PSP 3D: Release will not be happening after 3DS – Sony

By Alan Ng - Mar 24, 2010

It was only a matter of time before Sony commented on Nintendo’s announcement on the 3DS handheld, as Sony has just stated that their main 3D focus will be on the PS3, with no plans for a 3D PSP console.

As reported from VG247, John Koller – Sony’s Marketing chief revealed the disappointing news in a recent interview over at IGN.

He reiterated about the huge possibilities that the PS3 console has with regards to 3D technology, adding that the amount of interest from retailers and publishers is ‘off the charts’.

He also took a brief swipe at Nintendo with the following quote: ”Eight and nine year-olds playing 3D is a little bit of a stretch given where some of our research is right now.”

Quite amusing nevertheless. What are your thoughts on this? Are you disappointed that there will be no PSP 3D or are you not bothered?

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  • stuart crabbe

    in my opinion sony shouldnt be doubting anythin nintendo is doing, but instead should be using them as an example of fullfilling the consumers needs. thats developing and bringing out continuously new technology and 'the next big thing' in gaming to the public. sony is not.
    finally when sony does bring out a motion capture technology [playstation move], already outdated in terms of the wii (yet again thanks to nintendo). and only to be completly shamed by the soon to be released kinect by mycrosoft.
    so in terms of leaderboards, im my opinion, when the nintendo 3DS arrives, sony will again be last in comparison to mycrosoft and intendo.

  • stuart crabbe

    i cant actually say how relieved i am to hear this to be honest.
    it would be nice to see certain games in 3d like monster hunter and so forth. but at the same time what ever 3d psp sony does decide to develope in the future if they even do, will always be second best to what ever nintendo brings out. so i do actually find it a lil childish to quote such a statement. there is no doubt that 8 and 9 year olds will absolutly love the new 3d feature, from past experinces anythin NEW is a must have for kids. being only 17 myself, i can confidently say that im excited even now for the release of the nintendo 3DS.

  • darthchrisb

    ”Eight and nine year-olds playing 3D is a little bit of a stretch given where some of our research is right now.” this shows us once more how sony absolutely has no niveau. despite the fact that the ds is a very grown up system and the average player age is with no doubt obove the one of the psp, its just ridiculous how sony needs to play the bad bully to "be cool". im sure just at the time they saw the 3ds they said "oh fuck, we need something like that, too!". we'll see it. if the next psp will be without 3d – ok. if it will support 3d you will know that they lied because at least since the revealing of the 3ds they've made their decision 3d or not.

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