Companies Ads On School Bus: Brands can save budgets

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Companies and corporate brands are always trying to find new ways of marketing to the public, but when this marketing spend helps out a good cause, we love to hear that news.

Today we see a news article on ABC News, which is reporting that ads on a School Bus could answer budget woes. Money is tight, and there have been drastic cuts in school districts thanks to the weaker economy.

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The idea of school buses including advertisements could help pay for field trips, sports transportation, and a lot more. Businesses will love the captive audience that an ad on a school bus will provide; and school districts could see this as free money.

This all sounds good until you think about the advertisements and products that may appear on school buses, which could be a concern to parents. We also hear from the associate director of CCFC – Josh Golin – that parents will not be given an ad-free bus option.

Head over to ABC News for the full story. Let us know your thoughts on school bus ads, and the products that may appear on them.