? or know how to write in english? man! put the controllers down and go back to school…

    • paisaandangel

      y dont u get bak 2 skewl jp

    • Derek

      Lol thats what I was wondering, these jackasses who want games shitty and "finished" in 6 monthes need to put down their controllers and go to school cause I can't read half the things they are saying. Guys, MW2 isn't even a year old and all you want is MW3, enjoy this game first, give them time to fine tune the 3rd one so it doesn't have as many glitches as MW2.

    • Wolf Cub DMC

      Hi there! I noticed you commenting on how no one here speaks proper English. I just felt the need to inform you of two things. First of all, no one speaks on here. It is completely typed. So you should not have said "speak" in your first sentence. It isn't proper for the situation, as someone who knows proper English would know.

      And second, you don't completely know how to type in proper English either. The beginning of a sentence has a capital leter, regardless of what word it starts with. In proper English your first two questions would actually be one query with a comma positioned where the first question mark would be. And English is always capitalized, as it refers to a language, which, like the nations they hail from, are always symbolized with a capital letter.

      Just thought you should know what you are talking about for future situations. Being a hypocrit is usually considered a negative achievement. Have a nice day!

      • Nerd

        Douche! That is all.

      • opivyrancid_kid


      • agag

        haha wow

      • EternalNinja0

        Get over it. He was trying to make a valid point. You didn't need to go all English teacher on his ass. Seriously.

        • Jareezy373

          Right? What a douche bag

    • Jareezy373

      Dude shut up. its called txt talk. makes writing faster. its english but you must be a retard if you cant read it. Dont hate on stupid shit. School is gay as hell and getting more expensive so FUCK that idea. how bout you crawl back in your moms pussy and go back to sleep.

  • Dawg828


  • Alex

    release the game dont let us wait because they cant agree to something!!!!

  • tbuck724

    If Infinty Ward is not the developer of Modern Warfare 3 I will not buy it. I am a major fan of the Modern Warfare series and Infinity Ward has brought life and an unbelievable story to the Call of Duty franchise, taking a much needed break from the oversaturated World War II game market. It will be a shame to let the historical Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 game be for nothing, by not making Modern Warfare 3 and leaving the final chapter of the story untold, or by having some other developer try to mimic the story and royally screw up. I say make the last Modern Warfare, let it be over the top and better than any game in the world, please us and then solve your problems. Part ways if you have to, but do not let the legacy end this dishonorable way.

    • iCe x KiNg 510

      dude i freaking agree with everything u said. i dont care what happens with the argument as long as Infinity Ward finishes up the Modern Warfare story of super epic clataclismo porportions that will blow every other game to smithereens. i mean MW2 took like a giant loop away from the beginning, like they never got to Makarov(they never even saw him). If i do happen to hear that its going to come out, i swear as soon as i hear that i will run to the Gamestop and put it on pre-order as soon as possible. i started CoD 4 loved it, MW2 great continuation of the story i thought i was gonna die when sheppard "killed" roach and ghost, we can only hope it doesn't come out to a horrible destruction of the story&title and that it continues to bring us jaw droppin story and excellent multi-player(just work out a few tweeks here and there)

    • holyshiz

      the whole modern warfare series was meant to b made by infinity ward they have already started working on mw3 they just need to get over the arguement with activision so they can finish the game

    • Wolf Cub DMC

      So far, as I have scrolled down this page and read the many comments left by fellow gamers, I have found that you seem to be the only one with any real intellect and insight on the situation. Kudos to you for playing games and not letting it destroy your gammar and intellect.

      And on a side note, yes, I completely agree with your statements. If any other company other than Infinity Ward is made the primary creator of "Modern Warfare 3" it will uitterly destroy all the progress that was made with the first two.

      Though I am sure Activision is fully aware of this. If their board of directors have an ounce of intelligence in them, they will let Infinity Ward develop the game. They'll just take a larger portion of the money that comes in from the release than they actually deserve.

    • Andrew

      Totally Agreed!

