Toyota’s Daihatsu Recall: Trend for Japanese Vehicles


By Posted 11 Mar 2010, 10:43

Toyota is involved in yet another vehicle recall – but not directly. Daihatsu has issued a recall of 274,551 Hijet and Atrai mini-van models in Japan due to a number of defects – Toyota is linked to the company, as they own a 51 percent share.

BBC News reports that Daihatsu announced that the recall is because of a missing or lose bolt – other issues include defective brake lights and loose fuel hoses. This is certainly not great new for owners of the vehicles in question – if you have any questions then you should contact your local dealer.

Daihatsu is just the latest Japanese automaker to announce a recall – Toyota, Honda and Nissan being the others. We had once seen Japanese cars as bulletproof, but it shows that Toyota’s aim to overtake GM to become the number one automaker means that they have taken their eye of the ball.