Sony count on Blu-ray, ‘we dont’ – says Microsoft’s Greenberg

By Alan Ng - Mar 16, 2010

That man Arron Greenberg has spoken out yet again, this time over the sales battle between the Xbox 360 and PS3, claiming that Sony rely on the Blu-Ray disc format to drive their sales, unlike the Xbox 360.

His comments are from a recent interview with CVG, in which he claims that the Xbox 360 has nearly ”twice their installed base” on the PS3, due to being $100 cheaper.

He added: “Sony bet on the physical disc, and there are costs associated with that. We have the largest movie and TV library, the largest HD library of any console.”

Some interesting points made there from Greenberg, let us know what you think of them. You can read the full interview over at CVG.

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  • LOW

    How old are you alan "that man" fanboys dont come any bigger then you grow up.

  • tiks

    MS stupidity at its best! ever!!! lol