Modern Warfare 2 (MW2): Stimulus Package not working?

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I was only joking when I thought there would be problems with the Stimulus Package for MW2 soon after release. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it appears as if the Map Pack is unplayable for all Xbox 360 owners.

As Nowgamer points out, the download is now available, but players are not able to play the new maps either public or private. From what we gather, this is due to a separate title update to the game, which is meant to sync everything up correctly. All is explained in detail at Robert Bowling’s blog here.

As you probably realise, the Stimulus Package download is now available on the Marketplace, but the in-game patch is not, meaning that you’ll still have to wait to play – even if you have downloaded the content already.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before everything is running smoothly. Don’t do anything drastic for the time being, deep breaths everyone.

We’ll update you when its all sorted.

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  • Daniel

    I didn't realize how realistic this game was until now. The Stimulus Package didn't work in real life either! ;-)

    • Tom

      oh wow. i get ripped off AGAIN by xbox360 and particularly infinity ward. does anyone know when the problem is supposed to be fixed?

      • jamiepert

        All we have heard is that it will be resolved 'within hours' that is apparently the worst case scenario!

    • luke

      i agree all packages are bull take the money and spend it on somthing else that will fuck u over.

    • bill sex

      you’d be the one to know that right

    • alex

      WOW!!!!! this game has so many promblems im going back to WaW

    • mike

      hahaha. yes.

  • Clint

    Wow, this is gay. I didn't see the map pack this morning, and now this??

    • xX3pIcOwNaG3xX

      this is rubbish even the update wont work

  • Mike

    Haha they make me laugh, they release the DLC before they title update ? wheres the logic in that surely they would have known the servers are going to get hammered with the map pack today so they should of released the title update a day before.? Lol, unorganised morons =)

  • James

    Seriously it 15 dollars and the biggest game of the year. Didn't anyone at Activision, Infinity Ward or Microsoft think about I don't know maybe preparing for an event like this? Seriously if this is what to expect after Activision fire the creators of Modern Warfare than the series will fall flat on its face.

    • alex


      buy bc2.

      it's iw dude, all they do is resell their shit.. it's just like a greatest hits album.. make a million bucks off the same thing twice.

      IW IS LAME

  • chris

    any idea when ther going to work one of my mates got in one but was laggin like crazy

    • Bho


  • Kenny

    it only figures that I would have work today and they'll probably have it all working a few minutes before I leave. So pissed

  • William

    Total joke, I want a refund.

    • joker

      same here

  • Bangemdead

    Not only can you not play the new maps but has slowed menu navigation. 1200 points to ruin my game( bargin)

  • pawpaw007

    still f'd up here in Cincy too

  • AngryGamer

    Hi dedicated gamers who spent millions on our games. We're just going to continue to show our gratitude by charging $15 for 3 new maps and screwing you all who downloaded it when it was available, thinking that you could play them right away! Silly gamers! See you next year when we don't release more maps for MW2, but we offer you yet another WW2 COD with, yes, you guessed it, NAZI ZOMBIES! OH the gleeeeeeeeeee

    • sammyjoe

      Ur A spastic Cuz the ne cod is black ops


    Wow infinity ward epic failure haha but really I don't like getting up early but I got up 1 hour and 30 early then I usally do JUST FOR THIS but I know this sound like a long time but I woke up at 5 30 and I have school at 7! The are pretty NOT to have the patch early but AFTER it comes out….I'm mad but I will live haha I just hope I works by the time I come home or I wasted my money and 5 stars

  • Prov

    Well the update is out now and I cant download it….. anyone else having the same problem???

  • Mike.w

    God you people complain too much… Just deal with it. I bought it and downloaded it and I can wait. It's not the end of the freaking world….

