PS3’s Uncharted 2 Greatest Game Ever: Is this a joke?

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2010

It is no doubt that Uncharted 2 on the PS3 is one of the best games to date on the system, with countless awards backing this up. One article we have found now, suggests that Uncharted 2 is the ‘greatest game in existance’ – Do you agree with this?

The article in question comes from Tqcast, who have listed some of the awards that the game has won so far, highlighting recent accolades from the GAME British Academy Video Games Awards – who have Uncharted 2 up for 6 new awards.

Lets not forget that Uncharted 2 was released almost 6 months ago, and still, people are using it as a benchmark when comparing it with other titles.

With that said though, is it really worth the title of ‘Greatest game in existance’? We’re not so sure. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Jonoliver95

    So in some comments people say that SMB is better, and i kind of agree on this. SMB , the original game, created its own legacy, because even today it is still played. BUT, Uncharted 2 is the GREATEST GAME in MODERN GAMING. Overall, we cannot just count out the classics, but in modern gaming, maybe to go as far and say since Xbox and PS era started, Uncharted 2 is the best game.

  • Bob

    Yes you stupid person writing the article. Its a fact Uncharted 2 is currently the greatest game in existence!

  • TN

    Yes, it really is one of the greatest games of all time.

  • Leigh D

    I own Both a 360 and a PS3, definitely not a 'Fan boy' of either. However; i do agree that uncharted 2 is probably the best game i've ever played. The action scenes are exquisid and the story just has a brilliant way of drawing you in and making you want to play for hours on end. A good mix of puzzles and shooting also helped this game exceed any expectations i had, although uncharted: Drakes Fortune was also brilliant. All i can say is Bring on Uncharted 3, going to be amazing!

  • mike

    It's so well rounded, I can't see any game that can top it

  • Peter

    Certainly have no arguments saying it is the best game ever made. It is truly stunning in every way. I’ve never played a game like it. and I doubt I’ll ever play another one quite like it. The graphics are just utterly beautiul. The story is the best story I’ve ever been taken through in a game. And the voice acting is just spot on.

    Yes it is the greatest game ever made.

  • I had a rather heated drunken debate with a few mates of mine about weather or not HL2 was the greatest game of all time. My argument was that this is far better. I think the main point is that sure some past games paved the way and made things possible but that definitely doesn't mean they are better. Even if you are re-inventing the wheel, if it is better the re-invention is now the best wheel. Half life 2 had awesome game play, excellent puzzles, groundbreaking graphics, impressive acting and animations. Uncharted 2s game play is at least on par, the puzzles are more diverse (and generally more fun i think), graphics are far better and the acting/ animations are also way way better. That is why it is better than HL2 I don't know about the rest of the games ever made.

  • GTRrocker

    I have to admit, the uncharted series gets more fun the more you replay it. The unlockables, and being able to replay your favorite missions keeps these titles in my PS3. I will never sell any of them because I keep replaying them.

  • khephran

    I’ve played a lot of games and this is the best that I have ever played, it’s better than any N64 game to the guy who said Super Mario 64 is the best ever. super good story, gameplay, graphics, multiplayer, and voice acting make this the best game ever imo

  • Xbox rules

    PS3 sucks japinese dick . xbox rules bitches

  • MrTev

    The amount of PS3 fan boy in here is amazing.

  • Shizzle

    It is is the single best gaming experience I've ever had. I think back on Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Uncharted 1, God of war 1,2, and 3, heavenly sword, heavy rain, all the ratchet & clanks, final fantasys, etc. it all is awesome. But one game for me…is simply the best. The length, the dialogue, the voice acting, the music, the scenery, the graphics, the story, multiplayer, Nathan Fillion, a great game before it…it really is…


  • Who cares?

