iPad 5-inch and 7-inch: Release and Price – Rumor

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Despite the fact that the Apple iPad has only been launched in the US this month, we are already hearing rumors that Apple are working on smaller versions of their tablet device.

According to this report from Pocket-Lint, Apple are working on a 5-inch and a 7-inch version of their iPad – if the words of a Digitimes Research analyst are to be believed.

Mingchi Kuo has said that the smaller version of the iPad will be priced at under $400, and will be released sometime in 2011.

He adds that the device will be targeted at mobile users and those consumers who focus on reading rather than text messaging.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you welcome the release of an even smaller iPad tablet?


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  • http://www.ucit.com Blaine

    Isn't that called an iPhone??

  • iPad_Lover:)

    Not much of a price difference…

  • Yum

    I rather have it the same size.