    • j bond

      i so agree,its like the end of the world with some of these guys lol

    • chris

      well sir. when you spend as much as some of us gamers,you tend to get a little frustrated when things like this happen from some of the best companies and smartest programmers in the to your comment,we have the right to "complain" as you so vividly call it,cause,the point being,we own these companies,yeah thats right,kinda like shares on the stock market.without us buying the original cd for $60 and then added content,there would be no infinity ward,as a matter of fact,just to break it down to you a little on your level,we don't need electronics to live,so without people like us who "want" to game there would be no microsoft,infinity ward,COD,or this damn screen i'm typing on. so,your little pee brain comment,should be kept to yourself because we are the reason it is alive.
      simple enough for you?

    • sandy knox

      i agree with chris ur just a no gamer

  • guest

    I love how I wake up early to play on the new maps before a long day at work only to realize in the months that they've been advertising and pushing this they never even bothered to configure the DLC properly. So now I'm out $15 atm, and can't even play on the regular maps not on the DLC. Way to go IW.

  • Rugamuk

    um not only dose it not work i cant even join a normal match now and my systems is so slow to do any thing on live this is the first dlc ive done and dont think ill be doing it again this is a load of @#$% and i want my money back i have not recieved the content i paid cash for is this part of xbox ,activision, or infinity wards terms of service to SCREW US OVER sure as hell looks like it oh and BTW non refundable my ass see what my lawyer has to say about it i can say class action can you the DLC should be playable from the start regardless of of what they think. The price tag on the map pack was too high to start with and now i cant even use the shit massive fail on xbox , activision , and the infinity ward i hope they see this post deal with it im a total of $250.00 in this game now and im vary unhappy and about to go to game stop

    • nim

      I have the exact same problem!!! this is incredible! i really hope they fix it and soon!

    • ben

      shut the fuck up, they've having problems so what? im sure you can wait an hour or two. Sell the game if you dont like it and stop fucking complaining and stop wasting your time even posting on here if its so piontless!

    • kyle

      u think your problem is bad try being me it wont let me update for some reason when my connection is literaly perfect!!!!

    • guest

      Actually, you can't do anything legally. The contract is with microsoft and they have a separate contract with infinity ward. The fact is there has to be a chain and some sort of negligence. Both companies could just claim frustration of contract due to technical faults.

      I too paid for these maps but I too understand that it is all but the best laid plans of mice and men. Meaning that things go wrong. To those who complain so much about it, it was $15. I had to buy 2100 for £17.50, convert that into dollars. I too waited. Even longer than you – it's now 6:40 pm in uk and it's still down. So there's only 5 1/2 hours left of the 30th (I am aware that we've all technically waited the same time, but you see my point). In Austrailia it's 6 in the morning, wednesday so the release date for them is a lie. What you fools should be complaining about is the lack of reassurance by those at fault and those charged with fixing the problem.

    • franky



    i swear what the f**K is this i hav been waiting so long and now it doesnt even work!
    If this isnt fixed by the end of today i am buying BC:2 and throwing this piece of S**T away!

  • natefrost

    what the hell man we all paid for this shit and now we are left out inthe cold by infinity ward again, how about that!

  • Nomaic

    Just absolutely pathetic. Maybe not an outright failure, but an annoyance for which I have no precedent. I've now lost all confidence – what little there was at this point – with Activision.

  • bigjosh006

    is the MW2 stimulus pack not working like a metaphor for the actual financial stimulus pack not working? lol this sucks balls. i emptied what was left in my bank account for no reason. hope it works soon cuz this is rediculous

    • Istab Fatkids

      HAHAHAHAHAHA you scrub. You only had $15 in your bank? If that "emptied you out" then you need to rethink your priorities.

  • Joe Vipond

    Basically alright you've ruined my day you douche bag fucks, i'm meant to be enjoying MW2 right now but no an update which cant be downloaded is now fucking that up for me, screw you infinaty ward screw you in your game bumming little nerdy fuck holes this is not right man this is not right!

  • TC93

    I want a refund from infinity ward, or at least part of one it's a joke

  • AustinP

    Needs an update … need to be connected … oh we've just disconnected you so the update has failed … haha we have your 1200 points though thanks.