    • whattup-dawg

      i will lose all faith in activision if some god-awful mw3 is released, the the other two MWs have been epic, and built up to this one, only Infinity Ward will be able to deliver a decent final chapter to the series

    • Cod God

      Modern Warfare 1 was a faired made game it just had so stuff they needed to fix and so they added it to MW2 but Black Ops just came out so every one is switching to that but watch when MW3 comes out every one will be coming back then they will loose the feeling to Modern Warfare and suck horribly. There is a couple of things wrong with MW2 the boosting the mods the hacks. Hopefully MW3 has made the game were You can not have an aim bot or wall hack there should also be better maps i think the best map on MW2 was scrapyard because Ive got two nukes there and wasteland is the worst map there are so many sniper spots and its to hard to get to the bomb without getting sniped by some retard in the grass

    • edward

      i agree man im not buyiing mw2 if activision is making itt tht game brand is shi*** and so is black ops

      • joe

        you are just mad because black ops actually takes skill. 4th prestige level 34.

        • nunya

          Skill? I got first prestige 2 days in, it certainly doesn't take skill.

        • Eric

          black ops takes no skill. To much lagging witht the server and no its not my internet I have awesome connections and this does not happen with any other game. I get dogs once a game not too hard. The shooting is all messed up and if Infinity ward does not make MW3 call of duty is dead to me.

  • VendettaOwner

    Activision is just mad that since Modern Warfare all attention has been drawn to Infinity Ward as opposed to Activision. They are just mad because they couldn't come up with such a bad ass game and have to keep making shitty WW2 games. Sorry I know WW2 was a HUGE event, but that doesn't mean that they have to make like 8 games solely from that event. Vietnam would be like a fresh glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.

    • Wolf Cub DMC

      This much is true. World War II games are everywhere. There are a few Vietnam games out there too though. I'd say if a company wants to make a war game that hasn't been made yet… Make a video game modeled after the Korean War. I've never heard of a game modeled after that war. It's a fresh idea just waiting to happen.

  • Harry

    You are all dumb just be patient you losers

  • joe

    are they making one for ps3

    • Joseph


    • jtyjty

      duh… why wouldn't they.

    • EternalNinja0

      Of course they are… unless they are stupid or something.

      Why wouldn't they. Think of all the money they wouldn't make it it was only XBOX360…

    • sam

      are you really that stupid?

  • antonio

    Can you guys please forget the arguement and make the best game ever infinity and activision make the best ones please forget the argument :)

    • Joseph

      grass boy?????

    • Wolf Cub DMC

      They aren't arguing over the game persay. Activision believes they are entitled to a greater sum of money because the first Modern Warfare game was bnranded with their title "Call Of Duty," which is completely owned by them. The second Modern Warfare was made to show off Infinity Ward, which is rightfully done since Infinity Ward did most of the work on the series. But Activision doesn't care. They believe they deserve more because of a small legal technicality. In short, Activision is trying to screw Infinity Ward out of what theyh rightfully deserve. The game won't be affected, so don't worry. They're just fighting over who gets more from the total sales.

  • bob

    what the flip! infinity made the game so awesome, and now maybe it won't even be part of the game anymore! that is just dissapointing. I will NOT buy the game if infinity ward is not part of the game

    • bob

      I agree

    • NooB

      true that me either

  • Joseph

    i kow right mw2 is the best!!!!!!

  • joeken24 o the ps3

    modern warfare 3 is going to be bomb as soon as it comes out i am so buying that…if they could get this dumb argumant over with…

  • sarragon

    theyre going to screw the game if iw joins ea… ea makes only sports games not shotter games

    • What about battlefield?

    • Bob

      ea does make shooter games, and I wouldn't be talking if I couldn't spell shooter. By the way, the ''shotter'' game ea makes is Medal of Honor.

    • EternalNinja0

      Battlefield and Medal of Honor are a couple of awesome EA "shotter" games… Especially MoH

      • Kody

        IW would also make cabelas dangerous hunts a better game.

