Nintendo 3DS: Specs released, 3D analogue sticks – Your move Sony

By Alan Ng - Mar 23, 2010

Hold on to your seatbelts everyone, as the first little details regarding specifications for the just-announced Nintendo 3DS handheld have been released. 3D analogue sticks anyone?

No, we didn’t make that up. A report from VG247 has cited Japanese publication Nikkei as the source, who has also revealed some other major news about the 3DS.

Aside from 3D analogue sticks, it will have a slightly smaller four inch display screen than the current DSi XL (4.2-inch), but the report reveals that the screen will be a “parallex barrier LCD” – manufactured by Sharp.

Further specs include possible vibration support, improved battery life and ‘better’ WiFi transfers. I dont know about you, but I’m slightly excited now.

What on earth does 3D analogue sticks mean anyway? Forget the Sony PSP2, its all about the 3DS!

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  • Lumi

    Nintendo finally cought up in the hand held technology and slaps in a new feature for good measure just so it's different than the PSP, their specs are so close it's like comparing a PS3 and a 360, but the PSP wins most catagories spec wise but the interesting but most likely to be useless 3D technology.

  • It wasn't that too impressive, and it's a sad thing to say coming from a DSi owner. Nintendo 3Ds compiled updates

  • cooper

    i wikipediaed analog stick and it means a control stick like the 2 of them on the 360 controller

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