  • Vito x NL (<youtube)

    i heard that because within 1 minute over 10.000 people downloaded the pack. now the game is glitching and infinity ward is looking for a sollution. IW is pretty pissed on microsoft right now because it's their fault. on MW2 twitter they say that they are going to reset the leaderboards because there are too many hackers. so if you have played no-life MW2 to just be 10th prestige… HAHAHAHA SUCKER XD

  • Mike

    They should've patched it before the pack came out. That's my vote

  • sigo

    update is on now

  • Bruce

    I'm not happy reading that it's passed for being reasonable to release a map pack knowing it won't work .. that's total bullshit it's like .. hey we know our cars wont' start but here buy it and we'll send you the fix when that comes available … no one would buy it .. and we didnt' even get that choice to make .. it's downright fraud and why Microsoft would allow this to happen is beyond me. BOOO to Infinity ward, I ran to the 24 hour store before midnite thinking the map pack would be available then, but no it was not until 8am it was available then 20 mins later i found it no one was playing it online .. what a crock of *&**! Seriously! Who here thinks this is bullshit? I'm on the downright edge of becoming a straight halo player and boycotting Infinity Ward if nothing is done to straighten out this nonsense. I could have slept last night had I known all of this was going to happen!!!!!

  • 5of7

    same here as others…now i can't even play mw2 online at all! with any maps! the damn update won't load! thanks bunches…

  • Leering

    IAaronn fails at scamming no one belive him…

    Slow your row dude your getting upset over nothing you will get your DLC and if you still go throgh with your lawsuit good luck taking on M$ and thier huge legal dep.

  • blackjack

    i cant even play my game any more cos it is trying to update it but then says it cant update it !!!! fucking ball shit !!! and i had to buy 2000 fucking points for it

  • LukeM

    this is fucking outrageous!i hope they have a damn good apoology for this and make it worth our while.i am furious!!bbc2 may well be all i play now.pricks

  • sigo

    update won't download now cant get into multiplayer

  • johny

    its 10 bux you cheap whores.. quit your wining… fuck

    • Zewg (XBLIVE)

      1200 points is not 10 bux smart one. 800 points is.

  • mitchell

    well done i can't even play normal maps. sort it out you knob heads!

  • mr someone

    Does any1 else have this problem. I put mw2 in and when the game is loading up an update come up on screen i accept the update, but it wont download cos it says to check my xbox live settings, i check them and it still doesn't work. :(

  • ldlfh7

    Seriously Infinity? We pay $15 for only 3 new maps and 2 old ones and it does not even work? That is terrible. Maybe you should have worked out the regular server issues we have been having lately before releasing a whole new set of problems.

  • J25

    hahaha the funny thing is someone will be desperate enough to give you their info just bc waiting for the update is driving them insane..

  • carrotstorm

    HELL!!aarrhhhgggggggggggggggggggggg!!hell i say this has to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!give me my f***ing moony back this this so damn ignorant im so angry it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!daamn fram activison!frag em all!!!!!!!!!!

  • james

    Same for me! away skiing tomorrow morning and was hoping to play the new maps tonight :(

    its 15:34 here

    • tel philpott

      this is shocking! map pack is fine but the title update didnt work,, does now but the game is screwed!! cannot get into any of the new maps!! they have screwed us hard!!! add me tel philpott

  • Zewg (XBLIVE)

    Well someone should let us know when the TITLE UPDATE actually updates and doesn't fail….once the update works it will solve all our problems. "I just heard on the news that some dude was so mad about the MW2 DLC he went out and robbed a bank" <—LOL!!

  • billy939

    updates there but now working, and im getting bored of waiting zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • StealthyMallard

    its unbeleiveable that they wont even give any of us some sort of compensation for waiting. MW2 is the only game i own for xbox 360. its the only game i really can get into and i dont play xbox enough to be buying other games. the system wont even let me play online at this point. I can care less about waiting for the map packs that i just bought but now im mw2-less for the next few hours. its not my life but this is my time to play before other obligations throughout the day…… god damn it IW better come out with some friggen compensation.

