Verizon iPhone 4G: Still want HTC Incredible or Nexus One?

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2010

Following on from our earlier post, which gave the biggest hint yet that Apple are planning to release a CDMA version of the iPhone 4G, we thought we would ask you for your opinions on this.

Interest for the HTC Incredible has gone through the roof during the last few weeks, maybe’s Verizon decision to omit the handset from any showing at CTIA Wireless 2010 helped this even further.

But now that we have had solid rumors on the Verizon iPhone 4G, where do your priorities still lie? Are you now willing to try out the Incredible or Nexus One, or is the iPhone 4G still the handset that you are after?

Rumors on the CDMA iPhone seem to be well and truly back in the limelight now, so lets hope we see more details surface soon.

Verizon iPhone, or HTC Incredible / Nexus one? Let us know where you stand.

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  • Evion

    I’m tried of Verizon as well, i’ve been a user for many years, and their network has never let me down. However, everything else about Verizon does. I would truly love to have the IPhone with Verizon’s network but at what cost…what hidden agenda will Verizon have for all of us waiting patiently…more fees…monthly apps cost… Believe me the extra the Verizon has in store for us will cost us and will also take away the beauty of owning a IPhone…Then there’s the Nexus One and the HTC Incredible, many of us would take any of these phones…Come on Verizon get your act together… soon there will be better networks out, and you will lose many loyal customers….

  • JohnM

    As far as I'm concerned, Apple and/or Verizon blew it with the iPhone. We're sick of waiting for one. I'll keep my beloved iPod Touch, and score myself an Incredible as soon as it's available.

  • JChere

    I thought about moving to VZ from Sprint. However, VZ is very expensive with their plans. Sprint is much cheaper with its plan. I love the Sprint Everything Plan for $99/mo. Now that I have learned that Sprint will be releasing the EVO on June I will stay with Sprint. I am way tired of Apple releasing the Iphone to VZ. The EVO and HTC phones will be the ones that will kill the Iphone going forward. The Iphone phase is about over.

  • BCC

    Does the HTC Inc. really not have "flash player"?

  • BCC

    Nexus One or HTC Inc?Whats the better phone?

  • Michael

    Well, I am going to get the HTC incredible when it comes out soon, then I am going to buy the iphone when that comes out on verizon…. why not!

  • Justin

    I have been a fan of HTC since my HTC Touch from Alltel, currently have the HTC Eris and will be getting the HTC Incredible as soon as I can!

  • Jack

    I'm going to wait and watch you early adopters to see what problems exist. People have been returning Droids 3-5 times before they get one that works right. We don't know what problems N1 and Incredible will have on CDMA. Apple needs to deal with Verizon because Android use will exceed iPhones next month, but when will the CDMA iPhone get here…just as LTE is growing? And being built by a new manufacturer, what problems will the VZW iPhone have?

  • ryan

    Definitely the Incredible as long as out in the next month or two. May consider the iPhone next year, depending on what it brings to the table, but by then, HTC will probably have a SICK WP7S or Android phone with a more powerful Snapdragon operating on 4G LTE which I will probably fall in love with instead.

  • VZWfanboy

    So those you you who don't care about provider and just want a cool device, I will say this. After you go with AT&T/T-mobile/Sprint, shell out $200+ for the device, sign a 2 year contact, pay $80/mo for service, drop every other call, call quality sounds like your talking in your toilet, and your connection to the web and download speed is slower than my grandmother on her walker….I will be glad I am not on the other end of the phone when you call into TS because you can't use your sweet new phone.

  • don

    I want the incredible, i have been an htc guy for 3 years now. I am sick of waiting for verizon, im up for a new phone, and can get the HD2 from htc for tmobile for $99. That is a steal. I love the customizing I can do with htc windows phones, I have probably flashed my rom 100 or more times. Verizon doesnt allow internet sharing, that lasted until I got home. If I cant do things like that with the incredible, then im switchin carriers, the price and time are right. Get your head out of your rear verizon and give us some good phones.

  • jason

    Tired of waiting; I plan on going with what ever phone comes out first, either the HTC Evo 4g on Sprint; HTC Incredible, Samsung Galaxy S or Iphone 4G on Verizon; Iphone 4G on AT&T. Which ever provider comes out with either of these phones first is the one I am going to be going with. Could care less about provider, its all about the phone, so all these networks better get there ass together, because first come first serve.

  • tmach

    Here's my question: Will Verizon knock $20/month off the price of service if I buy the Nexus one with no contract to use on their network? That's what T-Mobile does, and if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Sure, you pay $529 for the phone… but you save $480 over the two year contract ($20/month for 24 months). That makes the phone's final price $49. Better than paying $179 for the phone and full price for two years.