    Ummmm hae you people forgotten TLoZ Ocarina of time? And this game was good but not nearly as good as Zelda

  • Marv

    ocarina of time & golden eye are still better than uc2.

    too many ps3 fanboys here with tunnel vision

  • Marv

    ocarina of time & golden eye are still better than uc2.

    too many ps3 fan boys for a fair debate here

    • Bob

      Freaking hypocrit reading a ps3 article just to say Xbox rules? Thats so stupid

  • Vic

    By the way, best game ever, Super Mario Bros. keep it real fellas. if you're 30 or older, you know damn good and well that SMB was a game like no other. Not to mention if was the first game to have true arcade like graphics and brought them home. If it wasn't for SMB, we may not have ever had Nintendo.

  • Thomas

    Best game of all time has to be mgs4 simple lol

  • Vic

    Like I have been saying all along, the PS3 is the greatest console, err….Entertainment system out period. The X-BoX franchise is nothing more than an updated Sega Genesis. Which makes no sense to me considering they killed the Genesis, the same way that they're going to kill the X-Box. rush to market, then give Sony and Nintendo enough time to put out better products, and then get obliterated. When the PS3 first came out, everyone was saying how hard it was to program for it, and most developers couldn't use the 7 available processors in the 'cell' etc…. now, all the best games, are on the system that can actually deliver on the goods. Not to mention that long term cost of ownership on an X-box, is far greater than a PS3 (Wii is in a different category in my opinion) You must pay annually to play online, you must pay to watch HD movies, (never mind, HD DVD is now defunct) Wi-Fi, extra. All features that the PS3 does well out of the box. pre included in the purchase price. X-Box is now and has always been garbage. I give it about 3-5 years before it dies again, just like the Genesis.

  • Anyonomus

    Well, I got to say once you finish it, you expext everything. MW2 has an awsome online game play. Honestly, I think they match up in diffrent ways, followed close by Assasins Creed 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, and maybe Infamous.

  • Bret

    I prefer tetris.

  • Tear

    Yes, Uncharted 2 is, at least, one of the top five greatest games ever made. Period.

    To say it's getter than any game in existence is somewhat pushing it though..

  • Uncharted 2 is undoubtedly one of the best games ever made, but MGS4 is the best game I've seen in my life.

  • Mr angry

    Think yourself lucky that uncharted 2 was plopped out, now we have something to judge other games by and something for other developers to surpass.

    Maybe at the end of the year you can critique UC2 but for the time nice try but no cigar.

  • bill jones

    i love xbox 360

    • Bob

      So why are you reading an article about a ps3 game? Thats pathetic

  • ollie

    no legend of zelda on nintedo 64 is the best

  • God

    Yeah ! best game ever ,hands down !!!!

  • Emery winward

    I was a 360 fan boy and couldnt swallow my pride and break down to play this game until 6 months after its release. Once i started i couldnt stop i played this game non stop until i beat it. WITHOUT a doubt in my opinion this is the best single player experience of ALL time. This game alone has changed my gaming thinking and the way i feel about the PS3.

  • Justin

    Can I game only be good for a couple of months can it?

  • Joey Jo-jo Junior

    This dude just typed up a short response to the Tqcast article while sitting on the toilet to bait ps3 users onto his site, next time have evidence.

  • Adaminy

    hands down, to me, definitely the best all around game this gen on any console. i don’t know if it’s the best game of all time… but i can’t think of anything better off the top of my head… so i guess it WOULD be my best game of all time lol

  • Cha

    its good bordering on great. Not the best.

  • Walldo

    u can never truly say of all time as some games for when released greatly advanced there genre or gaming as a whole like pong or ocarina of time. also a massive amount of nostalgia takes place causing many to look more fondly at their classic games like "phhjkklml" who said "no chrono trigger is". For this generation then yes i believe it is but it hasn't advanced the industry as much as earlier games.

  • SlaughterMeister

    Greatest game in existence? Hell no.

    One of the best I've played? Hell yes.

  • Nada Nuff

    It's definitely ONE of the best of all time, along with Chrono Trigger, Jet Grind Radio, and Super Mario World.

  • yes it is. Uncharted 2 is the best game ever after Heavy Rain

  • danny

    It's a great game but there are better.

    For me there's nothing better than HALF LIFE 2.

  • willie Coleman

    That title seems to be tossed around so much. What game will be next? It not like UC2 was the last game ever made. It a great game but there will be other games that will be better.