  • chris

    ha where is this patch or download thats apparently suposed to fix it

  • HeanorEDL

    I can’t even get onto Modern Warefare online, it says an update is available for the game but won’t let me download it and if i don’t download it i can’t get online… what is that all about??

  • james

    guys i need serious help!! on go on Cod mw2 and it signs me out of Live but i need to be on xbox live to update my xbox for the new maps!! it wont let me..plz help

  • Ruano Rodrigues

    i just bought it and again i forgot to do my research on this and guess what?? cant even gme online now cuz update won't run and it automatically disconnects me from live if i try to go online on mw2… :((((((((((

  • craigg

    if i meet the person thats responsible for this F**K up im gonna shove their heads up their own arse!

  • http://GAMING.FI Biggis

    God dammit get this thing working! [ANGRY FACE]
    BTW: No problems downloading Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vip Map Pack 2!

  • billog sean

    is anyones update working yet ????

  • Alex

    it asks me if i want to apply the patch, i click yes, i disconnect, go back to my dashboard and connect. i cant connect to the game without the update and i cant download the update! ERRR!

  • Steve McQueen

    Calm down everyone, these things happen, all will be fixed shortly.

  • ken

    this is a joke cme on guys

  • Farmercy

    I am not getting asked to download a patch, old maps are working online but been kicked a couple of times, stimulus still not working. Anyone now what time the title patch is due for the UK?

  • Craig

    MW2 will not work regardless of whether or not you've downloaded the map pack, About an hour ago I was in a match and I got kicked from the game and (Disconnected form xbox live) message came up. Tried to reconnect and the update message came up. Since then I cannot get back on, Its the update itself not working, not the map pack.

  • breesy

    your all stupid can you not see the last 4 pages of people have had the exact same problem, are you sure thats your xbox your using and not a toaster? Better check the sockets to make sure enough powers coming through, I recomend two small metal points one in each socket..

  • Craig

    MW2 will not work regardless of whether or not you've downloaded the map pack. I was in a match and got disconnected from xbox live, tried reconnecting and the update flashed up. Update wont install, xbox will not connect to xbox live in game, I simply recieved the update and its now down.

  • Chris is unhappy

    Takes the p*ss. I cannot play any multiplayer whatsoever. Chumps.

  • Craig

    Just thought I'd let you all Know, it should now be working, at least in the UK

  • Zewg (XBOXLIVE)

    lol, vent!

  • Alex

    its working now :) just downloaded the update after 2 hours of trying

  • dane

    this is absolutely ridiculous i cant believe they have the balls to charge 15.00$ and this is what they give us.

  • Farmercy

    Now nothing works! Get Notice: Unable to join game session even on stimulus matches and the old one. Hope it is just because everyone is downloading the patch.

  • Ethan Wright

    While the article above says you can't do a private match with the new maps i have no problems doing so. I don't know if anyone else has been able to but I can only do private, online doesn't work period.

  • J69 JOKER69


  • HankLongShank

    most be the Obama plan Stimulus Package

  • James

    Wow now all things dont work still after an update. I mean I wouldn't be mad if i didn't have to pay so much. Activision needs to fix this shit or give us our money back because this is ridiculous. I guess I started playing Battlefield Bad company for a reason. Free maps, they work and when they release shit they remember to at least update.

    Activision Fail Count=3

  • jkraljic

    this will be the end of infinity ward

  • eric

    ru still getting that cause i am


    as of 17.00 hrs UK its coming up with SERVER XBOX live connection errors, I for one aint paying 1200ms points for three maps and two old ones!

    Anyone who is stupid enough to pay in the first place for them its your fault they charge that amount, if you just wait they will drop the price if everyone were to boycot it!

    HEy ACTIVISION can I please play the game I payed for now?!


    as of 17.00 hrs UK its coming up with SERVER XBOX live connection errors, I for one aint paying 1200ms points for three maps and two old ones!

  • MIKE


  • Infinity Ward Inc.