  • wicked

    you all need to stop bein lil baby virgins complaining bout tha new game, put down tha controllers, turn tha lights on, go outside, n quit bein losers, its u babies that make tha rest of us real game players that have lives look bad, move out of ur mas place, get a job, take a shower, n get real, its just a fuxn game dudes, get real,

    • guest

      i'm a freakin kid. I cant get a job. The most money i get is working for my moms friends so shut up and why dont you get a job and get ur own place.

  • PUNK

    IW is getting railroaded

  • Matthew

    You guys just need to calm down and let them settle the dispute. Irt will be over eventually, in the meantime get a job, kiss a girl, do something besides play video games in the dark all day.

  • aaron

    the only thing i wont to know is when cod mod 3 is comeing out

    • momo

      cod mod 3 is fucking dum.

  • babyboo

    mw2 was way over rated, took things to far, now they'r thinkin of making mw3? now thats just takin' the mickey!! call of duty is getting a little boring, same old stuff over and over, even when they add new things, it boring, only decent thing the ppl behind cod produced in my opinion was the zombies mode, although im sure a lot of people would disagree with me, i realise mw2 has a lot of fans but its no fun anymore due to the ppl who mod, glitch, no scope, team kill or what ever rubbish, its not about playing as a team and having fun with friends anymore coz everyone is more interested in showing off, getting outside the map, no scoping or more worried about their killstreaks, the game bacame to advanced and the fun was lost, shame on you infinity ward!!

  • Not a nerd

    I’m not a nerd like some of use but I still am a cod mw fan it’s just I can wate for the game unlike some of u gamers so why don’t youse just play th cod games u have now ps I have every call of dut game that has com out

    • NukeNation

      Ur not a nerd huh and you own every game of COD…

  • Kayos

    I.W. is the best thing to happen to call of duty! If Activision loses I.W. it wont be long before the ultra-photo realistic graphics and FPS gameplay we've come to expect from the Modern Warfare team, will start to fade along with the CoD franchise!! I Promise!!

  • bob

    What the crap stop arguing and just make the game

  • izzy

    i am so ficking tird of whating for this damm game to come the fuke out

  • ChA0SrAiN10

    mw2 is incredible.

    Keep your unwanted, $h1tty opinion to yourself.
    Maybe some people (including myself) actually LIKE mw2.

    No need to be a douch3 about it. >:(

  • shaggyXx

    look were spending about 65 dam dollars on a game it is only fair you make mw3 the best shooter game out there something medal of honar cant ever reach its standards i would perfer infinity because they already got what we need. your problems shouldnt effect us thats your problems, just make the best game ever already and decide later wut to do :T

  • Gamer

    what is the matter with infinity ward? they are rich as it is. activision has announced that cod 8 is under production. they are not sure is it should be modern warfare 3 or a continuation of world war II…i really wanna play modern warafare 3

  • LEON


  • Dale

    okay, well i agree with most people; release the game so the gamers can give their money to IW and then IW can pay off everything, its not like people aren't gonna buy the game, you know there are gonna be a whole bunch of people who want the new MW so give it to them and you will have ample money to give everyone their rightful money.

  • dale

    But yeah, i agree with alot of others on here too, I'm not a nerd or a loser, i just want to see the new MW come out, but in the meantime people- think about turning on the lights and making your own food instead of having mom come down and making it for you. Alright? I'm with everyone here, come out with the game but don't cry about the waiting time.

  • adam

    Ok, so they are in an argument, why should we have to be punished by not being able to play the game, and they are punishing themselfs by not selling us the game, why can’t everybody just get along?!

  • Wolf Cub DMC

    Have you actually seen any of the technology used by the military? Everything that is in Modern Warfare 2 doe4s actually exsist, though it is slightly different in real life. If anything, Modern Warfare 2 dumbs down the technology that real militaries have today. So until you join the military and witness the tech first hand and actually get an idea of what you are talking about, I would strongly recomend you keep your misguided and unstudied opinions to yourself.

  • guest

    wat the hell. Modern Warfare 3 should be made by infinity ward. They made 1 and 2, and they are my favorite games. Give Activision the right to make it instead they will probably screw it all up. Its BULL****. Either Infinity Ward makes it or I don't want.

