Verizon iPhone or iPhone 4G: What do you want first?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 11, 2010

At the moment there are two versions of the iPhone which most Americans want to see launched, one is a CMDA version of the iPhone 3GS which can run on Verizon, another is an iPhone 4G which will improve on the specifications and features offered by the iPhone 3GS.

Besides the camera and lack of multitasking I feel that most iPhone 3GS owners are happy with their smartphone, therefore is an iPhone 4G really that necessary at the moment, I mean its not as if the iPhone 3GS is a sluggish handset which is falling far behind competing devices.

I feel that the general opinion of our readers suggests that a Verizon iPhone (3GS) would be a much more popular release, this is because there seem to be a lot of unhappy AT&T customers out there, which begs the question whats the point of an AT&T iPhone 4G release if there network is not up to scratch.

For the poll below we are suggesting that a Verizon iPhone 4G is not an option, therefore choose one of the handsets below.

[poll id=”107″]

Source: ShutterVoice

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