    Dear Gamers,
    We are sorry for the inconvience.
    The update will only take around a week and you all should be able to access the maps.
    We will keep your money until the update is fixed, but you may have to pay again on a later date. Again, we, Infinity Ward, are very sorry for this problem and plan to never let it happen again.

    Infifnity Ward Inc.

    • Dave

      PAY AGAIN?

      • billy

        your an idiot! its just some dude trying to get under your skin! how dumb can you be!?

        • Billy's Boyfriend

          hey sweetie, you shouldnt be online here making fun of others. i have a surprise for you waiting at home…and this time it is not your mother.


      fuck you whoever made this BS up

  • Sam

    Chill guys chillll, it will work soon, it's not working because of all of the people trying to play at once. It works for me as private, so just wait an hour or two and it should be up and running.

  • KG5887

    cant belive this…on my gamer tag it shows a friend playin free for all..and i cant even playh at all whats up with that can anyone else play right now?

  • Matt

    you dont rush genius

  • Matt

    it works! is it double xp??


    naw man it was supposed to be released on march 30th…i know what ur talkin bought tho they had some vids what they said was " it will be coming out March 30th….1st exclusively on xbox- wont be on ps3 or PC for atleast another month….DOUBLE XP this weekend tooo but it sounded like they said ….BTW I'M AT SCHOOL AND im kinda happy its not running cuz i wont be home til 5-6 anyways if it ain't running by then ….ill be one angry KIKe

  • Osama

    fuckin noobs

  • Infinity Ward Inc.

    Dear Gamers,
    We are sorry for the inconvience.
    The update will only take around a week and you all should be able to access the maps.
    We will keep your money until the update is fixed, but you may have to pay again on a later date. Again, we, Infinity Ward, are very sorry for this problem and plan to never let it happen again.

    Infifnity Ward Inc.

  • jbonezillakilla

    wow yes yes yes… we all love let downs two thumbs for mw2!

  • richard

    first of all, to the people who "empited" their back account on a $15 map pack. YOU might need to rethink your spending habits..second of all..why is anyone surprised about this? with the amount of clitches that were in the game this should have been expected..So for the people who dont want to play the game anymore..DONT..I dont want to hear you complaining over xbox headsets..besides they have your money anyway!! Go take a walk. play with you dog. take a something.. i mean relax its only a game.

  • thomas22890

    what worked for me was updating first and then downloading the content pack. you people who are whining about your money need to just stop. they'll get this fixed in a matter of time. christ, are you gonna die if you don't play COD for 3 hours?

  • JLD

    Wow, crybabies. Meanwhile, in the real world life goes on.

  • jack

    im glad i dont have an xbox now after this rubbish

  • x box player

    bitch u are not going to do anything soi shut up and wait like everyone else cry baby "i'll get my lawyer " and xbox will get there 1000 lawyers

  • david

    FFA works but thats about it

  • Bipolarbill0

    Way to wipe my ass with $15. Should've bought something else. These maps are rubbish. Not to mention you can only play them on a playlist with every single gametype in rotation. So if you hate S&D/CTF/HQ/Whatever, that's too bad.

  • David

    Really simple folks I dont care if it was 15 or 1500 we paid for something that we did not recieve. there was no warning waiver or attempt by infinity ward even now they know that there is an issue the continue to allow downloading. With them making Millions off of us they could work just a little harder.

  • dennis344

    I Notice there are still problems anyone out here who still has problems? With problems i meaning joining a multiplayer game

    • TheDireStrait

      yeah same thing here,it just repeats the search over…….and over……….and over ……….and over again

      i didnt mind paying the price mainly because of the many hours i would get playing these maps but now that they dont even work im starting to reconsider my stance.

      i guess the millions they made from this game went directly to buying the CEO a couple of hundred aston martins instead of pumping the money into his own game

  • LIAM

    you are all a bunch of dikheads (well most of you) 'i want compensation' 'what a failiure IW is' SHUT UP like you never made a mistake in your life, yes fine i understand that they could have done a bit better job of it… but its obvious that they wernt just gonna leave it broken. i dont even know why im writing this cos now its fixed, yall will be just sat jerking off all over your 360's and will have probably forgotten about the problems 20 hours ago. FUK U FAILSTATION!! 360 IS THE SHIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Ryan

    Okay so i have the DLC and i realise that the maps are not included with the rest of the original MW2 maps ??? there is a *stimulus game feature in the Find match menu that will play the new maps in Headquarters and Hardcore only. Does anyone know if the new maps will incorperate with the originals??? for example can i go to Team Deathmatch and play in random maps including the 5 new ones??? confused.

