Google Earth’s Street View: Privacy laws should be changed says MP

By Alan Ng - Mar 19, 2010

Following on from a recent camera outing by Google’s Street View team, an MP has called for privacy laws to be reviewed again, as members of the public are still not fully in support of the service.

As reported from, UK MP Mark Lancaster thinks that the laws on Street View need to be tightened, or at least seek customers approval, before their homes are captured on Google’s cameras.

He stated in a recent interview: “Many people are uncomfortable about having their homes on show. They should be asked if they wish to be included.”

At the moment, Google do not break any privacy laws on Street View, as their cameras film on public land and blur any faces or licence plates.

Home owners are free to have their homes removed from the service, but only after it has appeared online. Let us know your thoughts on this.

Should privacy laws be tightened on Street View?

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  • david

    Well if you do not want the front of your house to be seen then move to the country. i mean come on. What are people trying to hide? Anyone can drive down and see the front of there house form the street. Sometimes I think people are just stupid.

  • tony

    So you dont let anyone drive down your street? Lock your door and set the alarm…..Or live on a farm surrounded by trees. Public view Public street. Who cares

  • Hoiler

    Get over it 'pete'. if someone wanted to rob yout joint, theyd go upto in in the real world and examin it.

    Did you know that the uk has 1 cctv camera for every 3 people, u dont hear everybody complaining about that do you???!!!

  • Gina Turner

    our car reg. is clearly visible as is my neighbours face, when viewed from a specific angle.
    i should NOT have to request to be taken off. i should have been ASKED if i wanted to be included!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hoiler


    • david

      park your car in your garage and shut the door. If you want I live in the country in a 600,000.00 I will sell you for 500,000.00 No google car comes there. Thanks David

  • google have a document that states that they are allowed todo it. too bad

  • Mike

    Personally I really like……….If you have a problem with it don't stand in front of front window naked when the Google camera car drives.

  • Dave

    To all those complaining that street view is an invasion of privacy; you're free to go and live in north korea if you want.

  • Garo

    It seems invasion of privacy, but more than that it serves people. Every thing has some disadvantage. Don't be so pessimistic, enjoy what new technology has to offer.

  • pete

    there's a 'report a problem' link in very fine print at the bottom left-hand side of the photographs. Because of the 360 imaging you have to identify each view of your home you want removed. I had to send Google more than 120 emails to get my house removed. And I had to contact my MP repeatedly and directly. It took more than 3 days to get all the images of my house removed. I posted comments that others might find useful on this at this website:

    • Hoiler

      well if u havent noticed google's a BIG company. It takes time for 120 emails to go through the system. I would of thought that 3 days was a resonable amount of time for google to take it down. And if you keep sending them emails, there email computer will think that its spam and it will probbly be deleted before they are ever read.

      give it time.

  • Jean H

    The new street maps are an invasion of privacy. I am appalled that our house can be seen clearly, even things in our windows re in view. We cannot find how to request it to be blanked out and a search on the web brought no joy, only many similar requests from many other people. Please can you say on your site or email me with info how to remove one's house from public view?
    Thank you Jean H

    • david

      maybe you should move to the country as they never make pictures of my house worth 600,000.00 It is for sale:-)

  • Tom O’Brien

    Why is ‘street view’ not available in Reo Of ireland as I’ve seen the google car in my town early last year