Motorola Droid: Apple Claims iPhone Clone

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A few years back we thought that Apple and Google were making nice, but it seems that things have changed. Both Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs shared a stage three years ago to show off a new gadget – the iPhone – at the MacWorld Expo. The two companies had worked together to use Google’s search technology for the 1st-generation iPhone.

Three years is a long time and things are not the same for Google or Apple – both are embattled in a bitter fight in the smartphone market, on one side you have the dominant iPhone 3GS and on the other you have the Android platform.

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One of the newest Google OS handsets is the Motorola Droid – which Apple claims is an iPhone clone, this is according to a report on the New York Times.

Apple has made a number of claims over other phone makers, but according to reports feel betrayed by Google the most. Steve Jobs feels that Google violated what they thought was a friendly alliance between the two companies, as they have developed a handset that resembles the iPhone physically and technologically.

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  • Andy

    Poor Apple. I suppose getting hosed is painful when you’re not doing the hosing. Of course, since apple hosed Motorola initially with the faux-iTunes integrations, one could make a perfectly valid point that the hosing came around fairly.
    Suck it, apple.