New Front Wheel Drive BMW’s

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Ever since the dawn of time BMW has made its models rear-wheel-drive for that Ultimate Driving experience. Yes its true there has been all-wheel-drive, but even these only ever put power to the front when it is deemed necessary.

Well here is the shock, BMW has confirmed they will be producing front-wheel-drive cars, I will say it once again as I don’t quite believe it myself BMW will be making cars in front-wheel-drive.

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It is said that with the small car market growing BMW will take advantage in exploring the possibilities of developing front and four-wheel-drive platforms of these cars. Therefore it looks like we will see front-wheel-drive introduced to the smaller vehicle classes in the future.

However a report from AutoBlog says that it is unlikely that current 3 Series, 5 Series and 7 Series models will make the switch to front-wheel-drive.

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