Final Fantasy XIII: Sales drop by 80 per cent, time to worry Square?

By Alan Ng - Mar 22, 2010

How many of you saw this coming? It has been confirmed that sales of Final Fantasy XIII, released on March 9th – have dropped by a whopping 80 per cent in a matter of days. Surprised?

As reported from Eurogamer, God Of War III has now overtaken the RPG to take the top spot in the UK All-format charts for this week.

Along with sales of the game, Final Fantasy XIII now drops to 3rd position in the charts, behind EA’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in second.

We previously asked you if you were bored of the game already – but judging by the sales outcome, it looks like a lot of you are going to give it a miss.

There is always Final Fantasy XIV remember. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Darrell

    What a noob, look at the sales, FF XIII has clearly outsold GOD of WAR III up to this point.

  • jerrypons

    I knew this would happen!

    Its called karma.

    right squeenix and micro$oft?

    you two jerking with sony is the worse idea you can think of

    its no coincidence that ff xiii goes head to head with GOW III

    kratos has got you two pwed!

  • OOZARU33

    all the drop in sales indicates is that god of war 3 came out. there are alot of people that love god of war (for good reason i might add). the fantasy jrpg market in america isn't as large as the action game market. alot more people love violence than a deep involving "japanese-y" story.

    p.s. of course it's "japanese-y." it's a japaneese developer. duh!!!

  • Blaize

    It does surprise me that the sales have dropped in a way, but I think it’s because reviews haven’t exactly been particularly kind, but I think it is obvious why. Final Fantasy XIII is a good game, but if we compare it to any other numbered FF, it is just no good. XIII is easily the worst main series FF, but that’s not to say it’s a bad game.

    Final Fantasy XIII is actually very good. The battle system is brilliant, with control over all the characters it would have been perfect, but overall an impressive battle system. It never bored me at all, even after about 80 hours of play time I am still enjoying the battle system. Paradigms worked very well too, and it meant a lot of changing around to find the perfect combo for a certain monster, and I think this is brilliant for RPG lovers. The leveling system, the Crystarium, was just lifted from FF X, but with less in it, and was average, but not particularly bad.

    The story was a little bit weird to be honest, very japanese-y I would say. Parts were very good, the ending, certain scenes with Sazh, and Lightning and Snow are very cool characters, and the whole l’cie and fal’cie system was very appealing to me, I thought it was brilliant. The voice acting was mostly fantastic in my opinion, but Vanille has easily the worst voice actor for a game ever.

    Overall, I would say it was a great game, but not comparable to a lot of other Final Fantasy games out there. The bottom line is, if you own a PS3 or Xbox 360, you need to own this game. It’s 50 hours minimum of good fun.

  • valark

    You are an idiot for this news blurb, have you not noticed that PS3 consoles are sold out everywhere?

  • JNA

    FF XIII comes from the same producer of FFX ( I never swallow quite well that version). If there will be a FFXV – I would like to see another team of producers in charge of it. I find both versions X and XIII a little bit strange, unlike FFXII. They better select good producers for the next installments. And please bring back Yoshitaka Amano as character designer.

  • Amir

    nope. They've already made their money back then some. The game will continue to sell, its just been over shadowed by the Awesomely Awesome God of War III.