Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – EA Servers down and Stats reset?

By Alan Ng - Mar 6, 2010

Are you enjoying Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at the moment? The game was released this week in the US and UK, with EA no doubt preparing for a huge boost in numbers during the first weekend since its release.

After spending a few hours with the game today, I have to admit that the gameplay is really enjoyable, loving every minute of it – although I have been experiencing a few problems today with the game.

While I was mostly able to enjoy a stable connection to the game, after a period, I was disconnected from the servers and was then greeted with the ‘cannot connect to EA servers’ message. When it eventually came back up, I found that some of the XP I had earned in the previous game, had not saved, while some other stats had reset.

I have to say that I’m currently enjoying the multiplayer experience better than I thought I would be, that is coming from a self-confessed Modern Warfare 2 nut.

Have you experienced any of the problems that we mentioned above? Let us know how you are finding the game at the moment.

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  • Ot

    and EA SUCKS

  • Ot

    If i play bfbc2 online, and i quit the server, all my stats are reset. I hope ea is going to fix this problem cause it’s usual for me to lost my stats and i have the game for two months. Ea must fix this problem!

  • Doc

    My connection [USA] failes MULTIPLE times DAILY. Along wih the usual stats and attachments dissapearing. And it saying I won, when I lost, or vice versus. And this has been going on since I bought it NINE MONTHS AGO? Is EA Games EVER going to get these things right? ::shakes head::

  • JM19k

    Here in Germany, can connect to everything, but when I try and join a game a message appears saying "We couldnt find any games, please try again." Even though I know theres games being played(my friends play as well). I cant even join their games.


    Now i have this… second time… BFBC2 unlimited box…. loaded with veteran and after it the problem… i opened my stats in and there im private III and last time I played I was Specialist I all my earned awards, guns ect disappeared … wtf is wrong with it … answers…

  • Steve

    EA what a load of crap…. Still cant connect and the games been out years. i try 100 times ill get on once for about 10 mins laggy as fuck then booted

  • fuck you EA

    EA Is Run BY FUCKING TERRORISTS!!!!! Messing With Everyones Connections is a Federal Offense.Does anyone else feel Terrorized By EA????????????

  • danimal

    down again today.

  • Marko

    my game reset my stats and medals and says i dont have any weapons unlocked except the first ones you get. but i still all the guns in multiplayer.

  • Mike Bertaut

    I'm playing the single game and it is stuck at the "searching for lost pilot/teammates" objective. The red diamond between the two shacks doesn't change, you can run over it all day. There is nowhere to go and any time I try moving in or out I get threatened with the "you're leaving the area" message.

    Any ideas would be great.


  • bigg lee

    whats going on with the servers today

  • ean

    yes i played bbc2 for the 1st time yday and it keeps giving me that message !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I second that, my neighbour thirds it and my son ( gamer with no life) 4ths it!! DISSAPOINTED EA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PO'Dgamer

    I don't understand how people can say that BFBC2 is a good game at all. I have played many different FPS, and this one I am sorry does not offer ANYTHING EXCITING. Wow good graphics that's great, but the game mechanics SUCK A**. Why do tank rounds only kill sometimes (also witnessed tank rounds going through someones chest exploding on ground right behind them and they live), I've seen tank rounds hit right at someone's feet and they WALK away, also 40mm grenades that don't explode, mortar strikes on heads that don't even damage the guy. I have video of all these things happening. Me and several people are putting together an anti- EA campaign that will be launched on Youtube coming in about 1 month. Gonna try and give REALLY bad PR its the only thing a company will respond to. Maybe then they will consider the player and not the $$$$.

    • Eric

      Give the url when it's done!

