Sprint HTC EVO 4G: Where to expect WiMAX Coverage


By Posted 24 Mar 2010, 16:03

As you have probably already heard Sprint have recently caused quite a stir in the smartphone market by unveiling the operator’s first-ever 4G handset, although the handset is not available yet it should be available sometime in the summer.

If you check out this interactive map you will see a full list of ‘WiMAX covered’ areas, these areas include Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Antonio, Honolulu and many more, however throughout the rest of 2010 Sprint are planning to cover more areas.

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Other areas that should soon have WiMAX coverage include Boston, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Minneapolis, New York City, San Francisco and Washington, D.C, in the mean time areas which do not have WiMAX coverage will have to rely on the existing EVDO Rev.A data networks.

To be honest it looks as if people won’t see the full potential of the 4G network until perhaps late 2010, however at least a carrier has pretty solid plans to launch their 4G handsets and 4G network.

Source: SlashGear