Google Maps Navigation forces Vodafone’s Wayfinder closure

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We recently wrote an article on how Google Earth Maps and Nokia Ovi Maps are fighting it out with each other over their free map software – but we forgot to mention the casualties bought on by this. Vodafone has had to close the doors on Wayfinder – which they paid $30 million for.

No one could understand why a cell phone carrier would want to purchase a mapmaker, we know that it is a lucrative market – but one that is dominated by Google and Nokia. Vodafone should have seen the effects that Google and Ovi Maps were having on TomTom and Garmin share prices.

Engadget had the chance to speak to Vodafone’s Anna Cloke about why the company had to close Wayfinder, “We could not charge for something that others gave away for free.” You have to admit – that was a funny response.

Engadget fears that this will not be the last casualty – many more will follow.

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    Wayfinder was not a mapmaker…