HTC EVO 4G: Review claims “iPhone killer”

By Alan Ng - Mar 25, 2010

For those of you who are still impressed with what you saw following the announcement of the HTC EVO 4G phone from Sprint, we have an interesting article for you to read now, which has labelled the EVO the ‘new iPhone killer’.

The article comes from the Daily Mail, who have given us a brief review on what is featured within the EVO 4G handset. The main feature is obviously the stunning 4.3-inch display screen, but another excellent feature about the EVO, is that it can also be used as an internet hub to connect up to eight other devices.

What other features could justify the ‘iPhone killer’ tag though? Well it has an 8 megapixel camera, with separate front camera, HD video recording, 1ghz Snap Dragon processor and also runs on the newest Android 2.1 operating system.

Being 4G, data speeds are considerably higher than what is currently offered with today’s 3G standards, so in actual fact – the HTC EVO does have a lot of strong points when compared with the iPhone.

Will it be really be an ‘iPhone killer’ though? It is due out this Summer – we still dont know what Apple’s plans are, so we will have to wait and see. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • KASR

    Can’t talk and surf on 3g?! That’s a crock. I do it all the time on my EVO. Just yesterday I got a call, switch to web browser, logged into my work site, changed a password for the caller (who I switched to speaker phone) and everything worked fine. Not which reviews yore reading, but theyre wrong.

  • Steven

    not an iPhone likker sorry. I was actually REALLY excited about this phone….and I AM an Apple fanboy. I was all out gonna go sell both mine and my wife's 3GS's and go with two of these until I actually held one and played with it today. This thing is super sketchy and jerky. Nothing just flows as in my 3GS. Apps take 2-3 seconds to open, google asked me to "wait" when just opening the contact list for Christ sakes. Ya, this phone is specked out all right, a little TOO specked out if you ask me.

    Now, before all you Apple-haters start bombing this post that I will never return to again, remember I had an ACTUAL DESIRE to leave the iPhone platform and move to this toady. I have the sales guy's card in hand and was bringing my wife down tonight to look at it and get them. I was sold…until I played with it. Sorry, no match for smoothness of the iPhone.

    Most apps are a mess, difficult to understand, jerky. Not fun. Not fun at all. And a whole 4 hour battery. Wow. YES, it lasted 4.3 hours with me . It was fully charged at me picking it up this morning and I just got back a little while ago. It died after 4 hours and 15 minutes. What good is a phone that has all these "SPECS" if you cant use them without having at least one other battery in your pocket? No deal. My iPone lasts 36-48 hours and Im a power user bay far.


  • I want to start off by saying a) that I am not at all an Apple Fanboi; I'm a PC-guy till the day I die…and b) that I DEEPLY wanted this phone. DEEPLY. With all that is within me. It's so sexy, so awesome, so capable! I was willing to trade in my iPhone 3GS, the only Apple device I've ever owned – and the single greatest piece of technology that I've ever owned for that matter – for the HTC Evo. I am also still in contract with AT&T and so I would have terminated early and paid the fine just to switch to Sprint so I could have this phone. I absolutely love my iPhone – it's familiar to me, easy to operate, and fun. But I hate AT&T. I want to see Flash display in the Safari browser. I want to be able to customize my iPhone background. Push notification constantly fails. Dropped calls. I despise the bottleneck of Apple & iTunes. I hate the lack of compatibility it has sometimes with my PC.

    But after reading all of the reviews, I am sorry to say that I will not be getting this beautifully gorgeous phone. And here's why: Horrible battery life. MicroSD card failures. Can't talk and surf at the same time on Sprint (only on 4G, not on 3G). Gotta pay an extra $10 for something that I might not even use because it will kill the battery and might be spotty connectivity at best. Can't install apps to the MicroSD card. A camera lens that the phone actually sits on, resulting potentially in a scratched-up lens.

    I'm super bummed. I mean, it's only a phone, right? But still: Why didn't both HTC and Apple really think of these things? Why not put absolutely everything in the phone that people will need, and MAKE IT RIGHT, so there are no regrets on any side? Sprint: Why make a 4G network and then charge a surplus on it? What's with not providing protection for the camera lens so that I can actually ditch an extra device and use the camera on this phone? Apple: lose the ego and incorporate Flash. Fix your network so calls don't drop.

    As a followup, I certainly will not be upgrading my iPhone 3GS now that I see that the iPhone 4G screen is smaller…what a stupid move by Apple. When will people get it right???

