Entry-level AMG Mercedes F800

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 24, 2010

There has been plenty of talk about a new entry-level saloon coming from Mercedes in-house tuning division AMG. Although there was suggestion that a new generation of B Class would get the AMG touch, it is now reported that a whole new type of engine will power the smaller saloon.

It is rumored that a downsized turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 would be the basis of the new AMG engine. The new 3.2-liter unit would be up-rated with an electrically operated pressure wave supercharger which will give better response at lower speeds.

With power somewhere around the 400 horsepower mark and with the possibility of four-wheel-drive with a rear-biased split, the new AMG would be set to compete against the Golf R from Volkswagen and BMW’s 1 Series.

Check out the full report at AutoBlog and see possibilities of styling cues from the F800 concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

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