    If Verizon does THAT, I want the Nexus one. If not, I want the Incredible. Although Incredible (and other HTC Phones) will always be among the last to get Android updates, since HTC will have to apply the Sense UI to them first).

  • Pheydrus

    I've been waiting 2 years to buy an Iphone until it comes to Verizon. However, if the Iphone 4g comes to Verizon this year I will not acquire it unless it is LTE functional. It does not make sense that NOW apple will make a CDMA phone with 3g capability as Verizon rolls out LTE. I just don't want to be caught for 2 years with a 3g phone on a 4g network. SIgh. Maybe in 2011.

  • Jalopy

    Sense UI will sway me. Kids can switch their iphones to VZ when available

  • blackdognorth

    Steve Jobs and the applePharm can go drink their koolaid…not me.
    Nexus One: too expensive buy outright, no preview, no local service= bad deal
    HTC Incredible on V=looking good, IF we ever see it materialize. Getting a bit sick of waiting.

  • marty

    i am a little disappointed that the nexus one was not released last week but i am over it. now i am waiting to see what comes first, the incredible or the nexus one and i am getting that. i did have iphone envy for a while but i am not interested in apples closed system. i am ready for an android!

  • Michael

    im in the market for my first smart phone, i have been researching (waiting) for a new phone, anything will do soon, i almost wonder if verizon and motorola cut a deal for the droid to be the phone for awhile before other phones can come out! if the incredible is priced at around $300 or lower with 2 year, i'll get it. anything over that im looking into the N1

  • Teancum

    In the long run the android operating system will be much better than the iPhone operating system.

  • bob

    I wont buy another apple product since they decided to go after HTC. I will buy HTC products and I will promote HTC to all my friends.

  • Martin

    I’m tired of waiting for the Nexus One. It seems like the HTC Incredible is better in everyway. If Verizon had managed to release the Nexus close to the same time as Google launched it. I would already have one and be tied into a new 2 year contract. Now I’m just going to wait and see what my other options are, though I have close to zero interest in the iphone. The HTC incredible is looking to live up to it’s name, but the wait is almost unbearable.

  • Wayne

    I don’t still want a Nexus One, because I bought mine last week.

  • Dima

    I just want a decent phone. I'm not impressed with the Droid series offered on verizon, i can't stand my blackberry, and these rumors of nexus 1 and cdma iphone are driving me crazy. i'd definitely go with the Iphone, and if verizon doesn't get something going soon i'll just switch to att and get the iphone with them. everyone has been patient enough for verizon to actually offer a good phone.

  • mysteryman

    The announcement will be made this week…Keep your ears open Thursday the 1st..Verizon will drop it like its hot….The iphone is not coming.

  • georgio w

    Hell no I dont want a copy cat Iphone. Hurry up apple, I tired of trucking along my gps, my ipod and my phone. Android lacks in product support, as witnessed by the Tmobile disaster. Itunes is the real success behind the iphone and not the devise itself. The device without Itunes is well just a device, android without itunes is well not an iphone. Unfortunatly apple has us by the u know what. Shame on Verizon for having awful lags in cell development. All yall waiting for the incredible have been waiting how long? Exactly way to long.

  • Chad

    I'm going with HTC Incredible, as long as it is out by May or even early June as I will put up with my current 'dumb phone' before getting my first smart phone. My decision is based on its published specs and the 8 MP camera with dual flash.

    The iPhone 4G, won't be made until September according to the rumors I've read, and probably not shipped until November, which is too long of a wait for me. With those of us in more 'rural' areas who don't have the luxury of choosing between Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-mobile, and are only viably given Verizon and Sprint as our choice, the option is much more easy.

  • Jim R.

    While I suffer along with my horrible LG enV Touch, I take comfort in the notion that by the time I can upgrade (in ten months) there are going to be some mighty fine phones available to me on VZW. February 2011 can’t get here soon enough!

  • Dave S

    Totally tired of waiting for a larger than Eris not as clumsy as Droid/Devour on VZW. Completely sick of ATT's crapware network. Why the news embargo on the Incredible I need to make a plan here in the next 7 days.

  • Daniel

    I’ve been waiting two months for a great Android phone from Verizon, since my contract expired. I’ll take either the Nexus One or the Incredible, whichever comes out first and gets reasonably good reviews. No way am I going to wait another few months for a iPhone, though when Verizon gets that, I’ll be the price on the Nexus One and Incredible go down.

