Opera Mini for iPhone: Download still not on Apple’s App Store

By Gary Johnson - Mar 29, 2010

Will there be a new web-browser for the iPhone on the App Store? Or will iPhone users have to make do with Safari?

It has now been six days since Opera Mini was submitted to Apple for approval. It seems Apple are dragging their heels in allowing competition to their own browser Safari for the iPhone. Early reviews of Opera have mentioned the fast page loading speed, a reported six times faster than Safari.

There may be a chance Apple will accept Opera to the App Store, but as the days go on it is looking more unlikely. The browser offers features which are not on Safari, like a find-in-page feature, a function that allows users to search terms within the text displayed on a page. Another useful option is a Speed Dial feature which allows users to see up to nine favorite websites bookmarked visually. A few of these options can be found in Safari but only on the desktop version.

The browser developers (Softpedia) will probably get an email explaining any rejection from Apple, but still hope Opera will be approved eventually, and as the days tick by it is looking more unlikely.

Do you think Apple will approve Opera Mini for iPhone? Read the full story on Softpedia.com

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  • Pitt

    Why do they mess with apple, some developers are selling their apps (ipa files) online and you can't find those in appstore so once again why deal with apple if they are so conservative and don't want to let anybody who is developing better apps, to compete with them. I have jailbroken iphone and can find and download almost any app cracked and free, but I always pay for the app if it's really good so, I know opera as an awesome browser and I would buy it online if it's not going to be free (I doubt)

  • Realcon

    Opera browser is more fast from every browser at the moment from all.
    Like monzila e8 safari and others.

    That’s why never apple put the opera in them app.

    Pepople don’t know how fast is the opera browser. People who are working for the apple they know.

    Safari vs opera= elephant vs tiger.
    Monzila vs opera= donkey vs horse.

  • ionut popa

    opera is not developed by softpedia, it's just a news and downloads portal

  • I’ll be pretty upset if they do end up rejecting it. I really like some of the features they have included in Opera Mini. I haven’t jailbroken any of my iphones to date but if it is rejected and shows up for jailbroken phones, I’ll consider it…..