MW2 Stimulus Map Pack: How Long Did it Take to Download?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 30, 2010

If you are a fan of Modern Warfare 2 like me, chances are you have already downloaded the Stimulus Map Package, I have purchased the pack, however it seems to be taking a very long time to download.

The download is just 329MB in size, however my download is only at 14 percent after 15 minutes, I have an 8Mbps Internet connection which is capable of around 770kbps download speeds, this should mean that the download should be easily completed in under 10 minutes.

If my download continues at this rate it will take about 1 hour 30 mins to download in total, I am not complaining, but thought I would see how long other people’s downloads were taking.

How long did it take you to download the Stimulus Map Package?

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  • guest

    mine is also taking a while. im at 45 mlinutes and only 65 percent. so mine will take probably another 20 minutes.

  • grayd

    mines taking weell over an hour

  • Ben Wilson

    Mine is on 44% after three hours :/

  • l;asjkf

    mine says 67% complete but its been like that for hours!!!

  • hitman

    40 sec 😀

  • CC23456

    Mines took over 3 days so wt u on about HaHa 🙂

  • paul

    its telling me that its going to take 244 minutes!!

  • Holy cheese921

    It took me 2 1/2 hours I was so mad >:(

  • Lasse

    mine just took 4 min. but i play the new maps perfeckt but when i try to join normal maps like hardcore teamdeathmatch it is just searging for players and i cant find any -.- so no longer normal maps for me????

  • Lasse

    mine just took 4 min. but i play the new maps perfeckt but when i try to join normal maps like hardcore teamdeathmatch it is just searging for players and i cant find any -.- so no longer normal maps for me????

  • ollie

    Mine is taking the same as yours, like 15 mins 15%, do you live in New Zealand , I do , that might be why?

  • laggsucks

    It took me freekin 6 1/2 hours

  • laggsucks

    It took me freekin 6 1/2 hours

  • doug white

    mine has been downloading for 45 minutes and is only at 30 per cent

  • HenryB

    8 hours…thanks a lot tiscali

  • Ewan

    I have a major issue! After trying to download the map pack for an hour (25% at that point) I gave up and decided to try when it would be less busy. Switched on this morning and it downloaded really quickly. Now however the game disc isn't loading or even being recognised as a game disc. Drives working fine (other games run) but it reads the disc as an empty DVD. Anyone else had this problem?

  • Blair

    ive been sitting here for 2 hours and its only at 58%. kinda stinks lol

  • Mine took about 2 or 3 minutes to download. To play it however…

  • Andrew

    After about 45 minutes mine's at 8%.


  • Mitchell s

    It wont even let me buy the microsoft points to download it! This is so stupid and im furious that this isnt working!

  • leadmanjas

    took me 10mins to download maps didnt work but played off line with son on split screen .
    need that update patch soon i paid good money for the maps.

  • marcy

    I already downloaded it and it keeps telling me use this for the game it was downloaded for what does that mean/

  • shikamaru

    u think they will compensate us for this… we did our part… and them?

  • anthony

    try clearing your system cache on your memory device options. Allows you to update again.

  • tez

    I wouldn't be concerned about how long it takes to download but how long it will take the tech team to fix it so ppl can play the new maps!!

  • Brad

    my map pack downloaded but i cant find a game
    the only way i can play on the maps is fi i go on split screen and then it works but its boring

  • bolo

    Downloaded quickly, 5 mins tops, but now can’t play multiplayer at all. Disconnects from live everytime I try to download the update and if I skip the download for now it still will not let you play multiplayer. SUCKS for sure, 1200 MS points for 3 new and 2 reused maps and they don’t even work.

  • hilly

    just to let you know guys incase you dont already, patch is available now. no more update error message (Y)

    • Andyyyy

      where is it available ?

  • Tattooed_Rob

    Patch out yet?

  • HiddenPR0

    mine was downloaded in 30 seconds

  • Jewshie

    I've got 20mb download speed, it's been going for 15 minutes and only on 20%

  • Tattooed_Rob

    Any new updates? Im at work and I was going to take off early just to do the download

    • Jamie Pert

      Check our home page for all of the latest news.

  • Major Nelson is stating that there may be weird problems until they have rectified things, even if you have not downloaded the map pack.

  • Bdaaaan

    i didnt download the packs but i cant play my normal ones cuz it wants me to download the patch but it wont let me when i try!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • baba

    mine took like 20 seconds

  • LastGunslinga

    Took a freakin day off work, downloaded the map pack about 8-10 mins so far waiting 2 hours for a game! £10.00 well spent! Grrrrrrrrrr….


    its taking me 3hours and my xbox smells of burning!

  • sam

    well the update is out, shame that live is now fucked and wont let you install the update.

  • gamer420

    downloaded no problem but now can play the dam game…..its heavy rain all over again….And microsoft you cheky bastards why dont you change your microsoft point system its a fucking joke…..what am i gonna spend the left over points on…..bastards

  • mine took around 2 – 3 minutes.

  • andy

    took me 20 seconds and ive been waiting for about 3 hours now for the update 🙁

  • Kaneyboy89

    I just downloaded it, took about 10 minutes but when choose update at the title it sceen it tells me I have connection problems, xbox live says that there having trouble rendering the maps please be patien,t I paid my money give me blood map and let me play cod !

  • Killbill2303

    That's a lie

  • Guest

    I down loaded it in 10 mins.. but can not load game now.. it is trying to down load a patch and keeps getting a error… now hole game is hosed

  • Robert

    Mine took just over a minute to download but now every time i search for a game it freezes on me then kicks me out. A patch is needed urgently

  • Noob

    Stimulus Package worked about as good as Obama's

  • 2 EASY

    Downloads take longer if you have more things on your hard drive.. My download took 5mins or less but i have 40 gb available.. If i had 5-10 gb available it would have taken 30mins to an hr..

    • angry man

      i have 90 gb available but its taken me 30 mins to download 20 %

  • Andy Head

    It took about 5 minutes for mine and also for my other half's one too. Only problem is there seems to be some technical problems meaning the new maps cannot be played until a patch is released, and it is also causing problems playing the normal maps too

  • calum

    i cant get into a game!!!!

  • It took me between 5-10 minutes to download.
    There are problems with it, and it needs a Title Update though, unfortunately.

  • Ian

    Worked fine for me, downloaded in just over a minute.

    • Anonymous

      same here, although all my freinds went at different rates, me 2 minutes, one mate 5 minutes, another 30 minutes and one mate took 2 hours lol