  • zimm

    this is not something unique to BC2, every game that runs on a EA server lags or kicks you out after playing a while, i've had this problem with fifa 09, hasbro family game night and BC1 (all this on ps3 btw)
    EA servers sucks big time and i will never ever buy another EA product

  • Mike

    EVRY game has it issues upon release, I know been gaming 28yrs, 1/2 that online!
    Dispite the issues, & frustratiosn I am still loyal to BC2 & EA, they peed me of with BF2, but I am over that…
    AS LONG AS EA keep fixing the game I am happy,

    COD wasn't any better……. & still has its issues!

    As for those Stats resets, Some of them Are related to people STAT PADDING
    If u have statpad the game, they will know… they not stupid!

  • Ragewolf

    Yah happen to me two. This is about 2 weeks after the game came out.
    Im xbox player.
    Level 6 fully sniper and i was so close to geting the M95 sniper rifle.
    If my stuff doesnt come back i can not take BFBC2. i would bedicking around in all the games. whats the point of trying if it's not going to matter soon.

    EA very dissapointed.

  • kingjeffo

    TRY THIS!!!

    I tried this and it worked. When you pick the play online just do quick play and select “rush and conquer” then select the DO NOT PUT ME IN A GROUP option… by default that is the choice. When I selected the option to not be in a group I could get into the game… it was a little choppy but it worked! If my friend or I tried from different xboxs to auto group the game would kick us out to the Xbox menu.

  • kingjeffo

    I called EA by looking the number up on a 411 type site… just need to know the city their in. I got this lady with a US southern type voice… very cute sounding :o)

    I told her my problems of not being able to connect and she said “not to worry this usually happens”. This surprised me! While she was telling me this she was saying goodbye to everyone in the office who was leaving for the day. She told me not the worry "y’all just jogging up the lines and stuff" definitely referring about all us game geeks that try to play a game online the day it comes out. She said “They [EA] always end up releasing a patch to fix it… eventually… whenever they figure out what is wrong”. She also told me it was the end of her shift and they were starting to leave [it was around 8pm or 9pm EST for me]. She said I could chat live with online support if I wanted or call back tomorrow. I asked if she knew what was wrong and she said "They [the IT people] mentioned something techie earlier but I didn't understand” I said good night and thanks…
    So EA thanks!!!

    Can I have my $69.99 +13% tax back please?

  • Kingjeffo

    I'm from Ontario, Canada & I'd love to hear where everyone else is from to know if everyone worldwide is having the same problem!

    I purchased BF Bad Company 2 for Xbox 360 the day it was released. I got home after work and tried to play BC2 and it couldn't connect to the internet… lol, didn't even give me an error message it would just reset me back to the title screen. I verified and my internet connection was fine… so fine in fact everything else on Xbox worked ok… I even got the BC2 game update. I was pretty pissed by this point since the game was $69.99 CAD [currently equals about $68 USD]!

    [Did anyone else have the same issue with BF 1943 Xbox 360 arcade game? I sure did!!]

  • Jor

    Guys everyones servers suck not just EA. Blizzard blows and infinityward always has some retarded problem with theirs. I agree the server thing sucks but u can't bag on a game that you continue to play and buy. You try being a game programmer and working with hundreds of people and making an amAzing game,that IS the mw2 killer, and not getting ONE thing wrong or messed up.

  • Joe

    EA sucks is write… they kill good games. If I could have one wish it would be for EA to give a shit. This crap has been going on with EA service since xbox one and it's time for MS to say GOODBYE to EA server support like they have said goodbye to many a paying customer because of it. And You got BALLS posting email and rights agreements on a GAME BOX system linking us to pc's and telling us what our rights are. I got news for you retards I PAID XBOX LIVE TO PLAY NOT YOU wankers, Makes me sigh everytime I see one. I Guaranfuckintee ( NO ) Further titles from E. fracken A. will EVER be purchased for online play again on either my 360 or PS3. The only gain from playing on these lame servers has been my growing list of SWEAR WORDS!
    14 console's , 5 pc's , 8 years of live and at age 44 I can honestly say "The WORST association with gaming in 36 years has been the name EA .