  • Brian

    I haven't played every game but I will say of all the games I've played Uncharted 2 is the greatest. I'm still playing God of War 3 but I don't think it will be as good. Most games don't make me want to play completely through the game. And the ones that do rarely make me want to play again. I'm in the middle of my 4th time through Uncharted 2 though. I played Uncharted completely through two or three times also. Naughty Dog did a great job on both games.

  • Beezy

    It has set the bar for games of this generation. Maybe not the greatest game of all time, but the greatest game of this generation?YES

  • David Macphail

    Well it's a hell of a lot better than the uninspired, last – gen graphics, sub – HD resolutions, buggy online garbage that gets released for the 360, that's for sure. 360 games are a joke, not even worth mentioning, which is why they don't win awards. Maybe if the VGA's ever invented a category of "Worst POS Of The Year Award" then a 360 game might win something but that's it. 360 games don't win awards because nobody is going to give you an award for having the WORST graphics…….LOL.

    As for best game ever, it could be. There have been a lot of fantastic games over the past couple of generations like Final Fantasy X, Gran Turismo 4, Metal Gear Solid 4 and God Of War 3, however Uncharted 2 can definetly compete with the best of them.

    • David Macrahtard

      Xbox 360 games are so not worth mentioning I'm going to mention them 8 times in the first paragraph. Idiot.

  • Link0r1


  • Raz

    I wonder how many of you would be fapping over UC2 if it had PS2 graphics.

    Anyone who praises this game’s story obviously hasn’t watched enough movies.
    Anyone who ‘overly’ praises this game’s gameplay obviously doesn’t realise how borrowed everything is.

    IMO the MP (however broken) was way more fun than SP
    IMO Nathan Drake is the worst thing in the game (so numbskulled and cheesy)

    On my personal favourite games from last year list, UC2 comes in 4th or 5th. With Batman 1st.
    What Batman lacks in graphics and technical wizardry, it by FAR makes up with incredible atmosphere and backstory, but then absolutely nailed it with varied and well polished gameplay, it has so many new ideas.
    IMO Batman has the best combat in a none fighting game to date.

    Batman as a character also shits on Drake
    The voice acting was also better in Batman than UC2
    And the pacing

    What im trying to say is that, how can there be games out there that do so many things better than UC2 (Story, backstory, plot, atmosphere, characters, GAMEPLAY, score, sound, online, voice acting etc) in everything except technology, how can UC2 be considered as The Greatest Game ever?

  • Josh Johnson

    Of course its the greatest game out there its made by naughty dog. They took what they knew about games and what the gamers want as well. Uncharted 2 is amazingly beatiful and these ppl startd an online multiplayer that rivals or in my opinion is better than MW2 or Halo… and for a game n its same genre as far as gameplay gears of war just falls in comparison. Also, allow me to remind you that this is there first experience with MP in a console game and not only do they listen and repond to what there true fan are having troubles with even when is just getting pick they take this info, log it, and make a decision on how this is effecting there community. After that, here comes the best part the change it they try in few letters as possible which many many game makers just do not… sometimes i have my doubts that some even know what comes with make a good games with these half-rate games that come out week by week. In closing, our gaming community need to just now worry wether uncharted is the greatest of all time and rather play and praise that you have a game like that and give ti all you have cause with this one I can most certainly assure you that this one will absolutly not dissappoint.
    Thanks, hsojj (PSN TAG)

  • Konner

    Not the best, although it is a good game, but overrated, the graphics are amazing but still do not beat the three year old game crysis, Uncharted 2 is a mixture of games, it is done so well it seems like a new game,

    Best Game Ever, is an overstatement

  • Irby Heaton

    At this point in time, It's my fav, next week????????? Who knows


  • dirty harry

    you have got be kidding! it has the nicest gfx ill give it that, but the on rails, dot to dot gameplay was repetitive and in some parts boring.