  • franky


  • Kill Joy

    i still am having problems finding a match in any of the playlists let alone the stimulus ones. all mine does is when i make a choice from the playlist it starts testing matches but out of fifty it find none and keep testing and testing with no games found. it is now 7:30 am 3/31/2010 in Oregon and i want to play can anyone help me.

  • Me, DUH!

    it works for me. i can do the update, i downloaded the map pack and i can play online with a list of "unnamed players". when it connects and starts the match, it says every player has disconnected and has a blank where their names would be. ex: " has disconnected due to transmission error." then i can play for about a minute before it lags out with "lost connection to server. " it is crazy glitchy because you see a floating claymore on the snowy map with only one laser flashing on and off and if you go to the opposing teams spawn, you can see all of the people in one spot doing weird stuff. like when a body gets caught under stairs but these people are on crack. like a really bad team that all boost in the same spot. if you stand next to them and cook off a gernade, you can only get a double kill, yet the bodies go flying everywhere. if i do this, then it lags out immediately and i never get to respwan. i can play with my friends locally though. the claymore is still there though and when i play locally. i cannot play any of the normal maps or any other game but i am not crazy mad about it though

  • Foxes

    I am still unable to log on to any game, Stimulus or otherwise. I keep hearing that the problems have all been sorted but i am unable to play any Live content. Has anyone got any advice on what i could do next?!?!

  • Shaman

    I'm in Ohio and still have to wait 20 – 30 min for a match.

  • sandy knox

    the guy with the name (YOUR A IDIOT ) that shows what you are becouse they cant help haveing a few problems just calm down

  • andy

    I can play on the old maps but none of the new maps will load in. I verified that the download worked, but have not had a chance to play any new ones on either free for all or team deathmatch.

  • Jericho

    I'm in the Philippines and my download has not even finished after trying to download the packs for the last 18 hours. I thought I could play all night (even on the old maps) but I can't connect to anything. DLC is not finished. Cannot play on the old maps. XBL updated though. WOW. Unfreakinbelieavable!

  • 360user

    yeah Im pissed why make something available for download that does’nt work?

  • ?????


  • 360 sucks

    epic fail lol

  • me

    you fucking suckers lol two words epic fail

  • Marc

    can any1 help, Ive tried changing my billing information details so that i can buy the stimmulus pack, however after filling in the information it says 'card details invalid', even though ive checked with my bank statements and every bit of information is correct. Ive checked other forums and they say PSN can block u for 48 hours. Is there any way round this as it is driving me nuts!

  • lol

    well thats a lie, mine is working perfect

  • lol

    well thats a lie, mine is working perfect

  • Luke

    can anyone help me plz im trying to get the map pack but no shop i know dont have it but the only way i know is online wich i think is dodggy.

  • Codplaya

    LMFAO!! , thisis very funny. I was about to download the Stimulus package and i decided to do some research on it first. I am very happy i found this :D

    LOL'd at the noobs crying.

  • Zewg (XBLIVE)

    What up Robert, it's prolly gonna take all damn day.

  • Anonymous

    You need to restart the xbox to get the update message.

  • Erin

    Me eithier everyone's saying their getting this update message but I haven't gotten it at all

  • dannyt

    me too whats going on

  • franky


  • sandy knox

    haha ye i agree with you

  • Prv8J0k3r

    Not sure that Microsoft is the one to be blaming here, I just think that is misdirected anger. They only supply the means with which to receive, updates/patches/dlc/etc, I don't think they are really involved in the planning of how things are launched.