Apple iPad selling well: Still want new iPhone 4G in 2010?

By Alan Ng - Mar 18, 2010

It has been reported that Apple could potentially have a record breaker on their hands with the iPad tablet, as it has been confirmed that pre-orders are selling in hundreds of thousands.

According to this report from Apple Insider, if pre-orders continue in this trend, it could result in Apple selling more iPad units in the first three months on sale, compared to what they achieved with the original iPhone’s first three months on sale in 2007.

If this is correct, that means that Apple will surpass the 1.2 million iPhone handset units that they sold in the first three months in 2007 – which would be a remarkable achievement for the iPad.

With all the hype seemingly about the new iPhone 4G and whether it will release in 2010, the iPad could still be the one which grabs all the headlines after its release next month.

Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • I truly hope that the next generation of iphone/ipad will have a ram upgrade capability and equip with laser feature capable of measuring distance.

  • JimJim@Lincoln

    To be truthful I just wish Apple could let us know about the IPhone 4G and whether we will be seeing it this year or next. With the Ipad causing all this hype it would be a perfect opportunity to follow up with an announcement of a new IPhone. That would truly keep their competitors on their back foot.


    IPHONE not in the same category as IPAD .
    People who want the 4G IPHONE will be there, regardless of whether or not they have an IPAD.

  • Dan

    The portability of the iPhone is far better than the iPad.

    What about all the docks and accessories people invested in. Youn can't dock
    the ipad in them.

    Provided the 4g is dockable (backward compatible) with peoples 2g and 3g accessories the I think the iPhone will always hold the lion share of the market. People have a significant investment iPhone 3g accessories.