  • Vahdet

    Oh my god just release mw3 allready. it's just a game.

  • bigglesowrth

    i cant wait for black ops it looks awesomeand tbh i dont give whether IW joins EA i guess then it will be MoHs time to step up and take advantage of this stupid argument

  • Joey

    the whole purpose of the game is to make customers happy. who really gives a damn if the companies get what they want. it's all about us. not them. publish the fucking game so i can play it. then go bitch at each other over money cause none of us give a damn.

  • batman

    Thats not cool i wanted to play modern warfare 3 so until they will allow it we still stick with modern warfare 1 and 2

  • luigi

    yea make it more realistique but advance i like it

  • cam

    why you all asking some one who thinks he knows when its comeing out because he has no mates . just fukin wait.

  • dylan

    i truely believe mw2 is the closest thing to real life with out dome shotting some one all the kids that complain about heart beats…its called ninja!!! and noobtube…Blast shield i mean be smart here people to take out commando its called use a shotgun, all the cheap stuff in the game is called real life. and fps are all about realism these days. BE SMART!@!@!@!@!!@!@!@!

  • Killa_opap

    you probly say that because you suck at the game so just keep All YOUR BULL$HIT TO YOUR SELF

    • Mike

      o so let me get this straight.
      1. You have no problem with people hoaring danger close noob tubes with one man army
      2. you dont care when people commando lunge at you from 10 ft away while your trying to shoot them.
      3. you could care less when you encounter boosters in a lobby.
      4. and it doesn't matter to you how unbalanced the guns are (UMP) (ACR),I could go on

      These are just some of the many things that IW srewed up on in MW2.
      If you seriously like this game…. fine I respect your opinion but I speak for most of the call of duty community when I say that MW2 is a poor game.

      • inigele14u

        That's why they gave it the name VIDEO GAME. Plus no game or anything or anybody in this world is perfect. MW2 was the closest game to real life technology that i have seen so far. THE PLAYERS do unrealistic things. Also if i see a terrorist trying to shoot me. Ima noob tube how many times would keep me alive to get to my family and survive. Also when someone is trying to shoot me standing up. Ima get out the way and lunge to the ground than shoot them. That is realistic because your scared! Join the Marine Core boy!

        • Tim

          new MOH is

  • Pilot

    Greedy activision just pay out the hard work and get infinity ward its deservement

  • wade

    If infinity ward does not make it then Iam not buying mw3 and activision will lose money. Because people want infinity ward to make it.

  • Inigele14u

    There holding it back so if someone doesnt pay the lawsuit they can make the public mad by not bringing out the game and blaming it on the other party. This will result in a pre-boycott. There not stupid. But they are hungary ignorant hippos for planning this on each other. They have did 7 big saling game with each other and this is just outstanding and disappointing….

  • inigele14u

    your ignorant and everything that happene din mw2 can surely happen in real life if nukes werent involved!

  • keller412

    dude just give us a realease date so some of our curiosity goes away i mean mw2 is a fucking awesome game but i want to know what will happen next for tf 141 and that douche makarov just stop argueing and give us a little info

  • awsomedodekiller

    modern warfare 2 is awsome its not bull**** its awsome

    • jon

      i agree

  • awsomdudekiller

    modern warfare 2 is so awsome than mw3 is probly even better

  • http://UWish2 U Wish

    I a member of Infinity Ward. Darrel Jackson. YOu can look me up if you want to. Activision has abused and dishonored my fellow colleagues (those of Infinity Ward). Infinity Ward has sued Activision for 44 million dollars, and the lawsuits are still going on. It will take (maximum) another 3 months to regain the original pace of work we had with MW3 before the lawsuits and confusion.

    Please Wait Patiently

    We are trying our best

  • codyIZ foREELZ

    i heard CoD 7 single player sucks in the game they focused more on the multiplayer so id rather wait for MW3

    • Darrel Jackson

      that is not true, IGN reported that treyarch and activision spent 85% of the time making campaign, and 10% on multiplayer and 5% on zombies.

