Xbox 360 will never get a web browser say Microsoft

By Alan Ng - Mar 31, 2010

Depending on which way you see it, we have some potentially disappointing news for Xbox 360 owners. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has revealed that the 360 will never have a web browser feature.

As reported from TheSixthAxis, Greenberg wasted little time in revealing that he isn’t a fan of surfing the web on television sets.

In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, he had this to say when quizzed on the possibility of web browser functionality coming to the 360 in the future:

”No. We really believe that the web browsing experience on TV is a poor one, and the real magic is to take those web experiences and optimise them for the living room.”

As most of you will be aware, web browsing on the PS3 is hardly perfect. We would of liked to see how Microsoft handled the challenged – but it doesnt look likely to happen now.

Are you disappointed with the news, or do you agree with him?


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  • chuckab

    Posting from Internet Explorer on my XBOX 360. Ironic?

  • Abaconater

    microsoft could have a web browser better than sony if they wanted to, but they said themselves that a browser on a tv is horrible in quality, browsing techniques, etc. BUT, however, i can tell that they will take pieces from the web like video watching, searching information, etc. and put it into different apps, so they will have a browser, just in pieces.

  • Frank

    Too freakin bad. its not about what a developer wants. its about what the paying customers want. I believe xbox 360 could have a web browser and should have one. that would be real cool to see in the fall update. I don’t own a connect and do not plan on getting one. How about something in the update for us non connect users?

  • Media lover

    I know that this is a very old article, however, the need for a browser is still there.
    I know lots of people here in Sweden who use the xbox 360 to play all media on their home network, but the lack of youtube and spotify is pulling people away from xbox.

  • Keyno

    It isn't because the Xbox 360 can't offer a good online internet expiearnece and anyone believing that is an idiot. Simply put, allowing Xbox 360 gamers to go online and surf the web with their Xbox 360 will only open up more vulnerability in the hardware for modding. Enough said.

  • traveler

    the issue i run into is that hotels i go to have security for the internet so without a browser i cannot input the password to login the way of using my laptop to connect is very crappy i am signed off and on constantly this becoming a major pain because i would like to use my xbox for when i travel

    • JaWes

      I used to travel a lot and took my original Xbox with me. If you call the help line for the internet provider in the hotel (usually on some kind of card or brochure in the room) and they should be able to enter the MAC address of your console and bypass the login screen. Then you can use Xbox Live without needing to go through the web browser login. I haven't done this in a while but I've done it successfully several times in the past. About to go out of town again on Monday and plan on taking my 360 with me so I'll try it again too.

  • willz

    i view my web content on my 52 '' tv, and it's always to watch some movies on megavideo. i dont wanna have a laptop + an xbox connected to me tv its gonna be too much.. i would prefer a game console that can do both, gaming experience and internet.

    And now i dont know what to buy : xbox with kinect, or a ps3 (internet and blueray)

    • gumby

      wii will give you internet and kinect-style gameplay at a fraction of the price

    • ata

      You said what i had in mind. Xbox will provide hd resolution on ur tv however wii can’t do it besides wii is only good but not better for motion games. Ps3 and its.bundels are no challange for xbox kinect motion sencor. Microsoft wont come up with a web browser till they are really pushed to that point. I got xbox kinect it is worth it. Microsoft is trying to make profit on everything eventhough people see what kind of marketing game microsoft is playing. With this mentality they will winn today but not tomorrow.

  • nate

    have you seen Google TV?? once again MS is behind the curve in innovation and dreaming in bigger pictures… i'm sure once Google TV takes off, MS will have something related to TV and web browsing for the Xbox360. Nicely done MS…

  • Evan

    What I used the web browing feature on my ps3 for was to stream youtube videos, that was nice

  • Sometimes it would be nice to use the Xbox for quick Google searching or something. I'm not always on my laptop.

  • bob e

    I have an HTPC and view web content on my 52 " TV, I don't see why I can't do same in my Xbox. At least they should add email client so I can view my live mail account.

  • If Microsoft offered a web browser for the Xbox 360 they would be shooting their-selves in the foot, an Xbox 360 web browser would probably be more than enough for some of today's web surfers therefore license sales of Windows 7 etc will significantly drop

  • Adam

    I would imagine the people really hurting for a browser on their 360 are probably a minority compaired to the people who don't need the service or are indiferent.

    I certainly wouldn't argue that it would be a nice feature, but I don't see it as a necessity by any means; especially considering how underwhelming the Facebook and Twitter interfaces are over the 360.

    Basically, I think the resources and time needed to really make a browser shine on the 360 would be better utilized polishing the exsisting features on the dashboard, since it would really only benefit a small number of gamers.

    Also, it's "would have" not "would of"