  • Angela

    I'll add my whine to the thread. It's unthinkable that a company with the resources of EA/Dice would not have thought this out more clearly. UNACCEPTABLE that with a pay-for-play Beta you couldn't gauge the network issues you would have at release. 400% more players ? Sounds like you didn't take the basic steps of a Load Balancer and cluster of servers behind it for all of about 50k.

    Part of responsible coding and hosting of services entails actually doing load tests, simulated or otherwise. There is really no excuse for not having the hardware and resources in place to handle the rush of players.

    I'm hopeful that this experience gives EA enough of a black eye to rethink the strategy moving forward, and I sure hope the network admins are looking for new jobs or at the least being severely reprimanded for not having the proper equipment in place.

    Being in the hosted services vertical myself and having run for a number of years doing exactly what EA is doing, I unfortunately understand all too clearly that this is a colossal failure to execute a plan to scale.

    It's not worth my aggravation and wasted time refunding via steam the purchase, so I'll just take small comfort in knowing that the news of this complete launch failure has been noted already by just about every gaming site on the planet.

    Fix your game, fire or retrain the folks that didn't prepare properly, and most importantly communicate clearly with your customers the issues and post publicly the plan to fix it for the services we have clearly paid for.

    2 cents.

  • robert

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 –$60
    1 year Xbox Live Gold–$60
    Reading all of these posts about this game —-PRICELESS!!!!!!!

    Why pay $60 to get aggravated.
    Play MW2 the King of FPS.

  • A.T.C

    The servers are getting replaced with new ones. That is why the servers keep acting up, so eventually it will get back to normal probably around this week.

  • disgruntled

    a month or so is simply not good enough….they should known full well that the multiplayer would be taking millions of hits and now it gives them a bad impression…fortunately i havent yet had a problem with the losing stats etc but i now cant login (cant connect to EA) crap and its extremely annoying considering i dont enjoy solo campaign….$120 for a game that works periodically….think i will take it back and buy it later when the price drops and the servers actually WORK

  • deffmanzz

    mine says it fails to connect to servers i cant acces anything under the Multiplayer tab :[

  • Johannes

    this is a joke. Im never buying an EA title again.

  • unhappy gamer

    It is standard for ea to balls up at the start I'm sure it will be fixed in a month or so.

  • Deranged

    Not just server errors, I can't login AT ALL. Can anyone else login n see their friends list on PC?

  • HellboP

    EA Servers are still down – I can't even get singleplayer to work, but that may very well be a different issue all together.

  • sniperdoc

    Still having EA Server errors and can't connect. This is frickin' ridiculous!

  • Sam

    Same connectivity issues in UK March 07 2010. Stats reset, unable to stay in online games – get bounced-out. Very poor in comparison to Infinity Ward service. As per previous comments, will not purchase EA game on release again.

  • Disappointed

    Same, servers are erratic and iffy at best, EA is letting me down on this one. As much as I enjoy the game will try a few more times then back to modern warfare for me.

  • erik


  • bjorn

    well guys here the same problems.
    I already mailed dice to inform it is crap.
    frustrated, angery and pist of.
    Hope that EA is not going to get away with this….
    For me it is certain: never buy EA again unless it is more then 5 months old!
    For the ones that consider buying it, just don`t

  • Silvio

    I was playing all day yesterday and the servers were working perfectly. no lag, no disconnections, but then last night i disconnected and a lot of people got off from disconnections so some games weren't full (as they were usually full all day). now, i tried getting on a few minutes ago and it said that it couldn't connect to the EA servers. my god….

    also, last night my stats were reset but i backed out of a match and all my stats were back, weird. well, apart from the crappy servers, this game is amazing.