  • Dinesh

    World is waiting for MF3 !!!!…. I hope Infinity Ward will develop MF4,5,+++++…..50+++… It should keep on producing this game series….. COD MF Series ROCKS !!!!…. ;-)

  • Nick

    I just bought black ops and WOW what a let down that game sucks so bad, I had people shooting at me through BOULDERS!!!! Everything about that game is a huge let down the only thing that was even remotely "ok" were the maps everything else sucks. Looking forward to MW3 I'll never buy another game from treyarch again.

    • jon'o

      still waiting for black ops it is sold out the y sould of made more copys

  • jon

    do you know how wrong you are

  • jjrrr1

    WTF BLACK OPS JUST CAME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nim81

    infinity ward really is the best IMHO..

  • unknown

    Ya screw this argument

    Get all ur crap together and make the bloody


  • ShyGuyCase

    I was disappointed in the Black Ops campaign. MW, I feel has a much better story line. As such, I don't plan on buying any more CoD unless it has the MW associated. I am not a fan of Activision and the less money I can give them, the better. Nevertheless, Activision is only hurting themselves by holding this cash cow over the heads of die hard MW fans while legal issues get sorted out.

    Say what you want about the multiplayer issues in Modern Warfare.. Many of us feel MW was a much better single player experience and will play it for that fact alone.

    • joe

      Activision has abused and dishonored my fellow colleagues (those of Infinity Ward). Infinity Ward has sued Activision for 44 million dollars, and the lawsuits are still going on. It will take (maximum) another 3 months to regain the original pace of work we had with MW3 before the lawsuits and confusion.

  • Krav_Maga

    Personally, I prefer Infinity Wards games. Black Ops is AWESOME, dont get me wrong, but there's something about Modern Warfare that just makes it feel more….Current? Or personal I guess? I dont know how to explain it

    • LPdevil

      I get how you feel, I like Black Ops and all, but it wasnt very fun. Im not saying it wasnt fun, Im saying that Mw2 was a lot more fun for me for some reason. Its probably because you cant quickscope in Black Ops, and if you knew me, I'd like to quickscope because it was challenging and fun!

  • Brad

    whats wrong with infity ward, noone should put a lawsuit up against it, modern warfare 3 has to be better, cmon!

  • Scott

    I also prefer the Infinity Ward games, and as was said above, I also thought Black Ops was awesome–but there WAS something different about Modern Warfare. I've heard some of the details of the argument between IW and Activision and I can understand why things are as they are. For the time being I'm just going to enjoy the latest game and hope for the best!

  • Jt7

    screw black ops …. modern warfare is the shit!!!!! I LOVE YOU INFINITY WARD!!!!!

  • Cod

    yo MW3 is going to be epic there better make it or is going to be BS.
    Iw better be making MW3

  • Mike

    Treyarch runied black ops, it's got so many flaws it's the nastiest looking game i've seen for ages they took MW2 and screwed it sideways Treyarch are SHT i'm cut i wasted my money on that game, never again Infinity Ward all the way

  • Daniel Braslavskiy

    mw2 was f***t up so hopefully mw3 is f***en better thank you ever one

  • Linda

    youre so funny i forgot to laugh

    • Jack

      Back in the kitchen bitch

      • Dave


  • Game Fiend


  • i aint tellin you

    modern warfare 3 is what we want ,, black ops was just some rubbish game to entertain and distract everyone in the development of mw3 . Although many people say they hate mw2 come on theyre lying they probably love it as it just was so much more fun! all the awesome private matches and stuff . Black ops zombies is epic but multiplayer is horrible and u probably will find campers , attack dogs running around and theres no feel to the game , no challenge and graphics are horrid, GO INFINITY WARD :D

  • Gio

    i'd like to see how Soap and Price get out of the deep s— that they're in.

  • ModernWarfareGirl

    Modern Warfare 2 is one of the best selling games of all time, of COURSE there has to be money disputes. I say this will get worked out, but I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

    (By the way, does anyone actually think they’ll ever stop making these?)