  • Dexter

    Uncharted 2 was a great game. I loved the mix of climbing/platforming which was as great as Assassin´s creed and more fun in my opinion and the action/third person shooting was amazing. But the best thing about Uncharted 2 was the storu. But now that I have finished God of war 3 one day ago, I can say that the grande finale of Kratos adventure beats even Uncharted 2. GOW3 will be the new benchmark for many months to come. For me it was the perfect game. The graphics beat even those of Uncharted and the gameplay and story was even better than those of gow1 and gow2. Do not believe those reviewers who say that gow 1&2 had better stories. Sure the story of gow1 had the advantage of the new, it was a one mans revenge against Ares, but kratos latest adventure was much more complex than the first two games. And the shocking ending beats that of any game i have played with the exception of mgs 3 snake eater.

  • Someone

    No, to be rewarded a "greatest game of all time" label from someone the game should set a benchmark for something and thrust the industry forward in a way the gaming community hasn't seen yet. What Uncharted 2 can be argued to do that in is gfx which comes and goes but it's gameplay stays in the middle between other good platformers and third person shooters. If you believe Uncharted 2 moves the industry forward, I suggest you take a gaming history lesson (not to be too harsh).

  • Balram

    LittleBigPlanet=Game of the Year 2008.
    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves=Game of the Year 2009.
    God of War 3=Game of the Year 2010. (Competitors=KillZone 3, Resistance 3, inFamous 2, Gran Turismo 5, LittleBigPlanet Motion, DC Universe Online, Agent, The Agency, Free Realms, Motion Brawler, EyePet 2, Grand Theft Auto V, ModNation Racers and so on…)

    UNCHARTED 2: AMONG THIEVES EQUALS BEST GAME TILL DATE (A Tie with God of War 3, but Online Multiplayer gives Uncharted 2 the edging win!)

  • Filipakos

    After winning so many awards its no point asking us to say if its the best game ever.Thank god naughty dog!:D

  • nate-dog7

    absolutely, hands down, yes! this game blows my mind

  • Right now i dont think the greatest game in existence has been made out of all teh games made and the games that have changed the face of gaming there isnt a game that can be crowned king of all games.

    The game has to be perfect no bugs, no graphical errors, in needs to be original it needs to stand out and the game needs to have the backing of every gamer xbox player ps3 player, wii player or pc player we need to stand united before any game can be crowned. There are too many console wars going on and arguments so there for we cant decide based favouritism.

  • chaz

    bullshit. in the area after drake survives the train accident, u can walk past every single guard without alerting them. as soon as u get to the point where u need to be, the game realises what just happened and all of a sudden every guard knows where you are (after the in game cut scene, they call your name). This game is bullshit, with gameplay that is irritating and is confined to its linear story telling structure (my example and probably one of the worst cover systems i have ever encountered), it cannot be the greatest game ever. it is forgettable and short. nice graphics and a simple story do not make up for shit gameplay.

  • I'd say no, but it's up among them. I'd set it below MGS4 and LBP on PS3. Under Super Mario Galaxy on Wii and under… no one on 360.
    I don't think it's the best game ever as, but like CoD4 did, it does absolutely everything without revolutionizing anything.

  • BotsSuckNuts

    It's the Game of this Generation SO FAR. It's the paramount of gaming. Cinematics, graphics, storytelling, action, puzzles. You name it, you got it. Hell, my girlfriend thinks video games are Satan, and she played it.

  • Da Geez

    OVER RATED GAME…. it's just not that good… where is the replay value?!

    Having said that… it's the only game worth getting on the ps3… but still not worth buying a ps3 for it.

    Xbox 360 still DOMINATING this generation!!!

    Xbox 360 Slim + Natal this Xmas will blow the ps3, and it's lame wiimote rip-off, completely out of the water… the ps3 is DEAD.

  • Da Geez

    OVER RATED GAME…. it's just not that good… where is the replay value?!

    Having said that… it's the only game worth getting on the ps3… but still not worth buying a ps3 for it.

    Xbox 360 still DOMINATING this generation!!!

    Xbox 360 Slim + Natal this Xmas will blow the ps3, and it's lame wiimote rip-off, completely out of the water… the ps3 is DEAD.

