HTC Touch Pro3: Release date could be this Summer – Rumor

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2010

Some potentially exciting news for fans of HTC’s Touch Pro series of handsets now, as we are hearing numerous reports that the handset maker is preparing to unleash the Touch Pro3 this Summer.

As reported from BGR, the rumors have come from the XDA-Developers forums, as a recent post indicated that the Touch Pro3 will release as soon as this Summer.

Better yet, it also thought that the Touch Pro3 will be a much smaller and thinner affair than the Touch Pro2, but is set to ship with Windows Mobile 6.5 rather than the slick new Windows Phone 7 Series.

Hopefully the rumors are wrong about the last part, but we’ll keep you updated when we hear more. Are you interested in picking up a Touch Pro3 handset?

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  • Alan

    The Tp3 needs beat the gay cheap samsung epic thats coming out. I agree with everyones post in hear stop with the game, email-internet only phones for once bring out this PDA planner business oriented phone. Keep the slide out qwerty keyboard, keep the stylus pen, keep the sporty business look on the outside just revamp the old tp2 so we don't need to buy an out dated one thats been out for almost a yr now referring to the TP2. Htc better surprise us in a good way soon!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you that HTC touch pro 3 needs to beat Samsung epic. I want touch pro 3 to add more ghz and memory and mega camera however forget something to add strong virbrant with flash led  like T-mobile  sidekick in old time. Lol should be 4.3 or 4.5 which is very nice

  • Rogue247Taarna

    Eh…where's the "Keyboard" at on this Htc Touch Pro3 for Sprint? A whole lot of your customers are tick off, if there's no "Keyboard" added in this design, for shame, for shame! Everybody was looking forward on the newest model coming up, now, if it's true, there's no "Keyboard" then a whole lot of us, won't be purchasing the Htc Touch Pro3 version, and we will have to purchase Htc Touch Pro2 with the amazing keyboard! That video show Htc Touch Pro3 and Htc EVO 4G, the looks actually the same, no keyboard, just touch screen keyboard, now that's boredom, whoever or what designer ya'll had, he or she had goof up on this Htc Touch Pro3, they need to revamp another version with an Htc Touch Pro3 with a "Keyboard" on it fast, have two version output with and without a "Keyboard" so people of the world can have variety of which way they want to purchase!!! If not, I will purchase Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 with a slide "Keyboard" Amen

  • Ponokyo

    I agree with King. Not being able to install programs via .cab files wouldn't work for me. The main reason that I have Windows Mobile is the freedom to get programs from anywhere. I am not looking forward to having to switch to Windows 7.

  • Kingpinda

    quote: but is set to ship with Windows Mobile 6.5 rather than the slick new Windows Phone 7 Series. /endqoute

    Why would this be a problem? It would be more of a plus for me.I see htc touch PRO as a bussiness device. I wouldnt like a games/community ie facebook etc/hub tiles system on my bussiness phone. Would you? further more… WM7 will be like apples store… You can only install programs via this way. no more cabs install. This is a major deal breaker for me.