Nintendo 3DS: Name could be changed at E3 2010

By Posted 23 Mar 2010, 14:34

Following on from our previous article regarding the Nintendo 3DS and it’s 3D capabilities without the need for 3D glasses, many seem to have missed the fact that the ’3DS’ tag could be gone by the time E3 2010 lands in June.

In their official press release, Nintendo mention not once, but twice that Nintendo 3DS is just a temporary name for the interesting new device.

Does this mean that they already have a final name in place? They promised that we will hear more at E3, so I’m guessing that we may see a name change as well.

It wouldn’t bother me if they stuck with 3DS though – I quite like it. I can’t think of any better suited names for it anyway, can you?

Have a look at the press release here if you missed it.

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