Asus Cine5 PC Speaker – Smallest 5-channel PC soundbar in the world

By Alan Ng - Mar 9, 2010

Computer specialists Asus has just announced and unveiled their new Cine5 PC speakers. It is a compact little offering, which the company are calling the ‘smallest 5-channel PC soundbar in the world.’

As reported from Pocket-Lint, this product will give you a different option when watching movies or listening to music, as it will offer superb sound quality, without the need for a full multi-speaker setup.

Features of the Cine5 include a frequency response of around 80 to 20,000Hz, multiple 3.5mm jacks for multichannel input, headphone socket and 5-channel audio.

No word on price yet or release yet, but this is expected to follow soon. Let us know what you think about it.