  • joe smow

    mw3 is gona suck even more then black ops they all suck…get a life every one

  • tim watts

    lets be honest here guys if your searching this you need to do something with your life. i only searched this to see how sad some people are

  • Cornn

    Release the f*ckin game already I mean come on, your b*tchin about not paying people when your probably loosing a crap ton of money because of this so called little “arguent”. Come on

  • not my dick

    dmn p n is e

  • matt

    all i no is that modern warfare 3 is going to be made by infinity ward AND activision tho, s guys are good at making games but black ops eh is all right don t do that again..i don t thick they should bring new guys to make mw3 look what happen to black ops its like they throw it together to shut us up so they can do there lawsuit…its all about the money and i dont blame them..look at the game its f**king awsome they work for it..all i no is dont GET NEW GUYS TO MAKE MW3 that will be a big for now kiss and make up and make the game together..its abut the fans guys with out us you dont have

  • MW3

    well if they are have a agument about money, i believe that MW3 will be a FAIL! it be a game to raise money! get it out a sale it! meaning low quality work and a non balanced game…

  • tom

    its not about infinity ward or sledge hammer game studios there are only about 2 workers from infinity ward that got fired anyway the rest are now in sledgehammer studiios so it will be even better than mw2 think about it :)

  • Bob (GAME-XPRT)


  • chris

    its bull that game looks good

  • joshhhh

    treyarch fails at making cod games and blck ops SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS i get killed by an rc car ever single death nad the spawning OMGGGGG mw2 is way better treyarch fails i hoppe for mw 3

  • John

    this game is going to so retarded u wash cars and have convo……….. wat ever happened to the action game shooting…… like wtf people your excited for this cod is making a huge mistake from taking the best game in the world to the worst if i were u i would not get it your going to waist 60 bucks because youll be washing cars…… so way to C.O.D

  • YOYO

    I think sledgehammer games is in production of a new COD

  • Emmanuel Chavez

    Why can't they stop playing games, so we can start playing modern warfare 3. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Anthony

    Activisions game engines are crap, their story lines are crap, they are crap. The only games that I have enjoyed have been made by Infinity Ward. Activision is mad because they are not making as much on their games as IW is. That should be a motivating factor to get better game designers and better game engines.

  • ese

    Modern Warfare beasts. World At War and Black Ops RULE.

  • ….

    I thought black ops was quite a fun game actually, Of course, i wish the campaign was longer, but it was worth the money i paid, as for modern warefare 3, i feel that it will be just as good, because the youtube video that it showed about it, is fake, theres going to be more than just talking on that game, modern warefare 3 will be just as action packed as any other call of duty, It's just all a matter of patience and time. You can complain all you want, but if you think the games suck, then dont buy it.

  • jdog747


  • JAY

    infinity ward is no longer a company,the two main guys and a few others from infinity ward have renamed themselves as RESPAWN ENTERTAINMENT and are working for EA.they have complete control over what they make,unless they have rights to make a modern warfare title (respawn entertainments)ie infinity ward will not be a part of it!

  • JAY

    infinity ward is no longer a company,the two main guys and a few others have renamed themselves RESPAWN ENTERTAINMENT and are working for EA.unless respawn have the rights to make a modern warfare title i doupt the will be making mw3.respawn do have full control on what there next title will be but there has been no hint on what it will be.

  • CesarChavez

    I am willing to wait, Treyarch is horrible at creating games, the graphics on Black Ops or horrible.

  • cesarchavez

    Whenever MW3 comes out, if Infinity Ward is the creator it will set a new record. If they are not, then the game will just be another just ok game.

  • Banguts

    how abaout quit being assholes and lets play some video games, mw3, lets roll dawg

  • jacob goforth

    I'm not understanding what this is all about. So, activision executives started making mwf3 behind IW's backs and they found out and are suing now?

