3D TV / Gaming Coming to PS3: Will You Switch from Xbox 360?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 9, 2010

This summer Sony are looking to bring 3D capabilities to their PlayStation 3, this will be the first games console to officially support 3D technologies, this may give the PS3 an extra ‘edge’ when gamers are choosing to purchase a new console.

The 3D capabilities will be added to the PS3 via a firmware update, therefore all you will need to do is purchase a 3D TV, at the moment however the cheapest 3D supporting TV’s we have heard of are at least $3,000, like anything prices will drop as competition increases.

Being an Xbox 360 owner myself I must admit if I didn’t have a projector set-up I would probably consider purchasing a PS3 and an ‘affordable’ 3D TV this summer, the prospect of re-watching Avatar in 3D on Blu-ray in your own house does sound great, albeit expensive.

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  • Satan

    Ive had 3 Sonys Fail and never had a problem with 360. My 1st Gen Xbox still works as a media centre as well.
    I still have one of each;0-

  • but the ps3 is much better than the xbox360.the graphic is better…the games run better–xbox360 is not as good as the ps3…

    Ps3 a real tip to buy—-

  • ginger

    just letting you know, the xbox360 has had 3d capability and the component to use that for 2-3 years now. just because they havent announced it, doesnt mean its not in the 360. Xbox360 is the first system to have 3d functionallity, not the ps3

  • Nukato

    I got a Wii but i was saving to buy a Xbox360 or a PS3 i think i will go and buy the PS3, Now all i need is a 3D TV.