AT&T’s iPhone and Verizon Slogans For Ads

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 29, 2010

With the war for subscribers rife between AT&T/iPhone and Verizon, their latest TV ads are a constant dig at the other to gain support. AT&T’s ploy seems to be to entice Verizon followers with the iPhone and a superior network, while Verizon is trying to keep its current subscribers by saying that its network isn’t the subpar network that AT&T has.

According to the findings of beatweek the two television ads are sending out different messages. While Apple/AT&T are promoting their idea of the multi-tasking iPhone, highlighting that as you make a video of your child, you could then jump straight into a conference call. Verizon however are displaying an app that allows the user to keep track of their wandering kids. This is obviously to suggest that their 3G network is the only one good enough to allow this app to work properly.

All this leads you to wonder what levels these large companies will stoop to in order to gain subscribers.

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