Nintendo 3DS: Apple could copy technology says analyst

By Alan Ng - Mar 23, 2010

Following on from the announcement of the Nintendo 3DS handheld this morning, industry analyst Michael Pachter has stated that companies like Apple will copy the technology, unless Nintendo has created something ‘groundbreaking’.

As reported from VG247, Pachter made his latest comments in a recent interview over at CVG. After labelling Nintendo ‘bold’, he went on to say how Nintendo’s device will be used in other devices eventually.

“If they truly pioneer a technology, my guess is that Apple will mimic the technology.”

Furthermore, he thinks that if the technology within the 3DS is not unique, then the handheld may just simply be a ‘replacement’ for current DS owners.

What are your thoughts on this? Does he have a point this time, or is he talking nonsense?

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  • james braselton

    hi there you are wrong some websites are saying apple by passing 3D and just jumping into 4D in macworld future of apple they showed a 4D app for the ipad and some web sites saying 4D games coming too the ipad