  • Tristen

    if MW2 was pretty much a billion dollar game, no matter the percentage that goes to activision, both parties should be satisfied but ransom is of course part of todays blonde society. I hope both parties can get what they want quick cuz i want MW3 out quickly

  • goat

    well lets start with this: iw is ok in my mind and treyarch is ok as well i bought blk ops and i enjoy it as much as mw 2. either one can make it for all i care as long as the cod multi is as good as the rest. i have played different fps games and i have yet to get the enjoyment from any other as i do the cod series.

  • Greg

    I snapped mw2 in half and threw it in the trash where it belongs

  • James Jones

    call of duty black ops is garbage!!!!!!!!!!!! Treyarch sucks at making designs and graphics!! The need to leave that part up to the professionals at InfinityWard. The campaign for black ops was amazingly great but multiplayer is crap. I thoguth it was a joke. It looks like one of those crappy simpsons cartoons where everytime you get a killed or get killed, it looks and sounds ridiculously retarded. Nazi zombies is great. As a matter of fact, im playing it right now. Treyarch should have just made Call of Duty:Zombies and left it at that…

  • James Jones

    black ops is garbage.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! treyarch needs to just stop.tryn. they will nEVA B AS GREAT AS INFINITYwARD

  • Nick Hibbard

    yes i argee ive followed the call of dutys from day one, when they made the story line well!
    they must have been sniffing something. and the multi player well what can i say nothing but rubbish all 10 maps and the stupid R.C.D cars, you could just some over exited solider
    playing with a remorte controlled car in the heat of battle and zombies come on what next
    flying pigs stuffed with semtex.

    • SQKING


  • matthew

    i think they should split so they would be putting out one game at a time trying to out do each other

  • john

    who is the bad guy infinity ward or activision ????

  • amar

    hi guys im new here and i have MW1 but i want to know when MW3 is coming out

  • Yourdad

    MW is complete trash compared to the oldschool cod's. Adding ridiculous weapons and grenade launchers just ruin the game and make it way more noob-friendly. I honestly don't care if they make 20 more games that are WWII theme, they will still be better than MW. BRING BACK THE OLD SCHOOL CODs!!!

  • Grant

    This is just freaking gay. Activision needs to stay with nickelodeon games and assassins creed. stay the fuck out of call of duty you fucking faggots. Leave infinity ward alone. just cuz you know modern warfare freaking obliterates your game. I hope you read this, corporate assholes.

  • will

    more of a holocaust i reckon

  • Chad

    I think treyarc should continue making oldwar games with activition, and infinityward should continue to make modernwarfare. IW should stop trying to own call of duty since treyarc initially started it. The problem was IW wanted blackops and didn’t get it so they sued activition, and chances are they’re going to lose the lawsuit. So in other words, IW owns modern warfare games. And treyarc doesn’t.

  • GtnMan

    Listen. Half of you should just stop bitching over somthing thats not even real. And also shouldn’t like idk…..5 NEW CALL OF DUTIES Keep you satisfied ya pricks?!! Damn. but seriously i am lookin foward to mw3…also who gets that mad to break stuff over someone who killed u in a game who doesn’t give two sh!ts about you?! Now that person needs help.


    Email me @ for more…lol

  • James

    You know, I find it funny that this thread that holds basically no intelligence in its comments has gone on for over 40 weeks. You people need to take a look at the whole picture instead of just making it a battle between Treyarch and Infinity Ward, and even Activision for that matter. Both Treyarch and Infinity Ward have had downfalls in their games, online and offline. The MW series was awesome but the online play was full of idiot hackers and way too many glitches. The Treyarch COD series kicked ass in Campaign but the multiplayer was a little lacking. Yes, there are always going to be bugs. No, they aren't going to get all of them. Ever. But its a game you guys. And not only that, but Call Of Duty is the biggest game series of all time, be patient for MW 3 and grow up.

  • RAGINGx thunder

    I CAN'T WAIT NO LONGER THIS IS BS JUST FINISH THE GAME if you want to talk more friend request me on my xbox account RAGINGx thunder and my other account RAGINGx MODZ please

  • masin

    somebody now when cod mw3 coming out ?

