Children’s Bible 1.2: New iPhone and iPod touch app

By Posted 19 Mar 2010, 12:40

The first comic book style children’s bible has been released for users of iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Children’s Bible 1.2 is available in full color, and tells the story in seven different languages from both Testaments.

Launched by BCNmultimedia, the app offers one free story per month, but with the option of buying all the content. The most important parts of the New and Old Testament have been covered in the app, with more being added all the time.

Users can purchase Premium content on the App Store, and via the Children’s Bible app. Supported languages include, US English, Spanish, and French. Children’s Bible 1.2 is available worldwide on the App Store, and is a free download. iPhone/iPod Touch (2nd generation) with OS 3.0 or later.

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