Wait for iPhone 4G in June or buy new iPad in April?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 6, 2010

We had assumed that the Apple iPad would be released at the end of this month, but we have since reported that the new tablet device will be released on April 3 and will be taking pre-orders next week. There are suggestions that Foxconn will only be able to supply 300,000 units as part of its first shipments.

Phones Review have asked their readers a very good question though – will you buy the iPad or wait for the new iPhone 4G in June? This is certainly a good question, one that I could answer for you now. I think that many people will wait for the second-generation iPad, or at least until Apple have secured more deals for its iTunes service.

To further help convince people to wait for the new 2010 iPhone, Apple is rumored to be lowering the price of the handset. This is something that is needed, considering that the iPhone has started to lose its market share. Please let us know below what you plan to do, purchase both or just wait until June?

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  • dad

    waiting for new iphone

  • abdallah

    i will wait for the new iphone and watch the (evolution) of ipad

  • Tab1200

    I'll wait for the new iPhone, hope it comes soon.

  • Tab1200

    I'll wait for the new iPhone, hope it comes soon.

  • 4thGenFTW

    I went to the apple store, one of the sales associates told me the new iPhone release date will be announced sometime in April. Thank goodness for employment disloyalties.

  • Ryan

    Apple has released a new iPhone every year at the same time. Just like they do with every single one of their products…

  • Ross

    I might buy both as well (don't tell anyone!). Earnings from my AAPL investment will more than cover it. Stock hit new all-time high today.

  • DanS

    I am going to buy the iPad 64Gb WiFi and the new iPhone… it's a must 🙂

  • benny

    I agree with the above that Apple are just teasing everyone with new goodies. And people will get fed up of waiting for it… Any in 12 months time.. a new one will pop up.

  • Jim Mason

    I was waiting for the new iPhone 4G but when they launched the new ipad instead I went and got a the new Nokia X6 phone, Apple are not going to beat the 5 mega pixel camera anyway and with HD video, touch screen etc couldn't be bother waiting any longer

  • Bardhi

    Im wating for the new forth iPhone but i have to admit… im running out of patience 🙁

    • FiLLY

      Same here I'm also waiting it ever since I saw that front end camera! VIDEO CALLS!

  • Frank Black

    yep, waiting for the new iphone. if the ipad had a camera, then i might reconsider…

  • John

    I am getting rid of my phone and buying a new Mustang.

  • Gilly

    I'm waiting for the new iPhone

  • steph

    waiting for the new and improved iphone 🙂

  • Matt

    Waiting for the next gen iPhone to be released, come on Apple, stop playing stilly games and just announce it! Punters are starting to get a little P'eed over the way you handle product launches and the lack of news relating a forthcoming product that they are starting to go out and buy alternative phones from other vendors!

    Please… just come out and say YES there will be a new iPhone coming in April/May/June/July whenever or simply, NO there won't be a new iPhone this year.



  • tony

    im waiting for the new iphone 4g and im going to sell my old one i pad is way to big for what i need

  • useful

    I am waiting for the new iPhone 🙂 the iPad looks too big for what I need and if the iPhone is cheaper…all the better.

    • FiLLY

      iphone 4g won't be cheaper than ipad.