Pogoplug Update offers PS3 and Xbox 360 Streaming

By Posted 17 Mar 2010, 15:15

There is no denying how awesome the Sony PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 are, but there are a few things that both game consoles could do with – one of them is the ability to stream media from a computer or media server. A software update from Popgoplug will now make this possible.

Cnet News has used Pogoplug before and remarked on how easy and affordable it was. So we know that things ran smoothly on some of their other products, so how will this new software perform?

By offering support for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, Pogoplug now makes it possible to share your photos, music and videos by transferring them to your Mac or PC with ease. Cnet has not had a chance to try the software out just yet, but will update us when they do.

Pogoplug’s recent update also allows you to make constant backups from specified folders, changing files while the folder is in use, copying changes to other Pogoplug location and much more. The price for this new Pogoplug from Cloud Engines is $129.

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  • Vince

    Unsure why someone would spend $129 on this when Xbox does this already for free..

  • cameron

    Xbox can already do this with windows media center wich is better than pogop plus and windows media player and 3d party things like tversity