  • RageFire

    Same issues can not connect to any server, just sits at the searching screen. And if I levae it to long it actually crashes… POS.

    good info on troubleshooting this bug ridden app

  • pissed off

    cant even get online what a fukin joke, seems like they just take your money and fuk you over when there is a problem

  • Ozelo

    No matter what, all of this just indicate a very poor deployment plan of this game. A great game with bad release resources. Clearly, nor they expected that traffic storm nor they spread right and detailed information about account activation procedures… a shame, but a amazing game anyway.

    • My sentiments exactly there Ozelo..its a damn shame.

  • HappyBuddha

    yeah ive been getting the cannot connect to EA online message for 2 straight days – is there any way i can fix this

    • AlwaysFailEA

      Yeah, blow up EA's Headquarters. Their servers are ALWAYS absolutely fucked EVERY time on EVERY game. And they still can NEVER compensate or prepare for any of it. Ever.

      Sorry if anyone is offended, but its the truth people, we have to learn to love EA's monopoly.

  • Wizzbit

    To be fair EA games and the battlefield series , have always had crap severs over xbox live.

  • Ryan

    The gameis working fine for ps3, no connection issues or slow loading times, been able to sarch for a veriety of games and get one in about 10 secs

  • chop em down

    I'm pretty understanding about bumps for new releases, and seen this before with the Battlefield series. But really, I would think by now DICE would have multiplayer stuff figured out. The server browsing is aweful, and half the time the server i end up joining is in europe resulting is god awful connections. It takes about 5-10 minutes to finally get into a playable server.

    TIP: When browsing servers, look for CITY names. I.E. Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, etc to improve your chances of not landing in some server in Italy!

    Good luck, I hope they get this figured out soon.

  • koopz

    I've been playing fine all day – though the servers went down ~10 mins ago.

    My stats and weapon unlocks were just fine, though many in the server were reporting problems

  • Jetrifle

    i love the game but i hate the crap. what do i do?

  • Mechurcules

    I have loved the SP, but thats finished now, and I did it to familiarise myself with the game engine/mechanics. Now thats clocked, I want to play MP as thats what I bought it for. 2 days now, and havent seen a single server in the MP browser, I have tried every trick on the web, opening ports/DMZ, using only certain filter options etc and HAVENT SEEN A SINGLE SERVER!!! On Gametracker, there are hundreds of servers all seeminly active and full….. why have I not been able to find a single one?? Even using the exact server names in search brings up nothing. EPIC fail at what should be an easy fix, EA has had years of BF series to perfect a netcode, yet each release sees massive server browser problems. And don't blame it on overload, 48 hours of refreshing should have seen at least one server somewhere! Also there is such a massive demand for this game, the authentication servers should be tailored for massive load, its like theyre using dialup at EA "Oh sorry, there are 2 players already online, we cannot handle the load!"

    Very frustrating – BF Vet, 1942 – BFBC2

  • Really ea

    a Lawsuit Is what I see in the near future if ea doesn't get their **** together soon, cause at the moment the game is basicly a scam like 70$ for a 4-5 hour campaign ain't cutting it for me. I can't believe that I'm saying this but this game is sucking more ______ then modern warfare twos mp at the moment

    • kirill

      i agree this is fucked up! ive never been so dissapointed with them. id rather jus put on mw and say fuck battlefield.

  • A.C.

    I just got in a game, did great for 2 rounds and third round I got disconnected and no connection to the game servers. This is incredible, I'm amazed they haven't fixed this the first time it happened and I'm really about to just sell it cause if they keep this **** up then theres no reason for wasting 60 bucks on it. I'm more than satisfied with modern warfare 2

  • Drew

    Just today?! try all the time. if games can't be found, then it can't connect to EA. Then if some crazy stroke of luck you get past that, good luck trying to get a friend into a squad for a few games… you'll get the "server full".

    PASS THE WORD about this garbage. The more bad PR they get the more likely they are to do something about it.

