MW2 Stimulus Map Pack Release: Time for Xbox 360 giveaway

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We have some great news for all of you patiently waiting for the release of the Stimulus Package DLC for Modern Warfare 2, as Microsoft is giving away a branded MW2 Xbox 360 Elite console for you to win.

VG247 has all the details you need to know to be in with a chance of winning. The map pack is expected within the hour so head to them for full details.

The MW2 console package contains a MW2-branded 360, a copy of Modern Warfare 2, two wireless controllers, and a 250HDD – a pretty nice package in whole.

Are you looking forward to the Stimulus Package? If you haven’t seen any videos of the content yet, you can check one out here.

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  • conan

    why cant i buy it yet,
    why is it not on the marketplacee

    • neal

      Im in central wisconsin, just bought it on the marketplace, It still wont start a game though. 8:34am

    • oadai

      got it but not working cant play muliplayer at all

  • seb

    duno dude, i cant find it either.

  • brandon

    i got it : D , IM IN LONDON UK

    • jacob

      i got it but i can't play it
      im from cambridge UK

  • Kal

    Uk based here nothing showing on the download yet. We've got the new stimulus playlists tho…

  • dddd

    how it doesnt matter where u are it all releases at the same time?

  • dddd

    how it doesnt matter where u are it all releases at the same time?

  • o Enjoi x o

    this is fucked up! if Activision didn't fire the 2 main people from IW then they might not be having this problem!! All they want is more money, and more money… Greedy

  • andy

    i got it in uk now but the maps wont load keep crashing

  • Dale

    maps out but game update not.. FAIL


    bought map pack but its not working. Wisconsin

  • thegamewarrior

    yeah, who was the person that had the great idea to let you buy them, and not play them? thank god i'm not the only one with the same prob. or I would be extra ticked

  • Hawksoccer21

    yah same here…. the update won't work

  • http://jimbob billy hudson

    omg the map packs suck i have them but dont bye them!!! this

  • Boots

    Has anyone been able to get their maps to work?

  • Jake


  • Euan

    yeah my update wont work. any1 know how 2 solve this?

  • jimbob

    You can pay for the maps and download them…but don't hold your breath if you want to play them :-( Nice one IW / XBOX ….I'm paying so much more for this DLC than other titles –
    I expect it to be not only worth it, but I would like to play the darn thing too!
    Massive F A I L !!!!

  • kevin

    how yu get the packs?

  • Rowan

    Biggest anti climax since the Cleveland show. Glad I got my girlfriend to pay for this shit, coz I wouldn't waste my money on it

  • AMP

    Signs me out of Xbox Live before that shit wants to update…wow

  • ryan

    yeah man, f'in retarded. i cant believe this is happening. now i cant even play MW2. great.

  • Grant

    Typical Microsoft releasing an update that doesn't work.

  • andrew

    wtf is this shit!!! it wont update.
    iv bought the maps, then when i go to play it sais update so i click update now and it sais update failed

  • MattMattz

    yeah i cant even play because it keeps logging me off, i have been browsing other sites and it looks like microsoft and IW and Activision are all working together on this one to get it pushed through. I think it will be out soonish, but pretty crap if you ask me

  • miffed noob

    i thought this had been going on since early this morning.. seems to be taking a long time to get this fixed. i'd rather them just retract the update for another day and let up play normal maps.

  • Guest

    I just got the maps and they are not working, Also its not letting me play cod period since i downloaded these maps. This is a crock of shit. Everytime i tell it to not update it kicks me off of xboxlive so there for I cant even play mw2 online.

  • Joey


  • mandy

    its working NOW !!!!

  • Ollie

    why cant we update? …sum1 get hold of microsoft

  • RaWr

    Can't update the game…. grrrrr. Back to World at war for a while until they update this crap

  • rio

    communiucation with xbox live servers interupted not happy at all :(

  • Rowan

    Yeah same here. Can't even get on to normal maps. Doin my head in. Seriously they owe us big time for this REFUND??????? Or at least sum free points

  • mike

    wtf is going on!!!??? i downloaded the maps but can't play them!!! epic fail!!!! fix the problem now!!!!

  • joe

    wow, i got into a game on th stimulus, very good, then played another and another then baked out of the lobby and now i cant play nething, wt the hell is going on?!

  • joe

    wow, i got into a game on th stimulus, very good, then played another and another then baked out of the lobby and now i cant play nething, wt the hell is going on?!

  • kerooney

    just be patient guys can you imagine what is happening having MILLIONS of assholes like us trying to dl the maps 5 times every minute?

  • anon9999999

    every time i try and play a game since i downloaded the maps my xbox keeps crashing and the game tells me that no games are available

  • Joey

    Mine works now!!! yayayayaya!!!

  • Erik

    yah yer telling me