Heavy Rain (PS3): Patch update to fix freezing confirmed – Sony

By Alan Ng - Mar 17, 2010

It looks as if there is light at the end of the tunnel for PS3 owners of Heavy Rain, as Sony has just confirmed that a patch update will be releasing ‘very soon’ to fix up all of those freezing problems that you have been telling us about.

As reported from VG247, a Sony moderator has posted on the Heavy Rain forum, revealing that the patch is currently in the ‘final stage of testing’.

The main problem at hand, is the random game crashes and freezes during certain scenes – which you gave us feedback on here.

The mod explains that only a ‘small number’ of users were affected by problems on the game, but they remain ‘optimistic’ that the patch will solve all your problems.

Read more on this over at VG247. The patch is expected very soon, we’ll let you know when.

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  • Mark


    The internet age. i'm afraid.. The media blow EVERYTHING out of all proportion. To make matters worse, in the case of PS3 titles (and particularly PS3 exclusives), Microsoft's viral marketeers make sure that any small problems are blown out of all proportion, and any Xbox exclusive titles problems are burried.

  • DemonD

    I'm sick of developers using the update function on consoles to sell us the beta version for games. These devs nowadays need to test games before releasing them, instead of using people that pay good money for them as guinea pigs. It really is a disgrace that we can't use what we buy anymore.