Apple iBookstore and why the iPad changes everything

By Peter Chubb - Mar 29, 2010

The iPad is just days away from when customers will get their hands on the tablet device, and maybe then will be able to answer the critics questions. Apple managed to beat Microsoft in bringing out a tablet device, although the latter will be bringing out its own version in due course. However, the iPad will have a head start and with the help of the iBookstore, both working together will change everything.

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad back in January, it was touted as the device that bridges the gap between the smartphone and the netbook, although Jobs did say that the netbook has had its day.

The iPad has had its critics – but so has the iPod and the iPhone, we do not need to go into the success of both them devices. Ok we will, what made them so good was iTunes and the App store. The iPad will have access to both of these as well as the new iBookstore – allowing you to download eBooks for you to read wherever you are.

The iPad will have a big battle on its hands with the Amazon Kindle, but recent publisher signings and more flexibility – Apple’s tablet device could end up taking a huge chunk of the Kindle’s market share.

PR Mac is not saying that iBookstore is perfect; it has a way to go to prove itself, mostly with newspaper publications and the fact that they are just overgrown iPhone apps at the moment. Do you think the iPad and iBookstore will be the perfect marriage as iTunes and the iPhone is?

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