  • psaf007

    $59.99x i don't know how many millions and they haven't done shit about the servers

    are you s***ing me

  • curseyouEA

    I bought this in the AM off steam, waited and waited for it to download tried to make an account then it wouldnt accept my cd key im guessing due to the servers going down so i slashed through the campaign ( which was great) and now im just waiting for someone to ring my doorbell so i can stab them out of rage….

  • rafterman45

    I've been able to get into games about 50% of the time today. Whats really pissing me off is it never works for me if I'm joining a game with a friend. I think I'm like 0 for 300 on game searches with more than one person. I'm trying to understand EA's inability to get shit right. There has never been a game from Dice that wasn't plagued with multiplayer issues. I mean, all games have some flaws here or there, but I'm amazed that Dice gets it wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME! Remember BF Vietnam? BF2? Any game with Battlefield in the name? Dice's suckness isn't even the worst part or an actual word. That honor would go to you and me. We know that these same issues are going to come up on every battlefield game but we always buy the damn games. The people at Dice are probably all laughing at us for getting fooled for the 7th time and still not learning from our mistakes, which is of course our inability to realize that Dice has good ideas for games, but cant make one worth shit. Congrats Dice, enjoy your champagne as you squat over the gaming community and drop your big fudge dragon down our throats for the millionth time.

    • A.C.

      big fudge dragon made me laugh so hard, i feel your pain i can only really play on saturday and servers have been down all day :[

  • bklynballa99

    i just bought the game tiday and i got into only 1 game out of 50 times of trying

  • bob

    For the most part it's been working smooth until these past 2 days. Lag heaven…at least it's only the servers. First few days of release (Got mine March 1 at midnight thanks to gamestop..mwuaha) and it ran great

  • hobbes

    Since getting the game march 2, only been able to play online a couple of times. Both the day of march 2 and today march 6 all day long ive been getting stuck on "searching for game" screen when trying to play any of the online modes.

  • bhudz808

    damn it. im forced to play the single player now that freaking servers are down for 4 hours now. anybody know when will the servers gonna be up again?

  • bhudz808

    damn it. im forced to play the single player now that freaking servers are down for 4 hours now. anybody know when will the servers gonna be up again?

  • matt

    experienced these problems on the first day as well as today kind of lame really dont remember any problems with mw2. its to bad hope they sort it out quick all of my friends are swithching back to play other games.

    • Ryan

      There was on the ps3 version the servers went down for 3 days, from tuesday until Friday. The ps3 is running fine though, it's just the pc and xbox having problems.

  • SuperD1984

    Everything seems fine of both sides of the atlantic, and your XP should be intact when you reconnect, happened to me after one of my friends reported that his stats briefly vanished/

    • A.C.

      Not true, i live in east coast and i've only been in one game all day long.

  • Oscar Mike

    i still can't connect it says "searching for game" forever until i have to the dashboard can any1 help me it is really fustraiting

  • moritz

    I just went out and bought it because of how epic it is supposed to be but I have not been able to get online to play once yet! Will try again tomorrow. Great Job EA

  • Steve

    If this doesn’t get fixed by tomorrow I will have to bring the game back because I bought the game for online play and with crappy servers and connections there is no reason to try to play.

  • easucks

    My life revolves around this game and I can’t play right now I am gonna jump off the cn tower tomorrow

  • A.C.

    after seeing this disappointing series of events, i am never buying a ea game on release again, and i thought this was going to be a game-of-the-century.

    • Kris

      QQ A.C, so the servers are down for the day no reason to cry your eyes out and /wrist…. 🙂

  • Mike

    None of your stats are reset, when the game cannot connect to the servers, it also cannot retrieve your stats and unlocks. Please understand that the stat/unlock data is not stored on your harddrive, but rather the EA servers.

  • I love the game and the actual playing time is phenomenal, so I am not bashing the actual gameplay. However, the network is leaving a bit to be desired. Either it will not let me join, or when I get in it's with all my stats reset (and I have already fully unlocked my recon set) and I am wondering whether or not our personal information will be brought back. If I lose all that work, it might be the end of this game for me, which would be an absolute waste.

