MW2 Stimulus Pack: Title Update Now Live, Are Problems Resolved?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 30, 2010

We are now hearing that the title update for the Xbox 360’s Modern Warfare 2 is now live, this should put an end to all of the issues which have surrounded the Stimulus Map Package today.

This news was confirmed on Major Nelson’s twitter page, here he tweeted “The MW2 Title Update is now live! It may take a few minutes for everyone worldwide to get it – our apologies for the delay. #MW2”.

Obviously as this is a global update it could be a while before everyone receives the update, however if your console has not received the update within 30 minutes please let us know.

Has your Xbox 360 received the title update? If so, are the new maps now working?

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  • Mpyra

    I second what Jesus said.

    I downloaded the map pack before the title update was available, this meant that i could not play MW2 for a while, after leaving my xbox for a few hours i came back and when i tried to play MW2 it downloaded the update and everything played fine.


    As i understand things, this update included something that tweaked how players find matches based on their pings.

    Now it can take up to an hour for it to locate a game to play in.

    I was in a lobby earlier with 4 other people, whenever we left, we all ended up back in the same grouping and hardly anyone ever joined us.

    I've seen some similar reports across the internet.

  • Jesus

    I downloaded the maps and update last night and couldn't connect to ANY games. I wake up this morning hoping they would have fixed the matchmaking issues because clearly my connection is fine and yet still nothing. I got into 2 team deathmatches since I tried but thats it.. Damnit I paid $15 dollars on a map pack and now the entire game has been screwed. D:

  • paul

    downloaded the new map pack and now its not finding any mw2 games, it was better without the update!


    Anybody else still having matchmaking issues? I can't find a good game in any lobby I try, wondering if it is just my internet connection or if people are having problems still.

  • Frank

    Downloaded the "stim-useless" pac. and now I can't get any match making to work. Can't play live at all. Big, HUGE wast of $$$. MW2 live does not work at all today 03/31/10…


    HAHAHAHAHAHA thats what you get for having an xbox hope you guyes dont get the "RROD" right after they finnaly get it running

  • Luke

    Ireland – keeps testing matches and not finding any – CRAP !!!

  • Pissed OFF AGAIN

    Thanks IW for another fuked up asset to the already failed mw2 multiplayer… InfinitySHIT or InfinityGlitches… pffft have my 15 dollars infinity i have already traded in my game. Had enough of your crappy customer service and failed launch! stimulus package??? LOL what the fuk did it fix?! it made things worse!

  • scholsey86

    in UK, not purchased maps, update has downloaded and cant connect to any servers!!!!keeps testings matches over and over again without connecting, anyone experiencing this?

  • Eric

    Wow guys calm the fuck down… I hope you guys reread your comments later today and realize how stupid they are. I love people threatening to never buy another CoD… Thats my favorite overreaction so far. You guys are the most pathetic group of people i've ever seen. Sometimes things get MESSED UP. Deal with it… Go outside for once… Get off your lazy fat asses and do something for a day BESIDES play video games.

  • Seamo

    I havn't even downloaded the Fucking map pack and it's saying server connection interupted >:
    tell me whats goin on!

  • Fred.

    It Works For Me. To Let You All Know. The Maps Are Amazing. 🙂

  • WTF!!!

    just spoken to xbox tech support and the reason every1s getting communication failed message is because they paused all network comunications or something untill they fix the problems
    this is taking the mick now

  • smeg

    just came off the box sick off wasting my life trying to get on any maps to play its a joke it just wont let ya get a game going and i have had the download they need to get off there butts and get it sorted and give everyone a free months live for the complete mess they have caused by not doing there jobs properly in the first place a bunch of amateur numb nuts

  • unloyal consumer

    Clap..Clap..Clap.. Great job all might Infinity Ward or Microsoft or both… I am only surprised that I was actually surprised. I mean why wouldn't I have assumed this overpriced s*** would actually be s***. Nothing but problems from XBOX and its games, nothing new.. Either (A) get used to it. or (B) get a Playstation

  • banksy2k

    Not bought new package/maps yet and will not until I get it back working again! Has anyone managed to play new or old maps yet in UK? Can you force the update to your box?