  • Shayne

    I'm currently eligible for an update for Verizon and I only have one concern with Verizon's CDMA version of the iPhone: will it be capable of utilizing the full potential of Verizon's new LTE network that's coming soon? I've seen articles use the words "compatible" and "capable" of working on a CDMA network, but I'm unsure if that means it will be able to support other types of networks as well, in addition to CDMA. I don't want to invest in an iPhone over the summer (when it's likely to hit Verizon according to speculation) and then a new network comes out in 2011 that my phone is unable to use. I've read rumors that Verizon won't bother with an iPhone for CDMA, but will dive right in when their new network is available. Advice and/or comments, please? Should I wait for the iPhone or get the HTC Incredible (when it comes out) with a one-year contract?

    This quote makes me a little doubtful about the CDMA version.
    Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney said: "I don't think it's real. Apple has said publicly that they don't care for CDMA because it's not a WW standard. Thus, the first time Apple could show up on Verizon is when they move to LTE, which is about 2012."

  • Katherine

    HTC, hands down. I've been an iPhone user (with AT&T) since iPhones were first released in '07. After nearly three years of absolutely terrible service and reception in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, I'm ready to leave AT&T and never look back. That being said, I'm still waiting on the HTC Incredible on Verizon. The Nexus One looks halfway decent, save for the fact that you can't even see it in stores. Can you imagine if something went wrong with the handset– you'd have to wait on FedEx for a shipping label, mail it in, wait two weeks for a repair, then wait for it to return to you in the mail? Meanwhile you're without your means of communication. In the business world, this is absolutely unacceptable. I'd enjoy my iPhone more if the phone function was actually functional. I have no intention of even looking at the iPhone 4G, because as other people have mentioned, it won't be long after its release that Verizon will be utilizing the LTE technology, and the iPhone will again fall by the wayside. Happy waiting, Verizon fans!

  • custangro

    Still want HTC Incredible or Nexus One?

    That's easy; YES!!!!!

  • Definitely the Nexus One

  • 1967ls2

    HTC Incredible all the way! The iphone will be nearly the exact same as all the other models. What's the point?

  • George

    I’m tired of waiting for the Nexus One on Verizon.

  • Rick

    Gave up waiting for Verizon to announce either the HTC Incredible or Nexus 1. Ordered HTC Desire and moving to AT&T.

    • Greg

      Ordered HTC Desire and moving to AT&T?? How?

      • AJ Smith

        Sucks for you, Incredible is coming out April 29 for Verizon.

  • Dave

    Sticking with the Incredible here, Android just allows more options than iPhone ever can, unless Apple decides to go open source as well. I like the idea of being able to develop my own applications or customize my operating environment without having to sign expensive, draconian, one-sided agreements like those Apple foists upon its developers.

    Nothing against Apple, in concept, they have a great idea, they just need to let their customers actually own the product, giving them the ability to develop and customize as they please.

  • Moses Moses

    Love Verizon's network but not there pricing. Sprint comes in 2nd in the nj/ny area. Their plan is unbeatable and if they allow the hotspot capability to be included with the data plans, its a no brainer. All cell phone calls free, nights start at 7pm, all texting and emails unlimited. I pay about $50 with a discount and verizon and att&t with my discount is still a $85-$90 charge per month. They always had mediocre phones but the HTC 4G will dominate and if they also get the iphone, its a wrap. I guarantee that alot of people would switch to Sprints Network who has WiMax and 4G in alot more cities right now than any other provider. Ask anybody on the west coast and sprint rules that area.

    • Icon

      First of all you can stick with Sprint and their “4G” network. Sprint plans may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for. When LTE is launched on Verizon this summer for data-centric devices (data cards, mifi), it will be 1-3 times the speed WiMAX can provide. This is based purely off the spectrum in which they run. LTE runs on the 700mhz (used to be the old analog TV frequency) spectrum, and WiMAX runs on 2.3-2.5GHZ spectrum. Basically the lower the frequency, the faster the peak speeds will be. As for the iPhone, I highly doubt it will be launched Q3 of this year. It may go into production, but won’t launch til next year sometime. With that said, it would seriously take a ground-breaking iPhone to pull me away from Android. I carry the Droid right now, and will be getting the Incredible the day it’s launched.

      • LEG

        LTE is coming this summer? where did you read that? no one is even starting 4g till 2011 if that. Only sprint

  • rubarb

    I'm finished waiting on the iPhone and am getting tired of waiting on Verizon to negotiate with Apple for the phone I USED to want. Google is a company on the move and the vendor who is acting like they actually want to provide value in their business. (Hint to Apple: Get over yourself!) Bring on the "Incredible", although the name seems to smack of self-aggrandizing from HTC. I'm most fed up with companies inflating their products 'way beyond the actual functionality and value.