  • JCWELLS1281

    pay the Motherfucers and let them finish the series you money grubbing a$$holes. Im sure you made a s#!t load of money on there idea and uts only the BEST GAME EVER MADE!!!!! SO LETS GET TO IT ALREADY BITCHES!!!

  • Miguel Hernandez

    @ grant, umm without activision, there would be no call of duty, just letting you know, if you didnt. yeahh.

  • cammi

    they shud make the gsme eny way if its the last 1 then evry 1 had a good time in the games if they carry it on then thats goood but its not worth it arguin over the game makers just get on with it and carry on eny way

  • cornelius

    I can't wait for MW3. I've been searching to see if there were any Modern Warfare 3 news out and apparently there is –

    The rumors seem to be true. I can't wait for Modern Warfare 3 in November. I just hope it isn't rushed like Black Ops was.

  • sgt_k41 on ps3

    omg. ur all cod bashers!!! jokes! apparentley infinity ward have split up. it will never be the same. AND BILL GATES IS TRYING TO BUY THE PLAYSTATION!. just thought id let u no. but plz just release the danm game!!!!!!!!

  • jeia;

    so when is coming the gamers and i need to know

  • ben

    well i have to agree that modern warfare is a great game and i have been amazed since call of duty 4 but the thing i do not like is the fact that the game jumps around changing the story first ww2 then mdern then vietnam what is this i still want to know what happened to soup and price at the end of mw2 well i guess i am trying to say that they should just stop and solve the way to create the game fast im getting hungry for MW3 :)

    p.s sorry ps3 playes im an xbox fan

  • sean

    I played both the game and modern warfare2. Is much better shooting game then OPS.

  • NooB

    stop the argument sell mw3 get money be :]

  • shane

    aneyone know when its coming out

  • zachwilson2011

    whens is MW3 going to be coming out?

  • hjkh

    look guys, infinity ward are still the producers of this game, but sledgehammer games are working on multiplayer IW campaign also with another company.

  • simon shin

    i just hope quickscoping is back

  • GamerTag FireHawk NM

    I think Infinity Ward got all the attention cuz they made Modern Warfare 2.. But Activision lost all the attention so they made Black Ops.. So.. why don't they work with each other and make the game good as hell!


    black ops ftw

  • ya mum

    what date does it come out cuz it is pissing me off lol

  • xxmwgamesarewick

    IW should be the makers of the game they made all the other ones

    so activision should go to hell

  • gamer

    i think they all probably have enough money already its just greed thats stopping it i say noone buy it thata teach um just like grfs they just keep pushing the date up over and over so ive chosen not to buy it no my measly 60 buks wont hurt them but if i take a stand maybe someone else can gamers can strike just like everyone else we are a nation not just couch potatoes we run the buisness we give them their money i say we strike an then i bet they will resolve thier differances

  • brandon

    Alright so far all we know modern warfare 3 is coming out, but we technically don't know who its gonna be by .
    Thing is it better be by infinity ward if it was buy activision most people wont buy it because infinity ward made the other two modern warfare games. It just wont be right if they let activision just take over their serious of games just like that. I say who gives a fuck about the arguments an let the games be continue

  • Austin

    Omg those of you saying activision is just mad they control infinity wars mw2 was their ideas so you should be thanking them they payed infinity ward to develop it god some small children are so ignorant

  • nick

    its beacuse activision doesnot turst Infinity Ward beacuse they lost all there best workers so they have to make the game on thier on so they can be back with activision


    If IW would have made black ops then it would have been an awesome game. I trully hope they get to create MW3…. guaranteed to be a bomb A$$ game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bernie

    Just goes to show how little these money hungry dicks care about this game or its fans. that's why there is delays, zero improvment in new games, zero ambition to make a better game!!!!

  • Mohammed Al-Haiki

    i would like to see a wager match in MW3 and i liked quickscoping in MW2 i know somepeople find it nooby but it would be awesome if they had Combat training in Mw3 so Quickscoper Can go play on the Dummies i don’t know just my opinion so….

  • Eric Gaudette

    i don’t give a rats ass who makes the damn game i just hope it gets made soon cause im gettin bored with black ops & MW2