Google Maps: Hotel prices being tested

By Posted 23 Mar 2010, 13:14

Some very interesting news to deliver to all you Google Maps fans out there, as it has been reported that Google are to include Hotel prices on their Maps service, to a select portion of users.

As reported from Mashable, the service will actually operate in a simple and very easy way for the user: Just type in hotels for a certain region on Google maps, and then you will see a list of Hotels pop up, as well as a breakdown of prices depending on how many nights you are staying.

It is thought that this will be a ‘Ad’ based service, but no doubt that users will like the idea of having all the important information right in front of you.

From my experience, it is quite irritating to have countless pop-up windows open whenever searching for a hotel online – so this new service from Google seems ideal for situations like that.

Let us know what you think of it.

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