  • Megan

    Well, with epic amounts of people downloading the new sh*t, does it not make sense that it's going to mess with the server a bit? Once everybody is basically finished downloading it, I'm sure it will be fine. The same thing happened with Halo 3 Mythic.

  • Budz

    15 dollars down the tube. I want my money back. How can a company put out a piece of crap like this? Neither netflix or are working since I downloaded the update for the patch for the stimulus package. I guess that just goes to show ya that any kind of stimulus package is gonna screw ya out of money in the end. Especially ones from the US gov.

  • whoscrewedup

    this better be sorted soon – or this is the last COD i spend my hard earned cash on! grrrr >(

  • Pete

    I'd love to know who actually tests these updates before they release them!!!

    I agree with Chris's earlier comment, I am also a software developer, and if any of my systems cocked up like this, I'd be queing down the dole office in a flash!

  • thugz4real

    Every time i try to join mw2 multiplayer on xbox live it says "communication with the xbox live servers has been interrupted" and when i try to add points on xbox live website to download the maps the website says "Sorry

  • HappyShopper

    This is awesome, <3 Activision. Nearly as money grabbing as EA, great job!

  • thugz4real

    Every time i try to join mw2 multiplayer on xbox live it says "communication with the xbox live servers has been interrupted" and when i try to add points on xbox live website to download the maps the website says "Sorry, this page is unavailable" and has a picture of an xbox elite. With all this hassle they better give refunds to those who could buy it and offer it for free because this is just plain annoying.

  • Josh F

    EPIC FAIL hahahaha. I've been waiting to play these maps since yesterday… we are all nerds. Cant wait to kill ya on the new maps people!

  • B.B.

    Almost got into a match….it kicked me out just before it started. This sucks.

  • Jake

    Got the update, didn't get it working. Fail. Apparently it's more to do with XBL getting off of their backsides and pushing the updates through to all the servers and users.

    • Milky

      Loada crap. I can't even get in any maps on xbox live all now. It's looking for games with <50 ms ping, which is new to me and seems a little fast i rekcon 🙁

  • S.S

    Nothing working. Same problem: ''Communication with xbox live servers has been interrupted'' And all my friends have the same problem. I think this is not IW's fault, i think it's microsoft… Hope they get it fixd soon.

  • T.J.

    So we're 4 hours into this so called "new map" era, and we STILL haven't gotten it right. Who trouble shoots these things?? This is pathetic!!!


    woooohoooo it`s working

  • Nick

    Nothing is working at all. keep disconnecting :S

  • coldfire131

    well im in a game! i joined by joining a session in progress, give that a go people 😀

  • gary

    i have done the updates and now it won't even play the old maps what a bag of s***e
    nice one

  • Whats the news. When will it be working again?

  • Simon

    i can play the maps on private matches but as soon as i go into a xbox live lobby its either kicks me out or comes up with a error msg saying '' communication with the Xbox live server has been interrupted'' …. WTF :S

  • turbo

    still not working,money still gone

  • Chris

    Who the hell tests these things? I'm a software developer and if I released software that causes this much trouble I'd be getting sacked. As a side note, $15 for five extra maps? What a rip-off!


    no nothing is working now

  • coldfire131

    in the uk still not working 🙁 just got a tweet from a developer saying "If you're getting "communication failure" or "unable to join session" errors wait a few minutes – we'll have them stomped out shortly"

  • coldfire131

    in the uk still not working 🙁 just got a tweet from a developer saying "If you're getting "communication failure" or "unable to join session" errors wait a few minutes – we'll have them stomped out shortly"

  • Luke

    nope keep getting disconected

  • q Bulletproof p

    can now get on cod but cant add ms points to download it. how bad can a luanch get its a few maps n the serves and updates cant handle it

  • Richy Rich

    its has updated but now we are getting a message saying that the connection to xbox live has been interupted.

  • Sam

    Still not working properly. Says it cannot connect to xbox servers. You can see on the screen that there are desperately few people in each of the game modes campared to normal. Some as few as 90.

    • Upsidedownsoup

      Oh man, In sabotage for me it says 0 people.

  • Skags

    Yes the update is working, however, the maps are not.

    • fucker

      When was the update released?! please let me know!!

  • brandon

    i know this is crap…let me get this right…they just charged me 15 dollars to mess up a game that was working…awesome…way to go infinity ward!