  • A.C.

    it reset mine for a good 30 minutes and during that i unleashed a living hell into the closest wall near me, it came back though with all my stats but now i cant even get in a game. this is getting annoying.

  • J.J.

    yes, it has reseted my stats and i aint one to be all "hoody damn"

  • Dan

    an excellent game which i have thoroughly enjoyed so far. however, after a few hours playing online i am unable to connect to the servers and all my stats/weapon unlocks etc have been reset. When i check the leader-boards, it says my playing time is zero. hopefully this issue is dealt with soon.

  • sean

    Yes i have had issues with the server all day. I have also had problems with other EA games in the past. This is the last straw, If they do not fix this i will no longer buy EA products.

  • trent

    Ya me too i cant get in any matches!

  • Ben

    I bought this game on 360 on Friday which was the UK release date, i had a few problems online that night but nothing major just a touch of lag. But today i was kicked off about an hour ago and can't connect back in, i've also experienced some loss of stats which is a pain in the ass.

  • ben

    hello this game is awesum but dissappointed that the 40 pounds i have payed i cannot use ea shud have pulled there finger out and added more servers obvs its gunna be popular its one of the biggest games releases of the year

  • delinquentrealm

    yeah, we've been having the same problem too. I've done stuff like check stats then tried multiplayer… or start a single player game and then get someone to invite you to there squad. I have no idea whats causing the problem and I hope that EA is addressing the issuse. Also, i had problems with my sound once. The sound pretty much turned off but then would turn back on at the main menu, but not in game play.

  • Ben

    Yea it sucks, i think EA servers are down at the momant give it a few hours and it should be up and running again…

  • Cougakiller

    yea happened to me this morning was riding on above 80 kills with 13 deaths and it shuts down and i lost my rewards and few thousand exp

  • EA is garbage

  • Michael Owens

    All my stats reset on the 360 back to square one :/

    Then i was playing a game with a friend and he was gaining stats while i was not, we left that game and tried again, it all seamed to be working fine, until we were dropped from the game, upon checking the previous players list on XBL it appeared that everybody in that game, was now sitting at the main menu.

    What a surprise this is the third battlefield game now i have had trouble with on release, same thing happened with BC1, same thing happened with 1943, wish i had of waited for the game to drop in price like i was planning to do in the first place………..

  • pottsja

    I have been trying to play for the past 3-4 hours and have only got into the servers once or twice. I am currently playing on an xbox 360. They have a notice saying that they are experiencing "connectivity issues" and are "working with EA" to solve the problem.

  • John

    Same thing happened to me!

  • marc

    Multiplayer wont connect. fail

  • Michael

    Yep, I keep trying to get into a game but it gets stuck at the "Searching for Games, Please Stand By" message and its taking a while for it to do "Updating Stats" message and i also when i first turned it on today it took me back to level 1 but then when i reset my xbox it went back to level 10.

  • Justin

    Servers are down. They went up for a little while then shut down again

  • Njerred

    For sure I still can't connect to the server… my stats were completely reset earlier today as if I haven't played a game yet… after about an hour I logged back in and some of my stats were reinstated but not completely, after a little game play I was booted from the game and now i am waiting for the servers to come back up again…a few days ago after playing for an hour or so I was booted from another game and my modem was not able to access the internet for about an hour, I thought it was an issue with my provider but I have seen some others have experienced this same thing too… I like the game but this server thing is getting old

  • dave

    i have been having problems and so have friends, staying connected 🙁 .
    hopefully it'll get sorted as the time i have had on servers have been a larf

  • Problems started around 3pm EST i think the server is back up but its unstable major lag spikes. I wonder if this has anything to do with the game releasing in Europe today.

  • You are not alone, The EA servers happen to be the worst of the lot.