  • Jasie Fontaine

    I’m a huge Apple advocate and even now, I am typing this on my iPad. I’d say that Apple needs to get it up, before this HTC grabs some huge market share. It’s not so much about the features, it’s the HTC’s look and feel – they got the aesthetics correct this time, and she’s a sweet little blockus slab of made true to the Divine ratio, and should be a pleasure to both behold and handle. The screen area alone is momentous achievement. Glorious. I’ll be getting one of therefor sure, but I still will retain my iPhone because I love Apple.

  • i'm actually sick of paying a premium for the iPhone. The EVO can do everything I need even faster than the iPhone. I believe that for Apple and ATT to continue dominating the market they need to build out the network. If they have a comparable network to Sprint then they will loose market share. If they build a network like Verizon then its full steam ahead. In any event for the price and for the features I'm heading to Sprint as soon as possible.



  • Ron

    Ton's of great phones.
    Lot's of carriers.
    Intense competition.
    Unemployed labor all over the place.
    The worst recession in our lifetimes.

    Now let's see some employee wage cut's and lower cost plans for consumers.

  • Mike

    While I dont' think the actual phone will be an iphone killer…sprints marketing move and a phone that I feel will be just as good as the iphone is what's gonna kill the iphone. I don't believe the phone will be better but sprint has got way better coverage and a much better plan. So with the phone, 4g and sprints data plans…apple better start looking to put their phone on sprints phone lineup or start to look back at the wonder years.

    • Bob

      I know 3 Iphone hadtohavers, and all of them switched from sprint to AT&T before June, all can't wait to dump it for the Evo, better plans, better less limiting apps, such as the limit of 5 tags on Shazam free on Iphone, and I have yet to hit a limit on the Shazam on Android. Give it time, because truly that will tell. Both phones are too new to judge what or where they will be in a year.

  • huge market move by sprint!! They first set it up with the most 3G coverage compared to AT&T and now they are the first to bring 4G to the table. Now they bring this HTC Evo to the table and so far thier roadmap to success is moving along with no bumps in the road. Not to mentiong the fact that sprint has the best plans compared to the other big cell phone companies. I admit that I was sick and tired of sprints prehistoric blackberry and a half-assed attempt to compete with the iphone. If it wasn't for this 4G Evo coming out I was on my way out of sprint in pursuit of an iphone. So that's one customer saved by this move by sprint.

  • how long has the iPhone dominated? and how many smartphones have appeared labeled as an iPhone-Killer but not even came close? i'm not feeling that this special lucky one will be any different.

    • Sly

      Well then your an idiot, have you read the specs of the EVO, it blows the iPhone out of the water BAR NONE!

      • sli

        The same was said for the failed pre! look at the specs this is definitely an iphone killer but nope.

    • Demon

      You are a fucking idiot, you know that?

  • coolfx35

    Hi all, I can't wait for this to hit!!! I have been with Sprint for 21yrs now and have enjoyed every minute of this growing company! We have had our problems and I still say as I did back then "Sprint is the Best cellphone Company."

    I have the HTC Hero, got it on October 9th and it ROCKS best cell I've ever had! I had some of the problems with my Hero but nothing to send me packing. I truly hope that this update that is going to happen, happens soon and I hope I can use the 2.1 for a little time so when the I get my mitts on the 4.3in screen and all the goodies to boot I just might have found my last cellphone that I buy?! But like everything else the day I/we buy, it will be out done by a new beast but thats the Tech World for ya..

    So what do you think about the HTC Evo 4G, share your opinion at a site dedicated to Evo 4G.

  • Xerxes

    Don't forget Wimax 2, its download speeds are 170Mbs and it should be ratified by the ITU this summer.

  • Sean

    No data limit on 4G

  • Sprint guy

    4G is unlimited smart guy

  • Peggy

    Never with Sprints 5G limit!

    • Michael L. Brown

      PDA net for the Android OS will bypass carrier limits and I am sure an app for the hotspot feature will be here by summer's end.

    • Bob

      There is no limit, and Sprint has no plan to set a limit. As far as usage and data go, there is no limits either with the $30 plan, plus $10 for premium data, since it runs 4G in some cities. Maybe your confused with the USB drives? everyone has a limit on those.

  • nate

    Iphone will have front camera as well for video chating but sprint network will offer cheaper plans and has 4g running already so they will be ahead of the game and also android will eventually nock down the app store since it is an open market for developers.

  • archie

    Apple are getting too sure of themselves and this will rock the boat. They will probably just make minor feature adjustments and hope to win by dropping the price. Same fate for the iPad