  • noctis

    mgs4 all the way !!!
    uncharted 2 is overrated piece of pig s*** !!!

  • asd

    I believe that younger gamers will remember uncharted 2 like we remember GoldenEye and Ocarina of Time..
    So it could be.

  • ghinasky


    awesome Single player experience!
    Academy Awards Movie like quality and story!
    Awesome and Addictive online multiplayer!
    Awesome graphics!
    Charistamatic Nathan Drake!
    Great comedy!
    Fanatastic controls and gameplay!
    Great voice actors!
    Awesome Audio Quality!
    Fantastic level designs!
    Fantastic realistic weapons!
    Great entertainment for the whole family to watch.
    I am sure everybody in the house is watching behind my back as the game unfolds.

  • fragasaurusflex

    Outstanding title, but in single player mode the AI is in a vegetative state at times. But, occasionally lousy AI and little glitches like weapons vanishing after story driven scenes are eclipsed by the fun factor. Best game of all time? Everybody wants their darling to carry that honor. It is, however, the game of the moment, the honorary winner of the NOW award. I would even say it is slightly over-hyped, but only a little. The story is on the anemic side, but this is, as they say, a blockbuster, summer-movie, roller coaster ride. Irrespective of opinionated "best game ever" statements (I'm looking at you GOW3, etc.), it is clearly on a qualitative plane much higher than most.

  • tarbis

    No, 'coz ND is gonna surpass this one with Uncharted 3. Sony 1st party devs always set their bars very high up.

  • Mark

    This game getting way overhyped. Yeah its good but its not the 2nd coming like a lot of ppl act like it is.

  • EVG

    Certainly not. Now while I think Uncharted 2 is a superb and brilliant game. It's no where near "greatest game of all time" for me.

    In fact I wouldn't even call Uncharted 2 Naughty Dog's best game. I prefer both Jak and Daxter 2 and 3 over it. The platforming is just better in J&D. And I would rather Naughty Dog make Jak 4 over Uncharted 3.

    But enough of that, Uncharted 2 cannot be considered best game ever, because there are some serious flaws in it. And while I am a firm believer of gameplay over story, UC2's story was very lacking for me, and I really wanted to know more. And after doing some research on Shambala afterwards, I came across a whole lot of stuff ND really should have put into the games plot, or at least have had Nate mention during the coarse the of game. So from a story perspective, UC2 is a big letdown. The gameplay is still top notch however and I dearly love it for that.

    And since Resident Evil 4 was mentioned, I don't think that is the best game ever either. I would pick Uncharted 2 over RE4 as best game. RE4 had great gameplay too, but felt it lacked in some other important areas as well.

    I haven't played God of War 3 yet, but out of this gen alone, the greatest game for me has been Dead Space. I enjoyed that far more than Uncharted 2. And overall for greatest game of all time. I'd be hard pressed between Resident Evil 3, Metal Gear Solid 3 and God of War. 😀 For some reason no game this gen has infiltrated it's way into my top 10 yet. 🙁

  • ppSucks

    Best game without a doubt.

    The top 5 games this generation are all on the PS3, it's an embarrassment of riches, especially when you consider that they have the best lineup of titles still to be released by a longshot.

    Although the Wii has second place locked up, the 360 has nothing.

  • igoramos

    I can imagine talking about team fortress 2 or Shadow of the Colossus but Uncharted 2!!! WTF. I would vote lemmings over this overblown, derivitive game. And yes, I played it all the way through, waiting to see what people were talking about. Multiplayer was ok for awhile. I just don't get it. seems like just another way that people conform.

  • doa766

    in my modest opinion I´d say that it depends on the originality factor, without considering it then yes, it's the greatest game of all time

    milk came first but chocolate milk tastes better

    (resident evil 4 and tomb raider and milk, uncharted 2 is chocolate milk)

  • igoramos

    MEDIOCRE. Just what is the criteria that people are judging games from. This was a middle of the road well executed but completely uninspired game. And you know it is.

  • kobe8ph

    FLAMEBAIT!!! This is crap……but hell yeah….UNCHARTED2 and GOD OF WAR 3 and METAL GEAR SOLID 4!!!!

  • doa766

    in my modest opinion I´d say that it depends on the originality factor, without considering it then yes, it's the greatest game of all time

    but if you value if the game came up with things that it does better than anyone else, then no, because without resident evil 4 and tomb raider there would be no uncharted

    I usually tend not to put much stock on this, it´s like: yes, milk came first but chocolate milk tastes better, even if it´s based on the original and wouldn´t be anything without it it´s just better

  • Kay

    It is. Think about it. It has with out a question the greatest pacing in a video game ever. It might not be the funnest game, be the most innovated, or have the best story,but it does have the best average of these things. It's the closes game to perfection around. No game has gotten closer to the idea of a game feeling like a movie.

    • Terd0

      i think games are supposed to feel like games… not movies

  • mispeld

    Super Metroid still reigns supreme!

  • rodneyk

    Uncharted 2 makes developers quit their jobs–that's how good it is. Looking at TQcast's article, Uncharted 2 has more awards than Titanic.

  • Mark

    Absolutely. No game has perfectly mixed gaming, story and cinematics like Uncharted 2.

    It's perfection in a video game.

  • Moyo

    I have played almost all games playable and I will proudly say, Uncharted 2 is the best game of all time. I rated it 11out of 10.

    It is that good!

  • Dustin

    No, even though it is a fantastic game…there will never be any title better than those classic games on the SNES like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and Super Metroid IMO.

  • Waldo

    OK, I see here a few people who voice their own personal fav. Still, it's difficult to identify the greatest single game of all time. You can go allllll the way back and say that Pong is the best game of all time, purely because it started the ball rolling for console based gaming for the masses.

    But I love my PS3, and I'm happy that Uncharted 2 could get BGE, if thats a even real accolade. Did I spell accolade right?


    HELL YEAH it deserves to be right the top sorry MW2 but this blows it away

    • wlchrbandit

      Hahaha, MW2 had a chance of being the best game in existence? NEVER!

  • Bader

    i would say Amazing Graphics + Amazing Gameplay = Amazing Game… and possibly one of the greatest games of all time 🙂

  • Christopher

    I'm sorry but it is true that this game is one of the best games nothing beat it… right now they got GOTY awards from the BAFTA, Game Developers Choice Awards, Spike Tv awards, WGA Award, and more….

  • WOLF

    Simply put, this is true. Only a 360 fanboy could say no(racist kids = 360 community)

    • Justin

      hell no!!!! are you stupid?? super mario 64 is better than this

      • Dusty

        hell ya 64 ftw but i liked ocarina of time way better it still holds the title for best game ever

    • jim

      that racist part is true and i support xbox anyway nigger

  • drake

    If you asked me that 3 days ago, I would say totally yes!
    But I have played god of war 3 and it is better than uncharted 2 (my opinion)
    But uncharted 2 is the second best game of the ps3 xD

  • Michael

    Resident Evil 4 (Not 5, but 4)

    Quality oozes out of Resi 4 and I would have rather played a HD update of '4' then the uncontrollable (puzzle ignoring) mess of Resident Evil 5. Uncharted 2 is superb, but doen't hold a place in my memory like Resi 4 does.

  • phhjkklml

    no chrono trigger is

    • asxascacc

      heck yeah

  • Waldo

    Well, having played both, I’m perfectly happy to say it’s the best game I’ve ever played, but to say the best game of all time? Wow, thats a pretty big accolade.

  • kish08

    good game and yes but i know more great games r coming to the ps3 and 360 is just dead

    • Jon

      No doubt this is the one of the greates action adventure games to date! Story, graphics, and gameplay are all top notch. It is the reason I bought a PS3, but to say the 360 is dead, is just silly.

  • Angie

    HELL YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS <3 uncharted =D best game of all time

    • Lar

      Nooooooooooo way the only people who think this are noobs and kids. stop embarrassing yourself

  • Zedex


    • landon

      yes, hands down the best game ive ever played